Hyundai i30 Air Conditioner Fluid Leak

Just noticed sign of fluid leak at the air conditioner of my i30 (7 years old). The advice from Hyundai is to get it replaced for $1800! I am just wondering what is the cheapest way to fix up the air conditioner. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.




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    Are you sure it's from the air conditioner? If it is from the AC it should be gas instead of liquid.

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      Shows how much you know about A/C systems on cars. At one end of the A/C system, it’s a gas, at the other, it’s a liquid. And typically in any A/C system, there is oil and sometimes fluorescent dye.

      The most common place for an A/C system to leak is via a failed compressor seal or through a puncture to the condenser. Both places that the “gas” in the system is a liquid.


    Are you sure it’s not condensate?
    Or is it oil coming from the pump?

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    Take it to another local reputable mechanic or air conditioner specialist. Dealers aren’t renowned for finding the most cost effective way to fix something.


      Any good aircon repairer would you recommend?


    What do you mean fluid leak? From where?


      The Hyundai car dealer mechanic said it was oil leak from the aircon compressor.


        You are better off taking it to an air conditioning specialist. They will do the job correctly for a start.

        If it needs a new compressor, look to get the part from someone who isn’t a stealership. You will find that it’s a common part, usually made by Denso or Bosch (Hyundai seem to use Hanon) and will cost about a 3rd of the price if you source it elsewhere.

        Replacing an A/C compressor should not be $1,800 and it definitely sounds like there is a lot of dealer premium stacked on top of that.

        Also, don’t use the A/C until you have it fixed. If it’s leaking and losing oil, you risk doing more damage and there is no point, because there is a good chance it has lost gas and won’t be working that well anyway.


    Is it still cold? The typical leak from the aircon is water, just condensate. Needs to be replaced each time you flush the blinker fluid.


      Yes, always replace the blinker fluid :)

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    My first car has a leaking AC. What happened was they put special coloured gas to see where it was leaking then said $2k fix.

    What I did was went home and superglued the leaking hose and got it filled it for $20. Lasted all summer. Did it every year until I sold the car.