Do Amazon discount Prime membership if cancelling?

My Amazon Prime membership expires soon. I do intend to renew it, but I was wondering if they'll send me a discount or something to "sweeten the deal" if I don't auto renew it?

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  • i've never even seen a discounted Prime membership full stop…

    • I've had Amex 50% discount past 2 years (different cards).

      That said, when my first year was coming to a close I didn't get any offers from Amazon. Even at full price I'll be renewing. I've well and truly used $50 of value between deliveries and Prime Video.

  • nope. Ebay did the code for me when i was closer to renew $30 after renewing (after chat with them)

  • Yep, I'm getting it free now because I've cancelled that many times. /s

  • The best scenario (which ived used for the past couple of years) is an American Express cashback offer that has come out for 2 years now around October/November - basically makes Prime around $30 per year..

  • No discounts that I know of. I remember after my free trial they offered me an extra month free to keep my Prime membership. At the end of the trial I was actually happy to pay for a subscription as I do use Prime Video and music. And their prime shipping from Amazon US is great as well.

    SOOO MUCH better value than eBay Plus! some stuff U can get good deals on but overall eBay plus is useless. eBay get it act together!

  • Cancelled it today, no discount offered.

  • You have to think of Prime as more like Netflix, but with free delivery on Prime items.

  • i got it once , but recently cancelled as I didnt want to order anything this month and still havent received anything. Not sure they are doing anything retention anymore

  • I cancelled my annual and am occasionally getting one month subs if I want to buy stuff. Works out cheaper for me.

    • so new account each time to get the trial?

      • I've only bought monthly once as I had a lot of discounted gift cards to get a hard drive and want the purchase tied to my main account. Also got a zojirushi 2L flask. But yeah, may still consider making alt accounts in the future.

        • oh you meant pay monthly….. i like to have just one account with all the purchase history…..

  • if you cancel it's 100% off

  • me too cancelled my 1 year from amex offer months ago and now feeling sad seeing all the amazon deals

  • Attempted to cancel within 1 month trial, was offered another month to trial. Then forgot to cancel.

    Set reminder to cancel before 1 year is up, no additional discount offered.