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USB 3.0 to M.2 NGFF Portable SSD Enclosure $9.95 + Delivery @ Shopping Square (Free Shipping on Any 4 Items)

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  • I think better to note that this only works with SATA M2 SSD
    Not NVMe M2 SSD

  • Perfect for me, need a m.2 Sata enclosure for swapping drives to a 1TB in the next week or so, cheers OP.
    My laptop is an older intel series 4 with native m.2 support, uses sata III interface.
    Added 3x USB-3.0 to USB-C cables to the order for the free shipping bonus. Came to $27.80, not bad imo, and the timing was perfect.

  • Looking for a PCI enclosure for my dead Mbook SSD if anyone has any leads, not looking to spend more than 50 bucks

    • If you're just looking to connect and copy your data, I'd just purchase a caddy/dock for it.
      They can usually be found on eBay pretty cheap.

  • Please Note: Not Compatible with m-key SSDs..as mentioned by others.

    • Actually it explicitly says it's compatible with both B-key and M-key devices.
      It should also say that it is only compatible with the older AHCI Sata m.2 drives and does not support the faster and newer NVMe PCIe m.2 drives.
      Some more info here

  • I'm thinking this is NOT USB-C, but micro USB 3.0 instead like the common Orico ones.

    The images show a microUSB socket, and the description doesn't confirm it's USB-C anywhere.