Refunds through AliExpress, does anyone have any experience with it?

Admittingly, I am pretty clueless when it comes to aliexpress. I occasionally buy random cheap junk here and there, without any issues.

Recently, I've purchased a phone case and the seller is missing parts of it. I only noticed this message about 2 weeks after I've purchased it, but I've let the seller know that I want a refund.

For some reason the seller marked the order as sent, then cancelled shipping shortly after. The seller is now asking for my Paypal to refund the money to me, even though I did not pay through Paypal, but rather through my debit card.

Atm, I don't see anything wrong with it. The seller probably wants to avoid some fees from aliexpress or something. Unless I'm missing something.

Does anyone have any input on this?

Thanks in advanced

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    any time i've got refunds they come back via aliexpress to my card. takes a few days though

    • Yes, same here. Didn't think Aliexpress even accepts PayPal. Either your seller is clueless or trying to screw with you.

      Insist on a refund within Aliexpress and if the seller doesn't do it, raise a case with Aliexpress.

  • Honestly, money is money, as long as you get it back it shouldn't worry you.

  • Just raise ticket to Aliexpress, I find that sellers don't really reply. My refund took around 1 week.

  • seller is probably trying to skirt the aliexpress buyer protection thing and keep up their rating. as long as you get the money, fine, but keep a close eye on the deadline for an aliexpress dispute. if you dont have the money by then, tough luck.

  • Placed a claim through AliExpress for a item that was not delivered. Tracking number incorrect and delivery Company wrong.

    One month went by disputing and then AliExpress closed the matter.

    No item. Had to lodge chargeback.

    • Hmmm, that's not very confidence inspiring. I would've thought getting it done through aliexpress would be the sure way to go

  • DO NOT supply the PayPal refund details. Work within the AliExpress refund system. If you go outside you can end up with nothing. Just tell them you dont have Paypal and you will only accept refund via AliExpress.

    When the dispute comes up AliExpress will see them as trying to scam the system and you will get your money back from AliExpress.

    Otherwise Paypal can do nothing and nor will AliExpress if the promised refund doesnt happen. You will lose!!

  • Thanks everyone for the input. The seller has gone quiet when I requested that it be done through the original payment method. I guess I'll have to open up a dispute