TPG Stealing Money from Me

I've been with TPG mobile (Pay as you go plan) for nearly a decade. Recently I found out that they were charging my account for Voice mail I never subscribed to or used. I checked my bills, calculated the amount- around $60, made several complaints (5 of them are with ref. numbers), and received no refund. Every time they register my complaint about this issue, they say to wait for 2 business days, then they don't reply nor refund and can't find the complaint on my file.

I don't get any SMS messages that I received voice mail. What I get is ongoing charges for this non-existent service. After several complaints they still keep charging my account for voice mail.

PS. After my emails to TIO resolution with cc to TPG execs, TPG finally reversed the charges.

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  • Thanks for telling us, you can leave for another provider.

    But given you subscribed ten years ago, it’s hard to know if you Did or didn’t subscribe for it, do you have your paperwork of what you signed up for?

    • all of the bills are online and it says that I signed up for PAYG plan.They just keep adding charges for voice mail and confirming that I am not subscribed.

      • So what’s the monthly voicemail fee?

        Or is it per use? So you have random small fees?

        • there is no monthly fee for voicemail, but have to pay per minute. They charge me for this like around $1 a month on average. I am sure TPG does it to many other customers as well.

          • @dolphin17: so having a look at their plan, its written pretty clearly. It's not something you opt in for separately. When you sign up to the PAYG you pay for leaving and receiving voicemails. So if you call someone, and it rings out, and they have a voicemail service you are charged.

            I'm not sure if you argue your way out of it, since its in the contract and you signed up for it.

            • @cloudy: I don't leave nor receive any voicemail. I was overseas for several months and did not use the phone at all. Nevertheless, they charged me for voice mail every single month.

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    Sue them.

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    You can try TIO

    • THis.

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    Are they responding to your complaints by leaving voicemails?

    • I don't receive any voice mail.

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    $60 over 10 years? Cop the L and port to another provider.

    If you've been on the same PAYG plan for all that time you'll save more than $60 moving anywhere else I'd imagine.

    • It's for the last 4 years. Before that everything was fine. I trusted them and never actually checked my bills properly.

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    David Teoh is worth Billions because of stealing.

    Fight the $60 tooth and nails, just make sure you have evidence that you never subscribed to it, hopefully in writing.

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      It's hard to find proof that you didn't do something.

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    Surely your time and anguish caused from trying to rectify this is worth more than $60. I see the principle, but fvcks sake…

    • yes, I've spent a lot of time to check every bill and calculate how much they charged me for nothing or for being a loyal customer.

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    Call TPG up and threaten that you will lodge complain to the TIO (telecommunication industry ombudsman) if they dont resolve your query. Telecoms are scared of TIO as they receive a fine if a legitimate fault/reason is found.

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    I had the same problem when TPG changed their provider from Optus to Vodafone. I first noticed the charge approx 3 months after the change to Voda. I complained by email and it took at least a couple of further emails for the charges to be reversed and voicemail service cancelled. However about two years later the voicemail charges restarted for reasons unknown. This took over two months to resolve.

    On another complaint, I was charged for no service as TPG refused to repair my adsl/phone line. I filed the first complaint to the TIO e.g No adsl service between 1 Nov to 7 Nov. When the first was resolved, I filed another e.g. No Oztalk service 1 Nov to 7 Nov, when this was resolved I filed a third e.g poor (30%) adsl speed 8 Nov to 30 Nov, etc Over a year later and after four complaints, at TIO request TPG made an offer to resolve most of my complaints except three which I accepted.

    I suggest you bypass the front line customer service reps and email directly to [email protected] (may have changed from [email protected]) with cc's to CEO at [email protected] and the COO. Suggest you search the www for the firstname and lastname of the CEO and COO.

    • Thank you very much, Nek for your advice. I'll email to TIO with CEO and CCO. TPG started voice mail charges when they switched to Vodafone in March 2016. Their customer service is useless. After a couple of complaints they told me that they offered and I refused them to reverse the charges. What a lie! Today I received their email saying again that they have already assisted me in this matter.
      I hope TPG customers will check their bills properly.

  • Hi dolphin17 - To clarify your response to my post, TPG has an email address [email protected], so please don't email the TIO. TIO complaints are via their portal. Note: By cc'ing the CEO and COO you may prolong your case. I have just search my email and found the following email I assumed sent to all mobile subscribers suggest you carry out a search of your email:

    From: TPG Internet <[email protected]>
    Sent: Thursday, 15 May 2014 10:09 AM
    To: deleted my email address
    Subject: Change to TPG's Mobile Voicemail Service

    Change to TPG's Mobile Voicemail Service 
    Dear Customer,
    If you have not used your Voicemail service for a period of 120 days, then your Voicemail feature will be disabled. Any messages in your mailbox will also be deleted.

    This change to TPG's Mobile Voicemail service will take effect from 9 June 2014.

    To prevent your Voicemail feature from being disabled, simply dial into your Voicemail by calling "321" from your mobile at least once every 120 days.

    Please note you can always reactivate your Voicemail feature via the Mobile Service Control Panel at Alternatively you may contact us on 13 14 23 (option 3, and then 2). Once your Voicemail feature is reactivated, you will need to reconfigure your Voicemail settings.

    For more information on the Voicemail feature, visit

    Kind regards,

    Copyright © 2014 TPG Internet Pty Ltd ABN 15 068 383 737 - All Rights Reserved

  • Hi, nek,
    thank you very much for all the details and your time. I do appreciate it. You are so helpful! I emailed to tioresolution with cc to David Teoh but his email address is not valid any more. I could not find their COO, asked TPG and they don't know either. Tioresolution has not replied yet.
    I have never received any email explaining their voice mail services, like yours.They never put it in writing that I am subscribed to voice mail. Just keep charging me for voice mail no matter what.

    all the best to you.

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