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Lenovo Flex 5 14" 2-in-1 Laptop, AMD Ryzen 5 4500U, 16GB DDR4, 256GB SSD US $770.82/ A$1,053.14 Shipped @ Amazon USA


Lenovo Flex 5 14" 2-in-1 Laptop, 14.0" FHD (1920 x 1080) Touch Display, AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Processor, 16GB DDR4, 256GB SSD, AMD Radeon Graphics, Digital Pen Included, Win 10, 81X20005US, Graphite Grey

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  • AUD 149.22 shipping

  • Please fix the price

    Order Summary
    Items: $599.99
    Shipping & handling: $100.75
    Total before GST: $700.74
    Estimated GST to be collected: $70.08

    Order total: US $770.82 or AU $1,051.90

    • On paper, the GST should be 10%, but in real world they charge you administration, sometimes storage fee. It would add up to way more than that.

      • How much is that? Just wondering if I need to import something big one day

      • The handling charge of $50 and duty of 5% only applies if the shipment for goods worth more than $1000, and ABF collect GST at the border. For items below $1000, GST is collected by the seller and no handling/duty charges are added.

  • it is around 920 and already a perfect deal on another post. if it is 820 AUD, it is the deal of the decade.

    • Yeah, it went down to $902 via Amazon AU. Was just about to pull the trigger a few days ago but it suddenly jumped up to over $2000 :(

      • it is out of stock. are you sure it wasn't from another seller?

        • Yeah, the only buying option currently is an alternate seller for way too much……I'll keep checking back each day

  • Edit don't worry.

  • Lenovo quoted me $1500+ for 4700U 16G 512G with 3 year on site support last week. but have to wait more than 8 weeks

  • wonder how colour accurate this display is. looking at Asus zenbook UM425IA.

    • 63% RGB according to this guy. Pretty garbage

      • Pretty shit as you say. Tough because I was also looking at ASUS TUF and it's got better graphics card and 144hz screen and more RAM, but screen is shit colour accuracy. No usb c PD charging.

        Crap cos I am into photography and coming from a Xiaomi mi notebook air.

        • Well, they are both completely different laptops made for completely different users

          The Flex is advertised and purposed as a portable laptop which can be used as both a tablet or a traditional laptop - These types of laptops generally do not have dedicated graphics cards, however, the AMD setup in this specific device can be seen as a bonus since it still manages to provide dedicated graphics card performance

          Honestly, if you are into photography, this laptop wouldn't suffice, and even a gaming laptop like that would definitely not as well since the screen is focused on the high FPS gamers (144Hz) instead of users who want colour accuracy (You - For photography).

    • I've been really enjoying my Asus Vivobook S15 with Ryzen 4700u. The display on the Vivobook is decent enough to me (can't find RBG or NITS specs), so I'd imagine it would be the same if not better on a Zenbook. I think the overall build quality of Asus will probably be better over the Lenovo.

      • There are a lot of inaccurate information regarding the S15. Some stores ads say 100% SRGB, some don't. I have spoken to Asus support and they advised me that Australia will not be getting a high colour gammut screen like some retailers advertise, only certain Asian countries.

    • The only real negative of Asus UM425IA is It's cooling is not very good and will throttle at 15w TDP. If you look at reviews of the Flex, it's cooling can handle up to 35w.

  • Flex 5 4500U + 8GB + 512GB SSD for $1049 on Lenovo website

  • +2 votes

    Nice! Harvey Norman has the Ryzen 3 model at $999! Wow, and the Amazon deal has Active Pen included!

    Darn, one reviewer in Amazon posted "Warranty not valid in Canada". As good as the price is, without warranty from Lenovo Australia it is too risky for me.

  • Not the best price it has been historically, last time I purchased was around $920

  • 250 nits, 45% NTSC (50-60% sRGB coverage)… For all the nitspickers on here

    • Screen is fine for officework etc. Alittle dull compared to my surface book, but very usable

    • I got mine today and it has a Chi Mei N140HCA-E5B panel in it. Which is unfortunate because it's rated 250nits but actually about 215 as per a couple other reviews I've found. The other BOE panel that was usually found in this laptop usually comes in around 280nits. I was hoping for an upgrade in brightness given my old laptop is 220nit actual but this is not. It's usable, even in indirect sunlight, so it could be worse but annoying that this panel is in use at all.

      Also the fact that mine has Lenovo's "Union Storage" in house SSD and not a SK Hynix unit like most seem to have. And the screen rattling a bit when you tap on the left hand side, not obvious movement but an audible tapping of the frame behind the screen. The latter is mostly why I'm considering an exchange. It's a very nice device, just let down by the display. I think it's still good value at the $909 I paid, and if a replacement had the same panel I would be able to live with it but would be a lot nicer to have the advertised brightness.

  • Wow, tempting. To think what I got for my money with a 2 in 1, back in 2016.

  • Word of warning, a family member bought the Lenovo slim 5 deal and has had troubles with it from the start and the support you would expect from Lenovo is absent. Now she's negotiating the returns process with Amazon US. It appears you get what you pay for when it comes to the cheaper Lenovo offerings.

  • Does anyone know if this'll be covered under Lenovo's International Warranty Service?
    I can't check it's eligibility without putting in a serial#.

    • I would say no, but there is nothing in lenovo's policy that lists it. This is where I was sent with my serial number. Just a generic page. I noticed one person stated, that the warranty was issued in Canada, but this isn't uncommon with US sold products in Canada.

      Product is a Flex 5-14ARE05 Laptop (ideapad) - Type 81X2 and my serial is R90YECS5

      Generak information page

      • Nah unfortunately it's not, I just checked your serial on their website :(
        Thanks for sharing the info though!

