PlayStation 5 Discussion Megathread + Pre Order Announcements (Launch Date Nov 12, $599.95/ $749.95)

Event Will last 40 Minutes
Expect Launch Games to be confirmed
Prices and Launch Date

Rumors are
$749 AUD for Aus Model (based on French Leak)
$100USD less for the All Digital Model

November 20th Release Date (also From French leak)

Update 15/9
Press Start is reporting a price of $449USD ($50 less than Xbox) and a tightening of supply due to delays in chip production.

Stream Link:

1) Final Fantasy XVI (PlayStation Console Exclusive also on PC)
2) Marvel Spiderman Miles Morales Gameplay (Holiday 2020)
3) Hogwarts Legacy (2021)
4) Raven Games Presentation :Black Ops Cold War Demo (Holiday 2020)
5) PlayStation 4 Players can play Cold War Alpha This weekend
6) Resident Evil Village (RE8) (2021)
7) Deathloop Trailer (Q2 2021) (PlayStation Console Exclusive)
8) Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition (Digitally at Launch of PS5)
9) Oddworld Soulstorm (Exclusive Trailer)
10) Five Nights and Freddy's Security Breach Teaser Trailer
11) Demon Souls Trailer
12) Fortnite (coming to PS5, digitally at Launch)

PlayStation Plus Collection
New benefit for ps5 owners
Multiple AAA titles trailers shown
Mostly Sony Owned Studios
Selection of PS4 Games to download and Play
added to PlayStation Plus Membership from PS5 Launch

Console Price and Release Date
PS5 $499 USD
PS5 Digital $399 USD
Launches in Australia November 12th


Australia Prices confirmed by PlayStation Australia
PS5 $749.95
PS5 Digital $599.95
November 12th Release Date
PlayStation US has announced that US pre orders start tomorrow, waiting to see whether that's the case in Aus


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    • Even I got the message today, let's hope this is the launch stock.

      Also for the payment options, looks like we can only pay with a debit/credit card as there is no gift card option available.

    • Also received SMS for payment today. What are the chances of getting it on launch date or 2021 release? Thanks.

      • I assume it depends on the expected shipping date was when you register for the interest it says 2021 now but when i registered awhile back it was 2020 November. Also the stock available, how much actually ordered the device, etc, etc . But we will have to find out! Hope all get it on the launch date!
        and on another note, that PS5 teardown video on youtube got me hyped for it !

    • +1

      I messaged TGG and they have confirmed that customers who have had payment requested (and paid!) will be receiving a console for the release date of the 12th of November :)

      • Really? I was going to call them but didn't get around to it I paid on the 29th so was hoping it was a launch console

        • I still doubt it until it lands in my hands. Feel like I got pretty lucky on this

    • got sms yesterday
      called today
      confirmed as launch stock

      they said second and third shipment expected to come too, not sure on those dates, but the sms ones going out now are for launch

    • I have received an sms providing me with my order number for ps5 preorder however no link was sent out to me for payment. Has this happened with anyone else? The sms I received stated that they sent me an sms with the payment link previously which I definitely haven’t received

      • I have also not received email confirmation for payment.

    • I just recieved the following SMS. Did anyone else get this exact msg and recieved a link for CC payment? Or is this a scam?
      I've yet to recieve that link.

      PS5 Update: The Good Guys has secured a Pre-Order of a PS5 with a $10 Delivery from our website at Nov launch! We will text you a "thankyou" message within 48 hours with a link for credit card payment. To secure yours, you must pay using that link before Monday 12 Oct 9pm. Got questions, call 1300466348

      • I also just received this message after registering after completing the details in the email about a week ago. Do you think it is legit?

        • I called that number before and it says to try when they're open. Fingers cross its legit. I still havent received a link to pay.

          • @ElleV: did you get the link?

            • @goateazy: Yes, recieved earlier on today and paid. Fingers cross C&C November.

              • @ElleV: hmmm, i got the sms yesterday at around 5pm, still no link tho :(

                • @goateazy: 'Within 48 hours' You still have till 4.59pm tomorrow to recieve the link. There's still hope my friend.

      • I got this SMS

        Hi xxxxx, Thank you for shopping at The Good Guys. To finalise the Payment, click on

        This was the first message I received from them after registering interest on their website.

        You could message them on FB or call them and ask?

