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10% off Everything @ Hoselink


Houselink is one the best, please use this code to get some good discount normally its 10%.

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  • Hoselink is one of the best for???

    If the discount is normally 10% why is this a bargain?

  • wow 10%… I'll go buy some gear…………zzzz

  • There's 15% off their fertilisers at the moment so this would save you even more if you were going to purchase some. After buying a few of their products I have to say I'm converted.

  • "Houselink is one the best". Assuming you mean Hoselink, personally I think they are junk hiding behind the 'made in Australia' sales pitch.
    I've worked as a gardener in Australia for 14 years and on a typical work day I'll use on average 3 garden hoses.
    Hoselink is by far my least favourite. They leak, the fittings aren't compatible with anything. They don't retract properly etc.

    Edit: after writing my comment I read done reviews and interestingly many of them give very high ratings, all with the same theme: my 'enter hose product here' broke but hoselink had great customer service and sent a replacement part quickly.
    There is a definite reoccurring theme of leaky hoses, hose won't retract etc.
    I suspect that they are inferior products backed up with good customer service.
    Make your own decision

    • Please, tell me more about this 'made in Australia pitch' you reference? They don't claim to be made in Australia. They happily state they are an Australian owned and operated company. Not that their hoses and such are made here.

      Disclaimer - not a hoselink customer, don't even have a hose reel.

    • What brand would you recommend?
      I’m looking to get one and was waiting for 20% off.