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Philips MG5730 Hair Trimmer 11-in-1 Grooming Kit Black / Silver $59.95 @ MYER


Deal is from Myer so good to price match in store. Although Shaver Shop said below their cost price and Harvey’s offered $70 at cost.

Product: 11-in-1 Grooming Kit Black/Silver MG5730/1511-in-1 Grooming Kit Black/Silver MG5730/15


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    Also on Myers Ebay, which is free delivery for Ebay plus. Myers is free delivery from $70.

    Amazon has also price matched, with potentially higher cashback?

    • Showing free delivery on their website for me.

    • nevermind. Found it. Thanks

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      Free delivery from $49 on their website so this is free direct no need for eBay.

      Source: just purchased from the site with free delivery.

    • Health, Household & Beauty (which this falls under on Amazon) is showing as no cash back on either site.

      Edit: Both sites also say for Myer that cashback is ineligible for personal care appliances, so looks like that rules this one out too, damn.

  • Thks took eBay option with free delivery ….

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    Great timing, have whats probably an older version of this model that is on its last legs.

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      How many legs have you used it on?

  • is this worth buying?

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      …i use it as a stubble/beard & sideburn trimmer…very good

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        got this one - out of 3 medium priced brands, this is my favourite. just dont make my mistake of not using the 'body' attachment instead of zero blade.

  • Same price on amazon

  • Just ordered one. Hope it doesn't suck

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      This is great and water prooof which is even better

      • Nice bonus. So I can do a tidy up shave after a shower no drama ?

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          or during! thats how i use my waterproof trimmer, no hair cleanup in the sink that way

  • Bought this on a deal here about a year ago, great unit.

  • Bought mine a year ago, it's about to die. Not sure I would recommend, honestly.

    • why's that?

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        It operates at about 30% speed when not plugged in and is erratic. Doesn't hold much of a charge, maybe 3 minutes. It's okay for a budget item but I wouldn't really expect it to last.

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          you know this is cordless right? ….definitely something wrong.
          mine holds charge fine after 1 year and i only charge once a fortnight or so and use it every second day

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            @franco cozzo: Haha, yes I know. I use it a few times a week so maybe the battery is just cooked idk.

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          Doesn't it have 2-4 year global warranty? I bought it and the box said something like that

  • dupe

  • I would would prefer a corded trimmer - what is good?

  • also at amazon

    • Yup, that's what I was thinking.

    • Doesn't come with 4 years warranty Philips changed that to 2 Years. The Multi Groom 7000 Which i have used to come with 5 years warranty and its also 2 years.

      you can register it on Philips for an extra Year.

      Could probably also claim on Amazon that the Image is misleading etc etc..

      Thought i'd Add the Link from Philips where u can see it's 2 years.


      • The Philips series 9000 Hair clipper comes 5 years warranty.

        • That's not what it says on Philips Website 2 Years world wide same as my multigroom 7000

          • @Tehcookiemonsta: I bought it from MYER and registered the product on Philips website was given 5 years warranty.

            • @KOBH: Weird you must have old stock or something…

              • @Tehcookiemonsta: How can you tell or is there a batch number somewhere can identify as old stock?

  • Out of stock for delivery by the looks. Still available on Amazon though.

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    Got this yesterday , price match at JB HiFI… It works a treat

  • Happy with response of my first deal post! Bout time I gave back.:)

    On first shave compares favourably to the Wahl Lithium Ion Stainless I had previously. Though that was after +4 years so not really comparing to when new.

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    i got a different one that is really really good from aldi a few weeks ago. its quiet, strong, and smooth. i think it was only $19

  • Anyone know if you can use this while plugged in to charge?

    Saw a review saying they have to wait for it to charge, then use it. My current Philips let's me use on power, or on battery.

    • The Philips one I just threw in the bin used to be like that until the battery died. Seemed like mains would charge the battery and the battery ran the device, rather than there being separate circuits. This is why I'm looking for a mains only unit now.

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    I was watching all week and waited for Amazon to get it back in stock at 59 I ordered two nights ago
    I actually noticed this price on Myer but good work for chucking it up

  • the Delivery option bugged out for me so I went with Click and Collect. For some reason their website didn't like Chrome but it worked fine in (please don't laugh) Microsoft Edge

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    I got this for $40-45 from Myer eBay years ago!

    I grabbed the model up 7000 for like $60-65 in sale too, they've gone up because of our crappy currency.

    Feedback on here has always been they're pretty good for the price

  • anyone know if the no attachment is 0 / 0.5 / 1? thnx

  • I'm happy with my Aldi hair trimmer. The Philips is a bit better but not needed by me since I only use it once a year for winter beard removal.

    • I liked my Aldi one too however the battery died hard after about 12 months, and it doesn't even work when plugged into the wall.

      For that reason, I've been looking for something higher quality and longer lasting.

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    seems like OOS

  • Any good for hair on ya plums?

  • Amazon have it for the same price delivered:

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