How much did you pay to get your cats teeth cleaned?

Hi All,

I took my cat to the vet today for his annual injection, whilst there, the vet checked out his teeth. My cat is approximately 2 years, age unknown as got from a rescue place.

The vet advised that my boy needs his teeth cleaned and possibly a couple of front very small teeth removed and was quoted around $600.

Can anyone give me an idea if this is a good price?

BTW I’m in Sydney.



  • What did your cat say when you asked him?

  • give the cat a bone to chew on

  • If it includes anaesthetic, scaling, polish, extractions and meds, $600 is very affordable

  • We've never had our cat's teeth cleaned. Seems optional to me.
    Sounds like there are dental issues to be addressed though, so I guess you need to determine if the work is necessary or not.

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    I just got my cat dentures, it's cheaper than paying for cleaning every few years.

    The only downside is that every morning I have to clean up the glass of water that he keeps them in overnight because the little bastard always tips it over.

  • I have had a few cats in my life that have lived to ripe old ages, and never had a cat's teeth cleaned before (or had annual checkups etc).

    Seems like the vet's version of new car paint protection

    • So you got lucky. That's just the lottery of life. For every cat that lives to 20 with minimal care, there's another that doesn't make it past one. But feline dental disease is very much a thing, whether it's a root abscess or resorption, the latter of which you have zero say in, will usually need extraction. Love how everyone has an opinion.

  • This is why I only feed my cat oral care food. He loves it.

  • My cats breath smells like cat food.

  • We did just a cleaning of my 10 year old cats teeth (first time she ever had it done). It ended up costing $450. Sounds like you're getting a decent deal if it's only an extra $150 to get teeth extracted on top of the cleaning.

  • It’s a cats perogative to have rank breath

    Just hold the thing down and do it yourself, this is ozbargain not ozwaste

  • You can clean your own teeth, surely you can clean your cat's teeth as well. Just use a toothbrush.

    • Our vet just suggested getting a baby/infant toothbrush and trying it ourselves, will be giving it a go soon.

    • Don't forget to wear oven mitts to avoid the $600 bill for stitching up the lacerations on your arms.

    • If you go to the pet stores there are special cat teeth brushes and cat toothpaste. Do not use human tooth paste on cats.

      Cleaning your cats teeth requires two people, patience (in not going on for too long whilst building up), and training your cat from as early as possible.

      Cats don’t like it, and will squirm, but if you build them up, gradually, they don’t claw at you. We have to do our cats at different times because once one cat spots the other one is getting its teeth cleaned, they disappear.

      The secret is to keep calm and be firm but gentle. There are videos online.

  • Gurney it. Bunnings has something cheap last week I presume?

  • Not $600

  • We recently paid $900 for anaesthetic, clean & 3 extractions. North Shore of Sydney

    16yo Maltese. Quite probably first (and last) teeth clean.

    He's a rescue. We've had him 4 years. According to his registration papers he spent 5 years where he didn't exist including quite some time on the streets.

    • Congrats at getting a rescue cat. I used to volunteer at awl which did not put down cats. But the amount of adult cats just sitting around waiting was so sad. The funny thing was they were the most friendly and chilled cats there. Guys, support animal shelters, they rock.

      • It's a dog but I'm assuming the teeth cleaning process is similar for both.

        We got him off death row at Monica's Doggy Rescue.

        He's a good dog but unfortunately reactive with other dogs.

  • That seems like its a decent price if it includes fluids. Bloods may be optional given his age - so check if thats included. No vet wants to take out teeth for the sake of it, contrary to a few commenters beliefs - so maybe have another chat with the vet to see why they think they need to be removed. :)

  • If they need to do an anaesthetic that is about right. We had one of our cats done and it was $800. We clean our cats teeth regularly to try to put off when we have to do something like this. Getting dental treatment for your cat is not optional, if it has bad teeth the cat is suffering. Might be worth looking for a second opinion though.

  • We fostered an older cat that needed it's teeth cleaned but dental care food for a month fixed it good. You want to give cat food for dental care with big kibbles and some raw meat strips to chew on. If this doesn't work then get it cleaned. The quote seems ok.
    I'm surprised a 2 year old cat needs teeth cleaning :l Change its diet to a more healthy option please. And good on you for taking the cat for regular annual check ups. Cheers!

  • Consider getting pet insurance, it may outweigh your cost and im sure the dental cleaning can wait if there is a required waiting period.

  • I have pet insurance and it doesn’t say that it’s covered, should probably call and check

  • Dry food cleans their teeth as they eat
    wet food contains more vitamins & minerals (and tastes better :p)

  • That year I went with my 1 9 month old cat to the veterinar and it cost us $ 52, but there was not only teeth cleaning but also a couple of injections