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10% off in-Store & Online (Exclusions Apply) @ The Good Guys (Nvidia Shield Pro $314.10, Logitech MX Master 3 $134.10)


Stacking this with discounted gift cards seems the best option now, given that the 20% off via eBay seems to have disappeared.

Also stacks with the $20 off $100 Spend Using Latitude Pay (Online Only) deal.

Possibly stacks with targeted offer - $30 store credit (spend $300-$399) or $40 credit ($400+ spend).

Don't forget cashback.

Offer ends 11.59pm AEST 17/09/2020. Discount calculated at point of sale. Exclusions apply. Terms and conditions apply. Excludes some advertised lines, Door Buster Deals offers, Haier 221L Top Mount Refrigerator (HRF220TW), Dyson Heating & Cooling, Dyson Air Purifiers, Apple Care, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, Apple HomePod, Apple MAC Computers, Apple TV & Apple Accessories, Gaming Consoles, Mobile Phone Plans, Home Broadband Plans, Mobile Broadband Data Plans, 15% off Dell Gaming Computers, 15% off OXO, Miele, Asko, Ffalcon, AEG, Smeg (Ovens, Cooktops, Rangehoods, Dishwashers, Microwaves, Sinks, Taps, Fridges & Freezers), La Germania & Neff, Digital Vouchers & Gaming Credits, Gift Cards, Home Services, Delivery, Installation & Gold Service Extras.

All Exclusions

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Thanks, picked up a Shield Pro for $298 (stacked with 5% GC @ Suncorp rewards).

    • Did you actually get one? Last I heard there was no stock avilable anywhere.

      • Carseldine (QLD) has them in stock. I've received the message order is ready for pick up.

  • +1

    Why are they still not carrying pixel 4a?

  • Cheers, need a new oven and cooktop for our new kitchen and the Bosch stuff I had been looking at is still on sale so will save a touch over $300 with this.

  • Best place to get gift cards. Also can u pay partly.

  • Been waiting for this one. Not in stock within 100km's, so had to pay $5 for delivery. Still great price, thanks OP.

  • Does anyone know which foxel apps are available for sheild pro? Interested in using it for foxtel go or maybe binge

    • +1

      Binge is available, not sure about Foxtel Go - but if there's an Android TV app available for it, it will be available via Play Store or at worst case sideload the apk

    • +1

      Foxtel go works brilliantly, not sure re binge

  • +1

    I want to get the AirPods Pro, which they’re selling for 400$
    Just wanting to know if good guys would price beat? And if they did, could I still use this offer?

    • I am wanting Airpods 2 and wondering if they are excluded under "Apple Accessories"

  • never have latitude pay before.

    I assume we can pay off 10 installments at once, right?

    • Yes, you can

  • Anybody received their store credit from the previous promo? Should be today - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/561271

    • +1

      Yes received yesterday

      • Was it sms'ed or emailed to you?

      • +1

        Submitted a query via their contact form online… Not liking the chances of getting the credit in time to take advantage of this deal…

  • If I order GG gift cards today, are they instant to your inbox or will I lose out on the sale?

    • +1

      Instant if via Suncorp

      • Says 'instant'. Been 10mins now…

        • Sorry just speaking from own experience

          • @ozbmm: Yeah still nothing >1hr onwards… could be they're holding off until sale is over?

            • @sqeeksqeek: Did you get an order no. and refresh My ePurchases?

              • @ozbmm: Yep. Order no/receipt confirmed via email, and in the My ePurchases it says 'Processing' :(

      • Dang, with AGL, no Suncorp product

        • +2

          With AGL order placed before 11AM gets delivered on the same day within 2-3hrs. Order now and get the GCs by afternoon.

  • +3

    I bought the mx master 3 in this same deal a few weeks ago. After a week I still hadn't received or heard anything so I rang them up and they told me they were cancelling my order as the good guys nationwide weren't getting any more stock of this mouse. Check their website and oh look my local stores and now showing stock all of a sudden. What an absolute crock of shit!!

    • I just ordered it and then I read your comment :-(

      • +1

        You should be fine. I placed another order today (as I really wanted this mouse and the $114 after latitude discount is a good price), click and collect this time as my local store was now showing stock. And within an hour, boom, ready for pick up. So the staff from the Osborne Park store in Perth who I placed my original order with a few weeks ago, who cancelled my order saying that the good guys was no longer stocking that item, are a bunch of absolute idiots.

      • Can confirm that have received the order today!! First Impression…Is it a mouse or is it a brick!! Been using previously Logi MX Anywhere 2S!!

  • +2

    They have price-jacked quite a few items.

    This was $395 yesterday - https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/solt-6kg-front-load-washer-gg...

    • +3

      I am not associated with TGG. A large part of pricing is dependent on the promotions which in most cases is funded by the supplier/manufacturer. They have a defined period. Any retailer to maximize their margins try and make sure that not multiple deals can be availed on a single transaction. This is managed by the in-house promotional planners. I dont know why I felt like sharing but just did as I do work in the retail industry.

    • Yep. Waited for my store credit to come through and the item I wanted went up by $30.

  • +1

    It says “ You have entered a duplicate promotion code "TENOFF".” for every item I try to buy

    • +1

      Maybe just put it in once

      • My bad, it doesn’t work with gift cards only

        • You can’t use the TENOFF then pay with gift cards??

          • @Buyme: I meant that you can’t buy their gift cards

        • Code doesnt work when using store credit to pay for item?

    • Says that for me too. Trying to buy a rangehood - no credits no giftcards.
      Ahh, checked the exclusions and my product model is listed so I think the error message is misleading.

      Full exclusions list:

  • Brings the new GOPRO Hero 9 down to $629.10

    • useless Hero 9 Front screen, very very very lag and frame rate only 3-4 FPS. Best buy will be Osmo action.

  • Can anyone verify it will show the discount in your cart?
    For me it accepted the code but didn't change the price.
    edit: Never mind if it works on an item it will show in cart.

  • +1

    someone plz tell me how to get the discount for being a concierge member?

    • +1

      You need to add the Concierge gold extended warranty to a product to qualify you to become a Concierge member. You will then receive up to 3x $20 credit a year for the life of the extended warranty. e.g 3 year warranty = 3x $20 a year for 3 years. If you have 2 products under Concierge gold, then you will receive up to 6x $20 credit a year.

  • Just call and get a better price. I just got a Breville BES870 for $650, then used gift cards to reduce it down to $611.


    • Can you still use the 10% code?

      • I just called them up too. Just waiting for the invoice. They close at 6pm, so if anyone wants to get them to price match or reduce the price, call them up now before the close. Hoping the 10% extra can be applied at checkout.

    • Did they reduce the price and sent you a personalized link to pay and you used GC to pay ?
      I called and asked for price match and he said i have done that, now you need to pay via card. I asked if i can get personalized link to pay to use TENOFF code on top and he said NO, THATs HOW I REDUCED THE PRICE ALREADY.

      • +1

        Yeah that happened to me too. The only option is to pay by credit card or paypal. Can't input any credits or any other promo codes

  • why isnt code working with a smart display?

  • Any can confirm if i can stack TENOFF CODE, Latitude Pay and $20 conceriege credit together ? … A little cherry top of shopback would be great too 🤣

    • Once you input a gift card code, the Latitude pay option disappears at the payment screen

      • by gift card you mean $20 conceriege credit ?

        • +1

          I tried both concierge and a proper e gift card

  • Thanks good timing to use my $100 credit from last promo

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