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Free Delivery (+ Free Regular Side W/ Main Menu Item) for Selected Areas @ Nando's (PERi-Perks Members)


Greetings everyone, seems like a great offer from Nando's :)

The two words that we all love to hear is happening…

This week, you can grab your fave Nando's feed from the comfort of your own home and we'll deliver it for FREE from selected Nando's restaurants!

Double Score: You can also grab a free regular side every day on Nando's Delivery until 27 September!🍟

Haven't tried Nando's Delivery yet?
If free delivery isn't enough, you also get these sweet perks when you order direct from us:

  • You can earn PERi-Perks points on transactions
  • Use your offers and freebies

Receive free delivery on the Nando’s Delivery service from Monday 14 September to Sunday 20 September 2020 at participating restaurants. Offer valid when ordering online for Nando’s Delivery via the Nando’s app or website only. During the promotional period, delivery orders cannot be paid with PERi-Perks points and must be paid by credit or debit card or Nando's Gift Card only. Offer not valid with catering or any third party delivery orders such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo. PERi-Perks points can be earned on all items within a transaction excluding any complimentary or discounted menu items. When a dollar value discount has been applied to an entire order such as 20% or $10 off, no points will be earned for that transaction. Offer valid at restaurants in Australia only. Offer cannot be substituted for any other item or cash. Offer may be retracted at any time without notice. Offer available for registered and verified PERi-Perks members only.

Delivery FAQ's

Receive a free regular side with any main item. Offer cannot be redeemed as part of a meal bundle. Offer must be redeemed with a main item only. Sides include regular Chips, PERi-PERi Chips, Sweet Potato Chips, PERi-PERi Sweet Potato Chips, Spicy Rice, Corn on the Cob, Side Salad, Garlic Bread and PERi-PERi Grilled Broccolini. Sides may vary by restaurant. Main items include any single item from the PERi-PERi Chicken, To Share, Burgers, Wraps & Pitas, Specialities and Salads categories

As always, enjoy :)

Edit 23/9

Hot news: FREE DELIVERY has been extended! >That's right, 'cause you all LOVED our free delivery week so much, we've extended it for two more weeks. Say what?! >Grab your fave Nando's meal with FREE DELIVERY until Sunday 4 October 2020!

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  • +2

    Won't deliver from a nandos 3.5km away…

    • +4

      You have to be in a DoorDash zone. Nando's just whitelabels DoorDash so if you don't have that, you don't have delivery.

    • -3

      yep pathetic isnt it

  • +8

    Just did a dummy run and doesn't seem to be a minimum order.
    Supremo burger + Free Chips + Free Delivery = $10.95

  • yeah, the app says it is unable to get a delivery estimate for my address. I am about 4km from my nearest Nandos..

  • +3

    My nando's across the road (250m) doesn't even deliver to me T_T

    • +9


  • It says there's not a Nando's store close enough for delivery, but there is one 300 metres away.

    • +1

      The message is wrong. It meant to say you are too close for delivery. Get off your lazy ass and walk down there.

      • Haha I would if I wasn't in isolation.

  • Are prices higher online?

    • +3

      I just tested, when I select pick up, the item I chose was $1 cheaper. But when I chose delivery, $1 gets added to the total.

      • +1

        That’s what I got too 🤔

      • +4

        Yep. 1/2 chicken is $11.95 for me pickup and $12.50 for delivery.
        That’s just sneaky now.

    • I noticed the same thing when we ordered last night. Most items were $1 more expensive. Pretty sure that's something they've just added.

      We've been very happy with the $5 delivery and normal prices (unlike menulog and uber eats etc) so it's a shame that they are starting these shenanigans.

  • mmmm Peri Peri

  • Nando's is pretty poor when it comes to loyaly programmes. You cannot use any loyalty points to reduce your bill, you have to pay for your entire order with points only (okay for singles, but not so great for family orders). Also, as above:

    "Receive a free regular side with any main item. Offer cannot be redeemed as part of a meal bundle. Offer must be redeemed with a main item only."

    Not being able to get your free side when you spend more money getting a meal bundle is weird.

    • You can use points to pay for food
      I think 10 points= $1 from memory
      Edit: sorry missed the second part of your comment

    • +1

      The trick with Nando's is that unless there is a promotion (E.g. WTF meals) their meal bundles are barely any better value than buying individually, usually only a 15c saving.

      Having said that, I reckon their loyalty program is pretty much best in class for food with a 10% payback. Compare that with 6.67% at GYG, 5% at Sushi Train.

  • I just got all the way through the checkout process, created a rewards account, entered my payment details, and got a message saying my order couldn't be processed today and that I haven't been charged.

    Edit: My card has been charged and I received a confirmation email from DoorDash, so everything is okay, I guess?

    • Same…what happened? Did you get your order?

      • Well, apparently it's on its way.

        • Yeah it arrived as normal.


          Edit: Dropped this \

  • nice, and they have sweet potato fries, bloody bonus

    • Well, put a maybe in that. From our local, we can order the sweet potato fries if choosing pick up. If we choose delivery, they get removed from the cart with a message that this item is not able to be delivered. No idea why. We have bought them many times (pickup) so they definitely sell them.

      The Nando's online ordering system is a bit of a mess in general and we've had a lot of problems to be honest.

      • yeah had the same issue when i went to order just now. Scumbags remove the sweet potato fries option even tho it clearly states everywhere about the deal it should be included.

  • I can eat many chickens with sauce (medium) that thing is awesome

  • Only recently that the North Rocks one closed permanently :(

  • For me, it does provide free delivery for 50 cents more (full chicken @ 19.95), however doesn't let me pay with PeriPerks though.

  • -1

    How can you tell which restaurants are among the 'selected'? Particularly if I am not a member of their rewards club.

  • Love Nandos, but they wont deliver to my address either. Has recent bird flu put the sames down for Nandos?

  • So just to confirm you can't pay with points when redeeming this offer?

  • Just order from Parkmore. It is free delivery but no free regular side.

    • +1

      Just add a regular side to your order and when you view your cart, there should be two offers available. Make sure that you select 'free regular side - use me online.' Can be confusing at first but it does work!

  • II had a buy a 1/4 chicken meal and get one free (but had to do it in restaurant) in my Peri Perks offer, so I drove 4kms to the local and got my BOGOF for tonight's dinner. Didn't know about swapping to sweet potato fries though - Next Time!

  • Tried to order for delivery and and the price goes up by $0.50

  • I can get Nando's on DoorDash but not on Nando's website? Any ideas?

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