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19% off SmallRig Super Clamp Mount with Ball Head $12.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ SmallRig Amazon AU


This Super CoolClamp mount with 1/4" screw, made of lightweight Aluminum Alloy.

Comes with a clamp at the bottom and a 1/4" screw on the top.

Mounts onto anything like cameras, lights, umbrellas, hooks, shelves, plate glass, cross bars, even other Super Clamps.

Cool Clamp can MAX open 40mm, and minimum 15mm rods;

It could attach and detach from the monitor quickly and the position of the monitor is adjustable as per your needs during shooting.

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  • I use these for VR sensor mounts (vive) and they work great.

  • These are really good for baby cams, use it on the Google nest cam at home. It grips almost all furniture items and provide good camera angles.

  • ffs i just bought it yesterday for 16 bucks and now it is on sale

    • Great, I'll just go back in time to when that was available. Damn, haven't got round to inventing a time machine yet. Clearly you have a better deal on these that you think it's worth negging, so how about you share?

      • okay read the post below

        • Do you mean when it was a whole 90 cents cheaper also in the past? Difference is that guy wasn't complaining and negging, he was complimenting the quality and saying it was worth it.

          I've already got a couple of these and I bought three more earlier today. Yes, I could have waited for the legendary day that the price drops to one that you find acceptable, but I'm sure I'll get more than six dollars worth of benefit from them before then.

  • I got mine from eBay for $12.09 a couple of weeks ago.

    Wasn't expecting much and thought it would be cheap dodgy materials, but surprised to say it's really well built and stable.

    When clamped down, there's no movement or budging or instability.

    Honestly, for $12 or $16 it's a damn good mount for that money.

    (Don't ask why - I had a good use case for it) I attached it to a part of my car and literally kicked it expecting it to fly off, but it didn't move.

  • I have a couple of these clamps and use them for holding lights and mics for my conference calls I would recommend.

  • would this work for go pro ?

  • Can I use it to attach an old binocular to my Manfrotto tripod (i.e. use it upside down, 1/4" screw to Manfrotto and clamp to mount binocular)?

  • What should I get to get over head shots of food? I have a C-Stand without boom arm and if I buy an extention boom arm + grip combo its nearly $80-$100

    • Don’t cut corners. Buy the boom arm. A single slip and you’ll need a new camera and be apologising to the chef.

      • how about a backdrop stand?

        • Really depends on the quality of the stands. You just want to make sure that whatever you are using, it's super solid and stable. If you end up shooting in a restaurant where there are people around, you cant have anything that could be at risk of falling/failing.

  • Got 2 with the ball head. The clamp is worth every cent I payed even if the ball head wasn't included. The ball head is crap.