      • It is weird as they give you a 1300 number to call which I am presuming would be closed over the weekend. I have messaged on facebook and Instagram and am waiting for a response.

        • I was able to call them today it just directs you to your local store or closest to, and was told my pre order is for launch

          • @oSynchro: I signed up on the 22nd but only got my payment link yesterday. Paid immediately. However no email for further details prior to the link. Can anybody assist if this is a launch day ps5

    • I signed up on the 22nd but only got my payment link yesterday. Paid immediately. However no email for firth details prior to the link. Can anybody assist if this is a launch day ps5

      • +1

        I think its likely launch shipment or close to it. However, I could be wrong :)

        All the best.

      • update good guys just emailed saying it’s a launch ps5

    • I received text on 8/10 and got confirmation of payment from GGs on 8/10. From my understanding retailers will not be asking for full payment unless its a launch shipment or close to it ( JB, Big W and EB are asking people to pay for final payment recently? Right?). However, I could be wrong, strange times we live in.

      I tried to find out from GGs on phone and no one seems to be 100% sure what batch I am in. The guy said "You will have to be in top queues otherwise we wouldn't ask for full payment". I saw post here somebody contacted GGs on FB. I am trying to do that to find out more to.

      All the best to everyone. Hope you get PS5 soon !!!

      • I just paid for mine so hopefully it’s a release day even tho I got screwed over by Sony with them completely cancelling my order I then got lucky one night signed up got the text the next day then called today and said it’s all legit and hopefully it’s first batch which someone said earlier they wouldn’t make u pay the full amount so

        • Yeah, we all are hoping for release date but I won't hold my breath on it. Atleast, we got to preorder. There are so many people still waiting for any preorders to open.

    • +1

      All these people paying TOP dollar when most stores can't even keep up with demand and you may be waiting a while…….

      • Thanks for pissing on our parade.

        You do have a point mate ! But I will try my luck with good guys.

        Good luck to you to.

        • If you had to pay full price you should be expecting launch would make sense like I know I’m click and collect they wouldn’t open up more pre orders if they were for 2021 when they already have a 2021 waiting list

    • Hi I received this sms yesterday,
      PS5 Update: The Good Guys has secured a Pre-Order of a PS5 with a $10 Delivery from our website at Nov launch! We will text you a "thankyou" message within 48 hours with a link for credit card payment. To secure yours, you must pay using that link before Monday 12 Oct 9pm. Got questions, call 1300466348
      Just wanted to know if anyone else got the same one, if so is it legit? Did anyone get the follow to thank you sms within the 48 hours?

      • Yes it's legit. You'll get an SMS link that will take you to the Good Guys website, and then once you pay you'll get an invoice and follow up text.

    • +1

      Just a note if anyone is after a launch day console still try your luck with Good Guys. Registered on Thursday just passed, got an SMS on Friday advising I would be receiving a launch day console and paid yesterday.

      Followed the link from this website if it makes a difference:

      • Wow you got SMS on Friday. I had to wait for more than 2 weeks. How did you find out its a launch day? I tried contacting TGGs and people weren't really sure. I presume if they asked for full payment its a launch day.

        • The txt literally says launch day. Only have option for $10 delivery so I presume it's coming from a central location rather than being shipped from nearest store.

          • @atomX: Is it The first text you get before paying or the text after paying that says it's launch?

          • @atomX: There seems to be two type of texts from TGGS and that's why I am a bit lost.

            First type – Hi Brav3, Thank you for shopping at The Good guys. To finalise the payment , click on https link. I received this text. After my full payment, I received another text. Hi Brav3, Thank you, your payment on S00410xxxxx has been received. We'll coordinate finalisation of your order shortly. If you have any questions, please contact us on 03 94637500

            Second type – Ps5 update: The Good guys has secured a Pre-Order of a Ps5 with a $10 Delivery from our website at Nov launch ! We will text you a "thank you" message within 48 hrs with a link for credit card payment. To secure yours, you must pay using that link before Day and time. Got questions, call 1300.

            • @Brave: Both take you to the same payment page. Difference so far as I can tell is the first ones are handled by individual stores vs a centralised arrangement.

              • @atomX: I got recieved the first message about 2 weeks ago but just to clarify , both of them are for launch day stock? As the first sms doesn't explicitly say it like the 2nd sms ? .
                Thanks :)

              • +1

                @atomX: That make sense. I hope its still a launch date.

