[NSW] Weis Icecream Bars 35 for $40 Pick-up @ Gate Gourmet Mascot Sydney


Soft drinks and ice creams on special now for the warmer months ahead.

Weis Dairy Free Raspberry & Coconut Bar Pack of 35. Get 35 delicious Weis bars in our special 35 for $40 offer.

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Gate Gourmet
Gate Gourmet


  • These aren't left over from grounded Qantas flights, are they?

  • No indication of size of the bars they mini or full size? Also just checked collection from QLD doesnt seem to be an option only showing NSW. Price not too bad as works out to be 1.87 per bar if purchasing form colesworth (Not on special at either atm) Working on assumption they are the full size ones (70ml each)

    • That was my first question - size matters.
      Not my favourite Weis variety.
      Cheaper to stock up when half price at supermarkets. Often on sale as temp rises.
      And, not offered in Brisbane.

  • Not available in Brisbane! (Reported)
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