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ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 $131.61 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via Amazon Australia


Honestly a disgustingly low price for this beast of a water cooler.

I just bought one (arrived yesterday) for 164 :(, my ozbargain license is going to be torn up for this one.

Record low prices. Cant buy them in Australia so nothing to compare them against.

Best in class in the 240, be careful as the tubes are very stiff can have issues in SFFC.

"regular" price is about 164$ but its obv based on the US pricing.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    its the best in class, not more to say. Also the cheapest atm.

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      also the worst looking if you're into that.

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        Very subjective, I think the Corsair ones are hideous, and that this one is a work of art. Sue me.

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    Wow this is cheap. Sounds like the AM4 mounting system is a pain but the performance is worth it.

  • ANNND sold out, sorry lads!

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      why? i just bought one——- never mind…

  • That was quick

  • Sheesh that was fast. Good spot @Jofzar, do let us know if you spot them discounted again, quite annoyed to miss one at that price.

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      Probably best to put a price alert in camelcamelcamel.

      • Great suggestion, I keep forgetting to use that… :-/

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    Ever since Linus showed TOTL air vs water cooling was roughly equivalent I have been satisfied with noctua d15.

    But maybe newer AIO are worth it.

    I read somewhere that the 30xx founders gpus are better off with these AIO otherwise they'll dump air into the fins of air cooler heatsinks.

    Happy to be corrected on any of the above.

    • Yea the 30xx will dump upto 50% of its exhaust air towards the ram and CPU and potentially go into the air cooler heatsink but real world effects of that are still unconfirmed. In a case with plenty of airflow I assume that it's not as big a problem. We'll know more details as the reviews and benchmarks come out!

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        That's only true for the Founder's Cards from Nvidia.
        It seems like the RTX-3000 cards have lots more cores, but less frequency. So the FE cards will be able to overclock much higher and remain on boost, unlike the "cheaper" AIB cards. And stocks are going to be low until probably February 2021. We've seen this happen before, only previous times the conditions weren't as desperate.

        This advice to preorder goes against what Linus said, but I stand behind it. He may have hinted at better things to come either from AIB or Team Red when he said "I'm under strict NDA, but all I can say is DON'T pre-order". But that's not enough. We've heard these rumours dating back to Nvidias GTX-900 Maxwell series. I don't see AMD being able to compete on the super-duper high-end.

        For the first time, I think it's worth going in that raffle and pre-order the RTX 3080. The RTX 3070 is equally valuable, but forgoing that can be substituted by finding a Used RTX 2080 Ti for almost same price. The RTX 3090 is too rich for my blood.

        • My thoughts are similar to yours. If I buy a 3090 I need a LG c9 or LG CX for 120hz 4k (and I'm not sure if they do 10 bit colour at that res/hz), or another expensive monitor. Which means it ends up a $5k upgrade… I think I'll just chill on 1080ti and 3k120hz for another generation.

          I'd say the FE cooler looks much better than previous editions. However the fact in channels air through the card might mean cleaning is a PITA and that more dust may easily accumulate inside the air pathway than might be apparent from just looking at the fans.

          With a 3 fan third party board, a quick vacuum and you're usually good to go (as long as static doesn't fry your card, but I'm sceptical of that vacuum static death issue anyway).

          • @ozbjunkie: Good point, I didn't even think of that.
            How do you vacuum it though? Like, the hose directly on the board? Or do you attach a rubber tube to the vacuum. Or are you sweeping up the dust into the air, and vacuuming the air as the dust escapes.

            I generally find water-cooling fiddly, takes up more space, doesn't cool that much better, and there's the added cost. The best value point has been with Air-cooling, so needing more expensive Water-cooling system for a more expensive gpu, kinda go hand in hand. Maybe that was accounted for by Nvidia for the high-end/luxury users.

            So I'm excited there's going to be more competition in the high-end which has been stagnant for over 3-years. Yet the mid-range will benefit from this too. The low-end has practically always been a healthy competitive market and won't see as much breakthrough.

            AMD and it's partners could do well if the cooler is a good traditional fan, they price it right, and they don't skimp on the VRAM (16GB for 4K, 8GB for 1440p, 4GB for 1080p).

            • @Kangal: Vacuum with the little hair attachment or with just the pipe being careful not to hit anything.

              Yeah I hear people getting excited for "big Navi". Good to see competition at the top end again.

