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Pure One Flow Internet Radio $199 Save $40


This DAB+ radio get a good review on CNet:
I great sound from DAB+ (as long as you live metro).
Available online or in store at Dick Smith, (don't forget to use your everyday rewards card)

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    The downside to the Pure DABs is that if you want to use them with a battery (so not with the supplied power adapter), you have to buy their propriety rechargeable battery packs, and they're not cheap :(

    Otherwise these aren't a bad thing.


      $99 - a plain and simple ripoff!
      I could and will make my own pack for $20 and 20 - 30 minutes of my time.
      If that price isn't an error then Pure a gouging, plain and simple.

      PS, there is a chance that some replacement cordless phone packs might match the socket.

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    What is the point of having cd quality radio and making it mono with a craptastic 1 way speaker, doesn't this defeat the purpose.


      i mostly use my dab+ radio to listen to stations that are not broadcast on fm/am (ie koffee, novanation etc..)


      it's not cd quality, that's why the manufacturers mostly don't bother.

      in australia the bitrates are very low and the quality suffers because the broadcasters trying to cram in as many stations as they can.

      digital radio is a good idea, but unfortunately it's been poorly implemented in australia.

      64kbps isn’t exactly what i’d call "cd quality". In fact most of the time analogue FM will have better sound quality.

      Some radio stations even use 48kbps. 128kbps DAB+ doesn’t even have sound quality as good as a CD. The whole thing is a massive farce if listeners are expected to scrap their old radios and spend excessive amounts on new ones so they can listen to lower quality audio.


    Ive always wanted to buy one of these but they are all worth so much more than the sum of their parts.

    1. Basic linux Wireless router ~$50
    2. 10W amplifer with speaker ~$30
    3. Basic linux app to stream audio feeds ~$10

    So I cant figure out for the life of me why Id pay more than $100 for one.

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    that's how much I paid for my netbook 12mth ago, I can stream video too!
    (and it included a battery!)