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[PC, Steam] Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition - $25.98 @ Steam


All time lowest price for this excellent game that is still being updated in 2020. Enjoy!

Bundle with the original game also available for $32.14

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  • This game is incredible, absolute bang for your buck at that price. Ridiculous amount of content, it took me hours just to get off the first island alone.

  • Everyone must buy this now!

    The two game bundle is an absolute steal. Recommend buying this if you don't own any of the games.

    • Is it sort of like Dungeon Siege or more towards Neverwinter Nights type gameplay?

      • Combat is turn based with each character having limited action points to spend. There are plenty of interesting interaction between abilities/spells - like water pools/wet characters amplifying electrical based damage, etc.

        Exploration is pretty similar to Neverwinter Nights. There's even a game master mode similar to the D&D game GM mode I believe.

        • Thanks! I might watch a few review videos as well, it does look fantastic but I've got such a backlog of games (including the Witcher series!) that I might hit retirement before I start playing 😂

          • @snackerjoe: Haha, we're in the same boat. I keep cycling between so many roguelite/like games I never finish playing a lot of my older purchases - my retirement plan is to play all my collected games too.

            You'll spend like 50+ hours on Witcher 2 / 3. Witcher 1 was so far back I don't even remember how many hours I spent playing it to collect the romance cards - that was one of the main driving force to finish the game as the controls were pretty unrefined.

    • alright, you talked me into it

  • Absolutely fantastic game. Can't recommend highly enough.

  • echo same positive comments already here, but will add it's a great co-op game (2-4 players). first play through was with a friend (90 hours in, near the end), and second was with 3 friends. combat is turn based and relatively simple to pick up so people with not much gaming experience shouldn't take too long to get the hang of it.

  • Instant buy at this price.

    Can't wait to see what Larian studios do with Baldur's gate 3 at the end of this month when (hopefully) early access is released.

  • Finally bit the bullet on this one. Wanted it on PS4 (just cos my couch is more comfortable for extended play sessions) but PC will have to do!

  • +2 votes

    Just started playing it a couple weeks ago - super impressed.

    Just read what everone else is saying - that sums it up well :) +1 for me.

  • Best RPG of its sub genre. The pre made characters and their quests are incredible.

  • I'm just another person here that's already played the game but wants to rave about how good it is.
    Find yourself a commited partner to play through this game with, and enjoy a month or so (+/- depending on free time) of being completely encapsulated by its stunning world, story and gameplay.
    If you are unfamiliar with games like these (which is likely if you haven't played it already) defenitely check out the copious amounts of helpful youtube vids as the learning curve could be a bit steep.

  • I've been waiting for the price to drop on this. Finally picked it up, using a $50 rebate voucher on an Asus purchased product from months ago. Thanks OP!

  • This is the very best RPG ever made. And that includes never winter nights games. I have spent over 450 hours in both games and can't recommend them enough. The writing is phenomenal, the combat is superb. The boss fights are very good. Spells abilities and the way you can interact with all different environments is unreal. The sheer amount of reactions from wet to electric. Earth magic to oil then fire. The possibilities are truly endless. Very hard in high difficulties. The character interaction is incredible. Very fun funny and well spoken dialogue.

    Another one ppl should play is pathfinder king maker I love that game also. I fact I have backed the new one also, path finder wrath of the righteous.

    I can't wait for divinity original sin 3 Bulders Gate 3…

  • Also highly recommend, one of a very few "must play" titles on my list of game recommendations.

  • I'm playing Grim Dawn now and just finished Diablo 3, guess I'll be throwing another few months into another ARPG.

    • Sounds like your set got the next 12 months lol. FYI div os1 and os2 is nothing like a boring arpg even though I played the shit out of grim dawn and expansions. You will have a grand old time.

      If that is your thing try path of exile. That is extremely deep and complicated though.

  • One of a few games i'm willing to pay full price. Just finished my first playthrough and is planning for a second one.

    • I completely agree with you. I own all copies 3 times lolm gotta support the fantastic larian studios. A real triple a studio which came from no where. I own them on steam gog xbox and ps4. This is one company I will keep buying from. Can't wait for bulders gaye 3 err div os3

  • As others have said, great game. A lot more rewarding as fights really require concentration and tactics. Go in without thinking and you will be wiped out mercilessly (This ain't Diablo). Most fights I feel like won by the skin of my teeth, but it never really feels overwhelming or unfair.

  • i Played in 140 hours in my first two weeks… so yeah probably not worth the $26.

  • Jeez it's nice seeing you all heap praise on this game. It really is an under appreciated gem. I've been trying for years to get my mates to play it, but they just can't see past the isometric, turn based aspects. They won't even try it. Kills me!

  • I thought i had grown out of gaming until i played this. And i don't even really like fantasy as a genre. This is the first game i've been hooked on for at least 5 years. Incredible game.