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4x Random Clearance Diamond Art Kit Sets Paintings $19 (Shipping from $8.99) @ JohnnyBoy


We will pick 4 random designs
Buy as many lots as you want

Only till excess stock is gone then Sale will end.

Deluxe Diamond Art Kit Sets.
5D Full Drill
4 designs in this collection.
Size 30cm x 30cm

1 x Decal 30cm x 30cm
5D Crystal Beads
Tool Kit

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Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy

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    bought 2x for mums birthday, will comment here when they arrive.

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      …after all she has done for you, she gets this?


        idk lol she always talks about how she wants to buy some.


      got them today all were nice pictures. also came with a free packet of tea. :)

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    What actually are these?

    • +1 vote

      You stick "diamonds" onto a pixelated image.

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    Any clues as to what scenes/pictures are available OP?

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      I understand Deal Description says Random design but @Hithere asked for some pictures which is not wrong. They might be supplying Diamond Art which might be too hard for Kids or they might be supplying kids design which are too easy for adults.


    Thanks sonu1111 + for you.

    A couple of trigger happy voters unable to understand a simple question.

    A friend is into diamond art and prefers Australiana pictures, that's why I asked.

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    I'm also a bit confused.
    "We will pick 4 random designs"
    But also
    "4 designs in this collection"

    Can see pictures of dogs, cats and Marilyn Monroe. If there are only four designs left I'd prefer to know what they are than pretend that there's a random chance of getting something from a varied range.
    Also, if I'm buying two sets does that mean I'm guaranteed exact duplicates of the same four designs?

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      Random means you might get all same, some same or all different. Random bargain also means you will get what is left unsold. I suspect popular subjects would sell out first. Have a look in the local bargain store to see what is around. I think the fad is over as they are discounted in local bargain store.

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        As I was considering these for presents I'll put in more time, and possibly more money, but end up with something I know they'll like.

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          Our random is all different

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      140 designs left in 30 x 30

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        "4 Designs in this collection".

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    30x30 is WAY too small for diamond painting, you will be dissapointed. Aliex have ones 50x60 and look great done.
    These take a hell of a lot of time so don't waste it on something that you have never seen, is pixilated and you're not happy to hang it on your wall.

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      We have both sizes and more
      30x30 do look great as long as there is not to much detail.
      Not everyone has time to do the larger ones


        Can you post an example of a completed one? I have no idea what these are - who is your target market?

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    I have no idea what these are

    It's a bit like painting by numbers except you use 'diamonds' instead of paints.

    This YouTube video explains it well.