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20% off LEGO (20% off Toys), Selected PS4 Hits $17, [Switch] Super Mario 3D All Stars $69 @ Big W


Pay with 5% off WISH gift cards for further savings.

3D All stars is cheaper elsewhere but this may suit those that want to pick one up from a store.

Exclusions - price dropped lines, clearance, pre-orders, gaming, nursery, sporting, cycling, skate, scooters, trampolines, swing sets, inflatable castles, cubby houses and aquatic.

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    Be sure to check Kmart's prices before buying sets from Big W. Kmart has really undercut the others this year and many of their everyday prices are the same as or even cheaper than Big W's sales prices.
    For example, the Creator Pirate Ship is $119 on sale at Big W, and the same price at Kmart. The Ninjago Skull Sorceror's Dragon is $95 at Big W, $88 every day at Kmart.

    • Thought I'd follow your advice and check prices on Kmarts website real quickly, found assembly square in stock (at least I hope its not going to just get refunded after a couple days or some thing, normally you cant add to cart when they're OOS?) for $299, so nabbed one, thanks!

      • Oos when checkout. Annoying

        • I checked out with no issues, wonder if they're doing some kind of location availability?

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            @Manusdei: maybe cause I'm in vic and everyone hates us.

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              • @Magnastar: Kmart's website is really weird. I have a friend who lives literally 2 blocks from me in Melbourne. We can have the same products in the shipping cart, and some would appear as OOS in my cart, but not in theirs, and vice versa.

                • @gonzule: There is one in Darwin. So it shows online, find a friend there to buy and ship down

                  • -2

                    @berger: So I received Postage notification for my Assembly Square, its coming from my local store (20-25kms away) which I've not seen have this set in stock, ever!

                    @gonzule I'm in Darwin, so maybe I'll buy a second to flip later :P

    • What’s the cheapest set with a Bluetooth hub and XL motor in it?

  • Is there anything worth getting in this sale for Lego? I've had a look but at 20% the prices still dont seem that great compared to previous deals.

    • Depends on what you're after. These $19 CITY Lego sets are pretty big for the price: https://www.bigw.com.au/toys/block-brick-sets/lego/lego-city...

      If they don't jack them up before the sale starts they're excellent value for $15.20 ea

      • Pretty sure those sets were $15.20 during BigWs earlier sale this year. But a few of them are there "everyday low price" so won't go down.

        • 3 out of 10 of them are "price drop", the rest should be included.

          I haven't seen them for less than $19 anywhere, must have missed it. Having a 3-year old and a 1-year old I stock up on these sets as they make great presents.

      • 60265 Lego City Ocean Exploration Base was $95 in-store yesterday and same online today. However the catalogue above shows $99 reduced to $79 so savings may not be the full 20% you expect. Just under 17% in this case.

        • +1

          the website shows $76 after discount… probably they'll use the website price…

      • City sets are always in the 20% off sales .

    • There is nothing decent in the Lego in the catalog .
      I hope some decent theme not advertised is included .

      I would have though they would have a great highlighted set that they bait with like precious deals that nobody can get :)

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    Activate big w reward with woolworths rewards for 1000 points bump.

    • -3

      Toys aren't included as per the T&Cs

      • where does it say that? this is what I see on t&c

        Qualifying amount excludes gift cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, travel cards, tickets, BIG W Photos, BIG W eBay, donations, lay-by fees or, lay-by cancellation fees.

      • Exclusions
        ^Qualifying amount excludes spend on gift cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, travel cards, tickets, BIG W Photos, BIG W eBay, donations, lay-by fees or, lay-by cancellation fees. You will also not collect any points on any of these exclusions.

        Where does it say "Toys"?

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    Does this include Pokemon TCG products?

  • All the good stuff is out of stock :(

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    Is there a list of the PS4 titles?

  • Does anyone know if this includes Lego Rover?

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      No reason why it wouldn't. It doesn't fit any of the exclusion criteria.

  • Sigh, just bought Legos last week from Big W.

    • Same, bought some lego just last week. Do you know if there is something we can do?

      • But the same sets on sale, return them with your original receipt.

        • Actually contacted BigW and they said seeing that I'm in Victoria they will just refund me the difference without returning and paying again :)

  • Should of waited for this sale you don't know about.

    • +2

      Should of

      I definitely should have

      • dammit! Always get this one wrong.

  • Hmm looks like they've taken off the ROS Millennium Falcon from the website. Had it on my wishlist and checked earlier today and was in stock, then was not available for delivery to being taken completely off.

  • Is this starting at mid night? I want to get some PS4 games

  • Well it didn’t start at midnight… do I stay up for an hour in hope

    • +1

      I'm with ya :)

    • No go to sleep

    • Still spent $660 :( which sucks as I only wanted assembly square… the resellers would be all over that one :(

      • I'm with you. Just wanted assembly square. You reckon big w excluded or was purchased by resellers?
        Ended up still spending a heap.

        • I went back and spent $160 more this morning.

          Resellers… a mate says a FB page were all over it staying up all night

          Who knows, could have been only 2-4 of the sets

  • +4

    Managed to snap up what I wanted from Target at midnight but looks like Big W isn't live yet…

    • My experience with Big w’s online is horrible

      • And still patiently waiting. So glad I purchased $650 in gift cards during the day!

        • I've given up and heading to bed, so probably shouldn't be far away from going live! Haha

  • Is this 20% off all LEGO?

  • it's active

    • And of course Assembly Square unavailable… ah well

  • Who had 4am on their bingo card?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Grabbed a Lego city train for $103.74!! Paid with wish cards and $10 off for VIC pickup…. BARGAIN!!! $103.74!!

    • +1

      I had 20% sale, 10% staff and $10 pickup. Missus works for woolies so staff card helps

      • Showoff :P

  • Damn, I forgot to stack with the $10 click-and-collect deal in VIC.

  • What would people recommend if I just want to start collecting bricks for creative building? Should I buy this 1500-piece set:

    Or should I just stick with buying the Large Creative Box?

  • Hedwig - 75979 at $55 is the cheapest I've seen.

    • +1

      target at $49

      • Awesome, thank you!

        • -2

          pay with zip… can't beat big w only pay $35

  • The following games will be added to PS Plus Collection (for PS5):

    God of War
    The Last of Us: Remastered
    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    Battlefield 1
    Monster Hunter World
    Fallout 4
    Final Fantasy XV
    The Last Guardian
    Ratchet and Clank
    Infamous: Second Son
    Days Gone
    Detroit: Become Human
    Batman Arkham Knight
    Mortal Kombat X
    Persona 5
    Until Dawn
    Resident Evil: Biohazard

    So you might want to think twice before buying them now.

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