              I will be interested to see what the refresh of the 30xx series looks like also.

              A part of my wants to just drop the money on a 3090… But the thing I'm most excited about is actually high framerate 3k or 4k VR. obviously the actual games available are still improving (but at least they're not as few and far between as once we're). I feel like 3k 240hz or 4k at 120 hz is a tech milestone that may see VR really take off (compared to the 60fps 2k standard VR at the moment).

              • @ozbjunkie: We've had 4K-120Hz for a while now with the OC GTX 980 Ti (and higher) matched to an OC Core i7-5960x (and higher). It just required dropping the settings down from Ultra to Medium Settings, sometimes even lower (about XB1 equivalent).

                The RTX 3090 (with +16GB variant) when matched to a Core i9-9900k should be able to do the same, but with the settings turned up to mixed Very/High Settings.

                What we're waiting for is some sort of eye tracking for your fovea inside the VR Headset. That way we can have the system recognize which spot/pixels the eye is focusing on, and expend graphics there. For instance, the total surrounding 2x 4K image would be rendered at Medium Settings with Regular Textures at 120Hz, but the area of focus would instead be rendered at Ultra+ Settings at High Textures. That way you think the entire image is at Ultra+ settings, because as your gaze/focus shifts, the area of focus changes even faster, increasing the efficiency of work.

                • @Kangal: Thats actually a fantastic idea. Given the resolution of the fovea compared to surrounds, we only need to actually render a small part of the screen. Updating the resolution in a smooth and quick manner may be even more difficult than the eye tracking though (lots of experiments already use eye tracking software).

                  Now just make the headsets light enough that my tech-neck doesn't get any worse, and I'm all in.

    • Wonder if there will be any third party accessories to duct that air out of what may be one of the most critical areas of a computer. At least they didnt dump it into the VRMs….

    • I mean, this could be pretty easily fixed with a flat panel to redirect that air. I would guess 3rd party stick-on things would pop up if so.

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    I just finished watching a gamers nexus video on this last night before bed, then woke up and watched his tear down.

    All frothed up to buy, and see this on ozbargain. Happy days!

    Aaaaaand it’s gone. :(

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      Back up for $166 which still isn’t bad.

  • I bought the 280mm version a month ago or so to replace a dying H115i
    I had Noctua A14's on the H115i but even with the stock Arctic fans the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 outperforms the H115i

    I got the 280 for $220AUD from Amazon US so these AIO's are definitely awesome bang for buck.
    This price for the 240mm is a no brainer!

    I wonder why there are not many sellers of them here in AU

    • Arctic used to be distributed in Australia by Altech Computers, but no one has picked up the distributorship since they went bankrupt (yes, Leader ended up buying what was left of them, but they weren't acquired initially, they collapsed and Leader came along and picked up their premises, stock and staff from the administrators). Lots of brands were lost and it's apparently too difficult for anyone else to bother with many of them in Aus. TBH with Amazon distributing from the US you get access to brands like this without the distribution layers of a local importer - it works out cheaper anyway.

  • I have the 360mm version.

    The VRM fan is louder than I anticipated - it is audible through my case even at the lowest RPM. As opposed to other coolers where you can set pump at high speed and fans and low and achieve lower audible noise.

    In terms of cooling performance, I replaced an Asus ROG AIO 360mm. To be honest, there isn't much of a noticable difference either. I applied thermal grizzly liquid metal to this rounds so I'm kinda attributing my slightly lower temps to that instead.

    Anyhow - this is my experience - it might differ to others who have provided far more glowing reviews.

    • Just unplug the VRM fan, its very easy to do (its just on the bottom and is a fan connector).

      I have mine unplug as I was getting turbulence in my SFFPC from it.

    • Where did you find the 360mm version. I was looking for one a few months ago but never found anything here in aus.

  • I bought one last night and cancelled the order 10 min later after watching the installation video.

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      What’s so difficult regarding the installation? Seemed easy enough for AM4 imo

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        The installation is a bit more fiddly, not a big deal to some.

  • This thing is best in class from what I tell, but I went with the Corsair H100i PRO XT as the pump block hoses on this look stiff and wouldn't fit in my Ncase M1.

  • I think it's back in stock? $5 more though.


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      that is Amazon US converted to AUD it is $195

  • Will this be good for a 3900X or the new matching ones coming up soon? Also what is the difference on 240 x 280 x 360?

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