            • +1

              @Brave: I believe the first one is for people who chose to click and collect while registering interest and second one is for people who chose the delivery option.

              • @JMokha: I got the first message but pretty sure it was for delivery well that's what I put so idk

              • @JMokha: Both options are for delivery.

    • +1

      Ok an update to this, I just got an email from The Good Guys this morning confirming my pre-order and also confirming that it is the launch day stock. 😁

      • +2

        Yep just had a look let's go just need Sony to send em out now!

      • +1

        same here :)

    • +1

      Same here. Take that scalpers !!!!!

    • Did anyone else also faced this issue that payment was only accepted through credit or debit card and not through gift cards?

    • Same, I saw this application form weeks ago but I never bothered since I considered it like playing the lottery. Looks like a lot of people here had luck with it. Should've filled it out sooner.

      I just filled it out now if that makes a difference.

    • +2

      Anyone get any updates to the launch consoles?

      • Nothing so far for me

      • I went into good guys on Saturday and while I was there I asked exactly when stock was arriving. The clerk said early December. But keep in mind, she was selling me a fridge; So it wasn’t her place to really say. She had to check with a few people before getting back to me. So take it with a gain salt and hopefully we’ll still get it on launch.

      • Might be worth messaging Ggs on Facebook during the working hrs. They respond quick and it will be good to know what are they saying to different people.

        I got the response from Ggs on Fb that they will release on 12th Nov as it’s the official date. I feel it was given by person who doesn’t understand logistics and didn’t had any info on it but I could be wrong.

        I would encourage you all to send GGs message on Fb. Let’s see what they say to different people.

        • Just got this response from FB

          ‘Pre-Order items are dispatched on release date so you will not receive the item on launch date however it is likely to reach you a few days later. Thank you.’

          • @leximus: More likely 1-2 weeks later. Oh well, we can't do anything about it. Let's hope Aust post delivers earlier.

        • Just got this response:

          Thank you for your message. All confirmed pre-orders customers for the PS5 will receive further information during the week prior to launch. Thank you.

    • any news fellas?? this reeks of delays to me :/

    • +1

      I just gave a call to The Good Guys, the lady seemed a bit confused and said if you order now then it is delayed and is on backorder, then I confirmed that I have already pre-ordered and paid in full. Finally, she said in that case it will be available on the launch date and we'll be calling people who have to collect the PlayStation 5 regarding the time they need to come in.

      Still confused though 😅, if someone else can also give a try by calling them.

      • That doesn't make any sense as they are charging 10$ delivery. I think we might hear from them today or tomorrow. I have texted them on Fb but no reply from them yet.

        • Oh yeah right I totally forgot we paid ten dollars delivery has to mean something

      • +1

        It seems like many employees are either confused or cannot give too much away. I called them on Friday asking for any updates, stating that I have already paid in full and received a confirmation email for launch day stock. I asked him when the store would start contacting the individuals to pick up the consoles and he couldn’t say. However, he did say that stock has already started coming in but he couldn’t give any indication of numbers when i asked.

        Is anyone else picking up from store and if so, have they started contacting people seeing as it’s a couple days away ?

        • i'm also picking up in store. I called and was advised that "no one knows anything yet". We're 3 days from launch i'd hope thats not true lol

          • +1

            @maniacfish: I just messaged them and they said “Hi Shawn, you will be contacted within the coming days with an update, as advised it will be "during the week prior to launch. Thank you.” So apparently this week I guess.

    • Yeah, I got the message on Fb saying they will contact during the week prior to launch. From what I gathered, take it with a grain of salt, apparently they are meant to be shipped to warehouses today. And we are probably receive some update tomorrow. Let's see if its true or not.

      • Fingers crossed mate 🤞

    • Called the local good guys (Nunawading VIC) where i have click and collect. He did say that they did not receive stock yet and will most likely be getting stock on the day and the details are kept secret and the usual " will receive a call when its ready for pickup". I have already taken leave on the day in anticipation of picking up the device! * fingers crossed! *

    • so I called the Melbourne office and was told they haven't received any stock yet it's likely to arrive on Thursday and ship out the same day apparently

    • Anyone heard anything more. They’re pretty unorganised with all these mixed messages going out. It’s looking like those getting it delivered won’t be getting it for a while. So much for an email during launch week!! It comes out in less than 2 days!

