Hunza Foods Long Grain White Basmati Rice 5kg $16.66 (Was $24.99) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Amazon Best Deal - 33.3% off Basmati Rice 5 kg - Premium White Long Grain

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  • Product of Pakistan… For anyone wondering where it is from.

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      We just launched Hunza Foods Basmati in 13 IGA Stores in NSW. Overall response has been very positive. Hope you will give our Basmati a try.

  • Looks like an overrated/inflated price tag when you can get the top quality India gate classic or premium for around the same price or a few buck more for the classic

    • Ohreally

    • yes, checkout your local store..


        But you have to go to your local store to buy it. This is delivered to your front door at a lower price with premium quality.


      To generate awareness of our new premium product, we are doing a limited time promotion to get our Basmati rice for just $16.66.

      Our hopes of course are that you'll love our Basmati rice with your favourite curry and perhaps come back to us the next time you look for Basmati rice.

  • Khans Classic rice way better, you can find at any indian grocery store for $15-$16/5kg bag
    also product of Pakistan.
    Pakistan do have best Basmati Rice

  • If anyone is looking for really good basmati rice from Pakistan, look for Jazaa basmati, priced around $18 for bag of 5 Kgs, It really makes delicious biryani.


      Big fan of Junaid Jamshed (founder of Jazaa/Famous Pakistani personality) here. May he rest in peace.

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