nbn Connection - Inner South West Sydney

Hello Experts!

iiNet advise today that my local exchange is closing and ADSL2 will not be available to me in 2 months.

They are offering me their similarly priced NBN plan but, the download speed is worse than what I am getting with ADSL2.

I am after a reliable NBN provider with bandwidth and decent upload and download speeds.

Whom would you recommend in the inner south west are of Sydney please?

Have checked out Whistleout and not seeing anything flash


  • Aussie Broadband. You can check their CVC graphs to see how much traffic there is compared to capacity.


    They usually have promo codes as well, for a month free or $ off for 6 months.

  • iiNet can probably supply you a faster connection if you're happy to pay extra.
    If you only want to pay as close as possible to ADSL prices, then, you could look at Belong $55/month

  • I'm in Erskineville between Macdonaldtown & Erko stations.

    With TPG 50/20 $70/m I get a consistent 9ms /45d/18u no matter what time of day. On ADSL2+ I was getting 15ms/12d/1u.

  • Mational Broadband Network
    belong starter

  • How much are you paying for your ADSL2?

  • I think it depends what your needs are.. There are a few different types of ISP providers. There are the budget ones where you can get a good price but you might see some congestion or poor customer support. Having said that, I've been with a couple in years gone by and had no issues. It can be hit and miss.

    Then you have the more premium providers who do most things well. At the moment I think Aussie Broadband, Launtel, Superloop and Future Broadband are probably at the top of the pile at the moment. That is my list at least, I'm sure others have a list of their own. :) They all service inner Sydney.

    They all have different plans and pricing.

    I'm with Future Broadband which as data plans (not unlimited) but with data banking up to 5000gb. I prefer a data plan as I know how much data I use in a month and buy the plan that suits. Data banked can be used as a buffer if I go over. I'm not subsidising the person who is downloading the internet each month. They also have discount voucher scheme, pay in advance discount and free routed static IP. Ideal for gamers that run a server or security cameras etc.