      • No updates today, pretty surprising that there hasn’t been any sort of communication to customers at all seeing as we are 2 days from launch. I have work on Thursday and was planning to pick it up during my break but I feel like the stores will be calling customers at different times during the day to reduce the amount of people in the stores.

        Anyone else picking up from Sydney region?

    • +1

      A guy from Reddit that works at a good guys posted this "I work at The Good Guys. We will definitely NOT have launch day stock. Company got roughly 2500 units for launch day and they are all allocated to preorders. Sorry guys! Had to get mine from EB haha. Staff couldn’t even order in store." I then asked if it was true that they weren't getting stock till the 12th he said this. "The courier who will be delivering the stock (to my store at least) said they should be coming tomorrow some time. We’ve been told that preorders at least should be ready for pickup from 9am on the 12th. Obviously I can only speak for my store though."

    • "Yeah they’ll be shipped from the 12th. We’re not allowed to physically allocate stock to customers orders until 9am on the 12th. Auspost usually picks up from stores around midday." He just replied this.

    • Quoting the good guys facebook message i got with regrds to click and collect PS5 orders " Hi , you will receive and SMS on launch day to let you know when your order is ready for collection. If you do not receive this SMS, please contact the store allocated to your order directly to discuss. Thank you. " . They must be allocating the stock and sending messages for click and collect on the day.

    • Got an email from TGG about the order. Mine is a pick up though.

    • Just received an email as well, basically confirming what it says above, that individuals will get an SMS on the 12th stating that the order is ready for collection. (pick up only)

    • Yep just received the email mine is for delivery can rest easy now peeps!!

    • Yayee same here boys !!! Exciting, can't wait to play Daemon's souls on it.

      Btw I am looking for friends as none of my mates are getting it.

      PSN ID : Braveshinobi

      See you all

    • So i got my email on monday night about picking up my pre ordered PS5 in store,
      I just thought I'd ring the store I'm going to be picking up my PS5 from tomorrow, an they said they haven't recieved their stock yet an don't have any deliveries that they can see on their system coming in today or tomorrow. WTF. But the lady was like we will give you a sms tomorrow when it's ready to be picked up,… um lady what am i picking up if you don't have them, a paper PS5.

      • No point worrying about it. You should hear from them tmrw as per the email.

    • Did anyone get a message regarding delivery or click and collect?

      • No messages at this point in time, I would assume some time around midday.

        • Yep, seems like it 👍

      • Got my electronic receipt at 09:18

    • Preordered Media remote and miles morales in Jb hifi using my gift cards and went for pickup instore .Alot of people getting the preordered PS5 and walking away happily :/ making me so impatient!

    • Received pick up SMS now.

      • sydney area?

        • Yes, Tempe store.

    • Called them and they said just to come pick up and that its ready even without the message .so call and check!

    • I was told I got launch day ps5 haven't received pick up msg yet so just rang my pick up store and was told store hasn't received all ps5 delivereys yet but will be called if arrives today 😭😭🤞🤞🤞

      • Has anyone been sent any tracking numbers for delivery pre orders?

        • Hey, I got in touch with the Maribynong Good Guys location and they informed me that AusPost didn’t swing by today to pick up my PS5 for delivery.

          I was informed that it should be out tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

          • @bitchlasagna: F me I'm so impatient hate waiting

            • +1

              @oSynchro: Hey, just a heads up. I received an SMS today saying that my PS5 has been dispatched!

              • @bitchlasagna: Sweet, at my local good guys apparently Aus post wasn't going to pick up my console till Monday witch would have resulted in the ps5 arriving Wednesday so I was able to change to pick up for 4:30 this Arvo, can't wait. Good luck everyone 👍👍

                • @oSynchro: PS. If anyone want to add my psn it's iSynchro7

                • +1

                  @oSynchro: NICE BROOO! Toll just called to ask if I’m home this afternoon!

                  They’re coming nooow!

  • Merged from PSA: Sony Announces Delay on Some PS5 Accessories until Dec 3rd

    Dualsense charging station
    Pulse 3D headset
    HD camera

    All delayed until December 3rd.

    This delay does not effect the release date of the DualSense Wireless Controller and Media remote which will launch alongside the PlayStation 5 on November 12th. The release of both PS5 consoles are also not impacted by this delay.

    • Maaan I'm keen for the dual charger

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