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Coles Urban Coffee Culture Espress Caffitaly Compatible Capsules $3.70 from Coles


Not so much a discount but still a bargain buy.
I have Grinders capsule machine that uses Caffitaly type pods and have tried a number of different ones since I got the machine.
Each has their own tastes, but the only one I kind of like at the moment is Grinders own capsules - Crema and Double espresso, which are on special BTW - $5.50 for 10.
I tried most pods there are. Urban brew and expressi are drinkable but only if you have nothing else. And please, do not get the St Remio ones
Decided to try Coles Urban Coffee culture and I think its a bargain! $3.70 and taste pretty much the same as Grinders. Packed at the same factory too =) #10 is a bit weak tasting but #12 and #14 are spot on.

Not really comparing proper espresso with pods, but Caffitaly has twice as much coffee in a pod in comparison to Nespresso. Just saying

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  • Thanks for the detailed reviews !!

  • Bargain is questionable if you do the maths. How much in a pod? Say 7g, thats over $50/kg. But the same brand beans are only $12, save $40.

    How many 1kg bags of beans do you need to save for a proper espresso machine? And how much do you drink?


    • if you drink espresso, how much is a good machine/plus grinder? how much time you spend making your coffee? Can your wife/kids make one for you?
      We drink 1 coffee a day (so 2 pods). Machine I got for free but used are like $30

      • So only 5kg/year. Thats still $270 in pods vs $60 for beans.

        So yes, even then, pay for an espresso machine in 6-12 months. More for the grinder, or get pre-ground in the 250g bags for $18/kg.

  • Caffitaly machines are all built to a standard so the coffee comes out great on any machine you find.

    The MAP pods are great but you can’t find them anymore. Or at least I haven’t been able to for a while.

    Woolworths had their own brand that was fine but they haven’t had them for a while either now.

    From what I’ve seen, only buy the pods that actually have the Caffitaly System logo on them. The other ones seem to have a slightly different design and don’t always work. I’ve had to pierce a few of them with a knife.

    It’s a shame that they haven’t been as popular as Nespresso as the range of pods has reduced greatly. The range available in Europe is massive, with teas, chais, chocolates and coffees.

    The Grinders pods are great and available at Costco and there’s a larger range of them on the Costco website than in store.

    • I miss the woolies ones! they used to be good. Aldi pods also fit in the caffitaly machine. Not sure how they compare to Costco on a price basis.

      • Did you get them to work OK? I had issues with grind coming through. I think they may look identical but there was something about the filter being in a different end.

        If they work now I’ll give them a go because they’ve got a great range.

  • Gloria Jeans were the best but now discontinued due to Woolies refusing to stock them (deal with Grinders was done In the background). Tried St Remio From Coles and they were horrid. Grinders are OK but expensive so might give the Coles Urban as a try for my back-up supply.
    I now buy Online from Urban Brew, great pods and service and are made in Aust. Pods fully compatible with my Caffitaly S20 and have the bonus of being biodegradable (but not compostable) and ethically sourced coffee. I buy 100 pods at a time @ 50c/pod with free delivery.

    • I did give urban brew a go, but even with their latest #14 addition they taste watery, produce no crema and to my taste not better than expressi ones.
      The biodegradable pods is another lie to get consumers to buy them (not just urban brew). Quick google search will show that special conditions must be created for them to be degradable. Just my opinion

  • In my personal experience, these pods are quite crap. The coffee may be good, but the pods themselves are crap. usually 1 or 2 in a pack of 10 fail for me. perhaps the plastic doesnt pierce / unseal properly and they fail. I've found the Aldi pods work well with my caffitaly machine and they cost about the same as these coles ones so i'm sticking to Aldi for now.

    • I am on box 6 or 7 now and had now issues with any of them

    • I’ll give the Aldi ones a crack if they’re going OK. I had grinds coming through when I tried them a couple of years ago.

      The genuine Caffitaly System pods work best. St Remio and the ones from Kogan are a slightly different shape and every once in a while I had to pierce it with a knife. That and the coffee wasn’t nearly as good as the genuine ones.

      Grinder's pods at Costco work out at $4.38 a packet and they are as good as the best I’ve ever had for the machine.

      The Coles ones are genuine Caffitaly so I’ll give them a go when I’m near a Coles soon.