[NSW] DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Gimbal $99 (Was $209) @ Bing Lee (Pick up Only)


Wanted to grab myself one for my smartphone but no stock in QLD and only avilable in NSW pickup only as it's on clearance.. good luck

Cheapest I could find elsewhere is $149 JB Hifi

Zoom Control
Reveal a Bigger World with Panoramas
Up to 15 hours of battery

The Osmo Mobile 2 is a handheld smartphone gimbal made for the storyteller in all of us. Whatever your passion, wherever your destination, and whenever you feel inspired, capture moments with cinematic movement and incredible ease. Using a lightweight design, intelligent functions, and a long-lasting battery, the Osmo Mobile 2 lets you share your story.

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  • I bought an Osmo Mobile 3 so can't justify this purchase. Definitely a decent price.

    However, know that there is no support for Filmic Pro for the Osmo 3, so this could be a better model for you.

    • OM4 just came out; didn't get a chance to use the OM3 since I bought it for travels before COVID happened :/

      I think OM3 is worth the extra at least; I found the balancing on the OM2 pretty tacky and couldn't fold away neatly like the OM3 can. Was a hassle everytime I wanted to use it, whereas OM3 has less axes to balance, and OM4 should be even more effortless.

      • Bought OM4 $189 from Camera house ebay last deal.

        Easy to balance or set it up compare to OM3.

    • Actually Filmic Pro upgraded to support Osmo 3/4 one week ago according to App Version History.

      • Really? Thanks for letting me know - I haven't touched my Osmo 3 in months because of a lack of support.

  • Waiting for the ¬†Osmo Mobile 4 to drop in price.

  • Worth $36 to get the Osmo Mobile 3? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/560518

    UPDATE: Chat support say no stock anywhere

  • Nonono, dont get this one. Just pay extra for the 4th gen, worth the money. This gen 2nd is not even worth it. (hard to bring around, big and less features)

  • The 3 will be this cost soon