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Maggi 2 Minute Noodles PNG Made, Chicken Flavour, Box of 36, 80g $12.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


One of today's deals on Amazon. Half price and works out at around 35c per pack.

Enjoy an easy snack in minutes
Add your favourite proteins and vegetables for a delicious meal
Add them to your favourite stir fries and noodle dishes
Great as a light meal or afternoon snack
Made in Papua New Guinea

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  • you will end up getting a colonoscopy and more if you keep on eating maggi. Not healthy at all.

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    Good if you want Maggi specifically (or need it delivered), but if you don't care about the brand and shop there anyway Coles/Woolies/Aldi have their own brand chicken noodles for $1 for 5 packs (20c per pack vs 35c per pack).

  • Does PNG made taste any different? More onions, stronger flavour???

    • I haven't had Maggi in years (sensibly), but I was able to get one of these 36pk boxes for $3 so I did.

      It tastes as expected. And now having reminded myself what Maggi tastes like, I won't be buying it again for a very long time :)

    • There's not much difference between these and the Australian made noodles. We prefer the PNG ones when it comes to chicken flavouring as there's a bit more flavour to them compared to the Oz noodles. That said, our preference is actually Maggi's beef flavoured noodles. So in summary if you like the Oz noodles then you will be ok with these PNG made ones

  • I guess if you buy 3 of this (3 * $12.50 = $37.50) you just need to buy something over $1.50 and shipping is free which could make it more competitive to a coles or Woolworths equivalent pick up.

    But with free delivery this is pretty good.

    It may not be the most nutritional meal in the world but it beats starving.

    But yeah like with anything consume in moderation and don't over do it.


    • coles or Woolworths equivalent pick up.

      I think the original price was $18 at Coles. They were on clearance at $12 for quite a while (very few takers), then my local store dropped the last couple of boxes to $3, at which point I could justify it.

      But with free delivery this is pretty good.

      You'd have to really like Maggi to consider it at $12.50. I wouldn't buy it again at $3.

      It may not be the most nutritional meal in the world but it beats starving.

      Fortunately we don't live in a world where the only two options are eating Maggi or starving :)

      Though I am intrigued by the Maggi gravy that people were raving about.

      • I grew up with Maggi noodles so it's fine for me but honestly the home brand stuff is just as good.

        36/5 = 7.2

        So 36 individual packets of the home brand stuff from Coles and Woolworths aka the $1 5 packs would be $7.20 compared to this $12.50.. So yeah I may have made a mistake in value but at least I can tell myself I have variety now and options between indomie, homebrand and maggi.

        Yeah cooking is not my speciality it's either noodles or sausages atm

        • I grew up with Maggi noodles

          Me too, but I think everything tastes better in nostalgia land (especially McDonald's). While the product undoubtedly changes over time, probably our tastes change too.

          options between indomie, homebrand and maggi.

          There are a lot of Asian options these days even in the major supermarkets. If you are committed to eating 2min noodles, there's plenty to try.

          • @itstoocheapnottobuy: Atm I don't like miso soup and never liked ramen funny enough.. I do want to try the nuclear mi Goreng options as they might have my kind of flavour.

            I love mi Goreng a lot flavour wise.

            Default chicken and beef is also good just as Tabasco or sriracha or if you are lucky sate oil.

  • Anyone remember the curry flavoured Maggi noodles from 20 years ago ? I wondered why they were discontinued ? Best tasting Maggi noodles by far.

  • I tried the cheap choice brand of instant noodles made in Singapore. Purchased from Woolworths. The flavour sachet made it way too salty and alot darker in colour compared to the Maggi noodles which also have alot more flavour than these.

    • I tried this one from a Coles clearance sale and only paid $6 for a box of 36. I still prefer the $1 ones of supermaket brand, made in Singapore, especially the dry noodle being better. This maggi one is from Papua New Guinea.