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Why are they junk?
29/07/2020 - 15:52
I see The quality of the masks are great. Selling at $45 on sale last week.
29/07/2020 - 15:51
Thank you for your kind feedback
29/07/2020 - 15:50
I am a little confused why so many negative comments are made due to my offer. I am a legitimate family run business in Melbourne since...
29/07/2020 - 15:41
Hi these are not junk. Suppliers purchased to many and we have a clearance outlet we have been asked to have a sale on them
29/07/2020 - 15:35
Hi can you please explain why my post is spam
29/07/2020 - 15:34
Hi jv these are not we sold out last night TGA approved at $59 a box. Trying to get a better deal on TGA for tomorrow
29/07/2020 - 15:33
That is the RRP price
29/07/2020 - 15:32
50 x Face Masks 3 Ply $20 (Shipping from $9.99) @ JohnnyBoy
New Stock Just arrived. In our Melbourne warehouse ready to post Australia wide. Face Masks are 3 ply and great quality. Box designs may...
29/07/2020 - 15:23
6x Hand Sanitiser Gel Pump Bottles 75% Alcohol 250ml $10 (Shipping from $9.99) @ JohnnyBoy
Hand Sanitiser Gel Pump Bottles You are purchasing 6 Bottles each Bottle is 250ml 75% Alcohol Size 250ml Kills 99.9% of Germs Non sticky...
27/07/2020 - 15:54
Thank You Trying our best to stay afloat online as our doors are currently closed.
17/07/2020 - 18:51
I am the owner of Melbourne Factory Outlet.
16/07/2020 - 17:29
Hello We are currently not offering pick up sorry. Hoping to have click and collect set up next week.
16/07/2020 - 17:27
TP1 VR Look Goggles Head Set Virtual Reality $5 (Shipping from $9.99) @ JohnnyBoy
VR Look Goggles Head Set Virtual Reality These Goggles are Brand New stock with no Packaging. Instructions are on the website. Reduced to...
16/07/2020 - 15:25
Thank You Tiki for spreading the word. Really appreciate it.
20/06/2020 - 15:34
Hi you are spot on I am not making much at all on the bottle nor on the surgical masks etc. As many negatives I am receiving for some...
13/06/2020 - 16:28
Hi we also offer Australian made sanitiser 500ml at $9 so our customers have a choice of what they can afford.
13/06/2020 - 14:14
Hi ours is 75% alcohol gel of high quality with a nice fragrance. Thank you for the feedback though.
13/06/2020 - 14:13
Hi our product is exceptional as well. Drys quickly not sticky and has a nice fresh fragrance. Also it is 75% alcohol not 62%
13/06/2020 - 14:11
Thank You for your feedback.
13/06/2020 - 14:10
Thank You for you order and support. We really appreciate it. You have purchased a really good quality sanitiser.
13/06/2020 - 14:10
So ours are 75% Alcohol not 62% which there's allot going around. Also great quality with a nice fresh fragrance. We also offer pick up for...
13/06/2020 - 14:09
Forgot to mention Size 500ml Pump Bottle
13/06/2020 - 13:10
So sorry forgot to mention 500ml pump bottle
13/06/2020 - 13:09
Hand Sanitiser Gel 75% Alcohol 500ml $5 (Shipping from $9.99) @ JohnnyBoy
Hi everyone this is my 5th offer on this group. We just received a huge amount of 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser at only $5 a bottle. Cheaper...
13/06/2020 - 13:05
Uni-ball Signo Great smooth pen
06/06/2020 - 11:22
Little dots you get to place on numbers to create a picture.
30/05/2020 - 09:05
Set of 4 Diamond Art Sets $25.00 (Shipping from $9.99) @ JohnnyBoy
Hi everyone this is my 4th offer on this group. We just received a huge amount of Diamond Art Sets at sensational prices. These sets are of...
30/05/2020 - 06:48
Hi different model saucepan and not with the glass lid.
18/05/2020 - 15:20