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Disposable Plate Set Palm Leaf | Eco Friendly Bio Disposable Plates (25) $39.95 Delivered @ CanDealOnline Amazon AU


🌿THE BEST PARTY PACK AVAILABLE- We include premium natural plates, forks, and knives to take care of your event needs all in one place. Our 20 cmsquare disposable palm leaf plates are perfectly sized to hold a meal’s main course and our wood forks and wood knives are larger and sturdier than our competitors. We believe in providing you with exquisite eco-friendly dinnerware that is as convenient as it is beautiful.
🌿 EARTH FRIENDLY- Palm leaf plates are the most earth-conscious alternative for disposable dinnerware. Palm leaves are simply collected once they have fallen to the ground and steam pressed into plates. Made from 100% natural materials. No additives, dyes, or chemicals are ever used. Along with the biodegradable party utensils, palm leaf plates are fully compostable and will decompose in 6-8 weeks in a home compost.
🌿HEAVY-DUTY- Often mistaken for wood or bamboo, our plates are durable and will hold your heaviest meals without leaking or sagging. Perfect for both hot and cold items, palm leaf plates can withstand a much higher range of temperatures than other disposable alternatives. They are microwave and oven safe for up to 45-minutes at 150 C°. Intended for single use, but lightly used plates can be rinsed, dried, and used again.
🌿 NATURAL~VERSATILE~UNIQUE- Our plates are versatile and standout for their beauty and convenience. They are a stunning addition to any event. From elegant weddings to beach birthday parties, baby showers, rehearsal dinners, buffets, picnics, and backyard BBQs, your guests will be impressed with these all natural disposable plates. They compliment any style of decoration and the slight variations that occur in each plate add to their natural rustic charm.
🌿 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- We inspect for cracks, chips, and other defects. Our plates, forks, and knives have passed rigorous inspections and are sourced from the highest quality materials. Your satisfaction is our mission, if you are not completely satisfied, we will provide a full refund.

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  • I'm all for being mindful of the wastage we create with single use items and trying to use eco-friendly products.. but at $1.60 per plate, I don't think its viable??

    • We are going to see this more and more.
      In SA the ban on single use plastics..people aren’t going to spend $40 on plates for a bbq, where they could’ve spent $5 on plastic ones.
      I’m all for environmentally friendly, but it’s going to be expensive if this is anything to go by!
      Just use regular plates I think and wash them.

    • I tend to agree. My preferred option for a larger group is probably a cheap paper plate with cane tray for support.

  • whatever happened to using normal plates and washing and reusing them? it's not like your bio disposable plates that are full of food oils and scraps can be chucked into the recycling bin or the compost (too much vege oil slows the composting).

    am i missing something?

    • You can throw these in the green waste bin.

      Depending on quality you may be able to re-use. I've used some bamboo cutlery that I initially thought was plastic because of the rigidity.

      • Depends on councils because I would surely get pinged for putting raw vege scraps in the green bin much less a bio plate. Ymmv I suppose.

  • Where's the bargain

    This is just spam

  • What’s environmentally friendly about buying these from amazon?

    This is solely for cashed up, ignorant virtue signallers

    • What’s environmentally friendly about buying these from amazon?

      first time i heard of this, what's bad about amazon that other companies and small businesses already not do to the environment? (genuine question)

      • I can only assume it's regarding the excessive amount of packing material (oversize box, extra 'airbags' etc) that Amazon often use

      • I think its slightly ironic to order a single use item thats meant to be eco friendly and have it shipped from china to Australia and then distributed nationally. Amazon shipping is usually overstuffed with packaging (usually plastic).
        Alternative: wash your plates.

  • Quick google…

    Palm Leaf Dinner Plates 25pk - Square

    Australia-wide (outside SE Qld)
    Ships in 1 - 3 working days + delivery in 2 - 7 days. Lowest carbon emissions, greenest choice!

    how are you better than these?

  • Imagine if 6 billion people demanded such premium products to be made, packaged, shipped & then delivered quickly to their doorstep. Then after just one meal to be all thrown away…. An absolute waste of the worlds resources. It would be far better for these palm leaves to collect on the ground below the palm providing mulch and then breaking down naturally to provide nutrients to the soil. The alternative as suggested by such products is a bonfire of CO2 emissions and nurturing a frivolous mental attitude for future generations.

  • Are these coming from the same palms where deforestation of the land is leading to animals like the orangutan being extinct? This plus the annual burning off of palms causing massive smoke plumes doesn’t make it eco to me.


      You may want to inform yourself before leaving a negative vote.
      Palm leaf plates are from dried fallen leaves only!