Breville The Boss Blender BBL915BAL - $397 (Save $302) + Shipping / CC @ Harvey Norman


Breville The Boss Blender BBL915BA

On clearance at Harvey Norman for $397 for contact less pickup or $7.95 delivery.

$699 at Myer

7 year limited product warranty

BONUS 2x Breville To Go Cups BPB001 valued at $99.95 via supplier redemption

My first post so be nice! :)

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • So it can blend my boss?

  • Purchase any selected Breville blender, juicer or bluicer and receive BONUS 2x Breville To Go Cups BPB001 valued at $99.95 via supplier redemption

  • Why do you need to spend that much on a jug blender? Are the results that much better than a $100 one?

  • The relatively new one is this:

    Breville The Q Blender

    The Q blender is insanely powerful though. You can shred metal (not really) with its 2400 W motor.

  • Vitamix is the boss sorry

    • I prefer the Q Blender by Breville. The Vitamix is definitely a very good workhorse but the Breville is more advanced, bigger motor and more features.

      • Yeah that's fair enough, haven't checked out all the features, I just wanted something basic, Vitamix still not that cheap

  • I have one of this. It's rubbish. Instead I m using $100 eBay Vitamix clone. Keep the Boss as a spare. It was sent to repair after 9months of use. It was used daily to make frozen smoothies. I paid $400 about 2 years ago.

    • ^ Suprised to hear. I have one and mine is great. I do some really heavy-duty blending with it (frozen bananas, greens, pineapples, nuts) and has no trouble turning all into super-smoothness. Been very reliable, and easy to clean. Far better than the 100-200 cheapies I've had previously.

      • One thing i miss about the Boss was the clean function, 250ml warm water and a dash of liquid detergent, and the blender is clean.

    • what is the vitamix clone called and how does it perform?

  • $399 at DJs and you should get free delivery.

  • $59…from Kmart…

    • 1500W (and presumably with a good motor) vs 1000W (and presumably with a crappy motor)
      2l vs 0.71l
      12 speed vs 1 speed
      LCD display vs bizarre 5 light encoding
      7 year limited warranty vs 12 month warranty
      proper blender with tamper vs inverted cup style

      This is from the manual of your Kmart jobby:

      WARNING: The maximum operating time is 1 minute(60 seconds). Allow it to rest for at least 3 minutes before using it again. After 5 cycles of operation, allow the blender (electric motor) to cool down to room temperature by allowing it to cool down for approx. 30 minutes before using it again.Failing to follow theseinstructions may cause electric motor burnout.

      I am sure your option has a purpose but it is not in the same league.