  • Check out the deal from Lenovo Australia for the same model but bigger 512GB SSD but 8GB RAM.

    • Half the ram which has 1 stick soldiered and 1 as port. From memory can be upgraded to 12gb max on this model. US version has max 16gb as provided. Hard drive is easily upgradable. As long as you can handle the lower amount of ram, then the Aussie one is a better deal

    • Agree, with warranty this is a better deal.

  • waiting for Xps13 with AMD Ryzen 7 atleast … will take a year atleast to come than a year more to get a dream deal 🤣

  • If you order the US versions be sure to either have an Australian cable or an adapter. Purchased 3-prong AC power cord $10.99, as I don't want to drag around an adapter.

    I got mine today, so yet to have a good play, but seems really good for the cash. Comes with alittle bloatware (which i did a fresh install) and Windows 10 finds all drivers itself. Pen works great, but the back USB port is really tight to get into, but works. Flip feature is good and the pen does seem much difference to my surface book 1 (for writing one note). Start up fast and does all the office stuff I wish. Works great with edge chromium, which makes it seriously fast and smooth to use. Got around 5hrs on battery (100 to 38%) and arrived dead and went from 0-70% very quickly (around 40min). Keyboard is decent and backlight, which is nice. Alittle heavy for size, but lighter than my surface book 1

    • Wondering which of those blitzwolf chargers would charge this with just a usb-c cable, anyone know?

      • Couldn't answer that. The charger provided is 65W. I don't have a usb c to c from blitzwolf to try.

    • Got ours a week or so ago. Only charged it up and then made sure windows booted up. Do you have a screen protector film on the screen if you are using the pen frequently?

      • This is the 3rd pen device laptop thing I would have owned and I don't bother with screen protectors. The tips are a plastic/rubber coat and never scratch in my experience. I just make sure I take my ring and watch off before use as that will scratch

  • So it's this deal but from Amazon US? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/541372

    I know it's out of stock now but it has been bouncing in and out for months.

  • Wife bought this with the pen through Amazon AU for $930.02. Good laptop for the price.

  • Bought this 3 months ago for around the $970 mark, mostly for uni. Swapped in a 1TB SSD and dual-booting manjaro. Pretty happy with it

  • @Jaspa would you mind providing more details on how to swap 1TB SSD which one did u get so i dont land with non-compatible ones. Cheers

    • compatable parts

      WD SN730 1T M.2 PCIe SSD seems like a good pick. Note I got this list as I purchased one of these and searched by my serial number and then got the exact model number and searched by it. Good luck

  • Bought this laptop, wondering what docking station i can use. Anyone who tried?

    • I don't think you can use a genuine dock for this one. From what I've read the USB-C cannot support video out. Some people suggest to try a universal dock. Hopefully, someone else can shed more light on this

  • Exact model is Flex 5-14ARE05 Laptop (ideapad) - Type 81X2. I did a search on my laptop (same listing), purchased 2 weeks ago. Allows you to be able to search upgrade parts etc alot easier

    Compatible Part list

  • At least when buying from Lenovo Australia direct one can add a Extended 3 year "Onsite" warranty for $128.59 upon check out. Doubt that is avail when buying via Amazon USA let alone to cover Australia. I will stand corrected.
    I always buy the Onsite warranty hence can continue to use it (assuming it still works but needs a part) and let tech come to me. Usually sorted within a couple of days.
    If you stick with the default included 1 year "return to base" warranty expect to be without it for a month……..which is fine for some.

    • The option is there. Price is much the same as Australia to extend. Looked at the warranty guide and can't see anything that suggested warranty wouldn't be issued in Australia

      • Just did this myself with my Amazon US purchase. For $12.39 I was able to convert the rest of my warranty to onsite and when I did so the base country changed to Australia. I had registered the device just before and when they processed the warranty change, they updated the warranty start date to my reported purchase date.

        Looked into this myself as my device has some relatively minor QC issues but it'll be impossible for me to get a replacement at the same price I paid through Amazon US via AU if I return it ($909), which is the only option they gave me. When I went through the link in Lenovo Vantage to "View Warranty Options", the page came up with:

        "Your machine's warranty is based on original purchase in United States of America, we may forward you to the United States of America Warranty Upgrade page or you may proceed to the Australia Warranty Upgrade page."

        If I click the "Proceed with Australia" button, a pop up appears stating:


        Changing your warranty base country may affect your ability to get service in your current entitlement country/region.

        with "Cancel" and "Confirm" buttons.

        This implied the base warranty country can indeed be changed, and I remember reading on another Lenovo deal that purchasing an AU upgrade does change it.

        Since it only cost $12.39 and turned the useless US warranty into onsite AU warranty, that makes these a much better deal than without a warranty upgrade. I just converted for the year to test the country change, but since this is a 2 in 1 I'll probably buy extra before the year is up unless a Zen 3 equivalent comes out that's too tempting.

        • Good to know and thanks for reporting back.
          There can be the occasional caveat with overseas models (I can't directly comment on Lenovo): They sometimes use different parts inside thus if need replacing here, one has to wait for part to arrive. More country specific parts (which can occur……e.g. Wifi, Mobile modules. For the most part though they would be the same. Not something I would be worried too much about.

  • I don't understand this , the laptop which has 16 gb ram , has 256 gb ssd, which has 8 gb ram has 512gb ssd. Feels like you have to sacrifice on something.

    • The SSD you can upgrade, the RAM you cannot.

    • If the ram is soldered better to go as high as it can let you. At least with the ssd you can replace with a bigger drive later.

  • Cheaper at Lenovo AU, and with warranty in Oz.