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Van Heusen $25 Selected Shirts and Trousers - Free Shipping over $100


One day only.
Don’t think the shirts are all that great for $25 each, but trousers seems to be a better buy.

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Van Heusen
Van Heusen


  • I remember buying VH shirts 10-15 years ago and being really disappointed how they'd gone downhill.

    Can't imagine how bad they are now, must be like wearing paper.

    • they are, i bought some earlier this year. its like almost see through on some of the white shirts.

      at least at that price range.

      I find brook Brothers or Zara quality to be much better.

  • I live in Melbourne

    • Lol my thoughts exactly.. White collar worker but may never need a shirt again!

    • Got 4 shirts from T.M. Lewin delivered back in April…
      They are still the postage packaging and I don't even remember what any of them look like!

  • Handy, they have pants on sale for a suit I already have.

    Bought the suit because I had a bunch of meetings and didn't want to wear the same suit every day. Cost as much as a discount Italian one I have but is utter garbage in comparison. Still, for $25 a backup pair of pants to a suit is a bargain, so long as I can lose this covid belly.

  • Pants are dry clean only because the material is rayon and viscous. Running cost

  • Thanks. I find it hard to get pants that don't sit weirdly on me. My current ones are VH and I bought some more of the same the other day. Now I can 28 degrees them to get $40 back (it was 2 pants for $99 minutes $20 new user code)

    They don't last as long as they should but at $25 a pair I'd buy a dozen if I could. Shame their stock levels are crap. Or maybe it's last season stuff?