[iOS, Android] Free 5x Hyper Potion, 10x Great Ball, 1x Revive @ Pokémon GO


A free bundle containing 5 Hyper Potions, 10 Great Balls, and 1 Revive is available for free in the in-game shop. It is available for all trainers for the iOS 14 inconvenience. Trainers on iOS 14 are now able to play Pokémon GO on the latest app update.

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    Strange token to say sorry for the inconvenience. Incense or raid passes would be more valuable.

  • They ruined the game in 2016/17 when they disabled use while driving (a lot of people played as a passanger). So much potential wasted

    • Disagree, as I always felt driving was close to cheating. You suppose to be going on a Pokewalk. If you haven't played since 2017 then its time to revisit and get some exercise… unless you can suggest a better way to push you to exercise, I've found this had made me walk the extra mile(s). Use to think 10,000 steps was impossible after receiving my free fitbit (thanks to OzB and Uni of Tas), but the game made me average 15k per day for years. Lost 15kg with a change of diet. (Though lately I've slowed down and putting the weight back on slowly but surely).

      • That’s good to hear mate! While it does seem like it worked for you, the drop in the number of users I think shows how it was an unquestionably bad decision.
        A side benefit of Pokémon go was the exercise - never the main purpose, but each to their own

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