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D-Link D-Fend AC2600 Wi-Fi Router - $99 ($100 off) @ JB Hi-Fi


D-Link DIR-2680 AC2600 Wi-Fi router $99 @ JB Hi-Fi
Seems like a very good deal , has a lot of good reviews. Has advanced security and parental control features also but even if you dont care about that $99 for an AC2600 router is very cheap.

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  • $98 at Harvey Norman

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    for the victorians who need a filler item for free shipping over $100, get this $1 tag to be able to get the free shipping

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    I have the DIR-3060 EXO AC3000 Smart Mesh Wi-Fi Router but why D-Link Mesh system so expensive not worth to buy another mesh to match it.

    • What do you mean by expensive? which model? compared towhat?

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          yes but tenda is rubbish, not comparing apples with apples there!

          • @bananagrams: Tenda are cheap but not that rubbish, I think a lot of ozbargainers wouldn't agree with you.

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              @superforever: Have you ever tried getting tech support or customer service from tenda??

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                @bananagrams: I am talking about the product not support.

                So how about Telstra tech support?

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                  @superforever: Do you not feel that considering product warranty and tech support to be an important thing when purchasing a technical product such as a router or mesh system? Im not sure why you are talking about Telstra…? We were comparing D-Link to Tenda..

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                    @bananagrams: I am comparing product features and price and you suddenly talk about tech support.

                    Telstra just an example, big company like Telstra their tech support still shit.

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      Internal antennas work fine, needing external antennas is a myth, there is no proven benefit.

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      now i understand why this has an antenna: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/565371


      as for this router.. i cannot recommend it. i bought for $99 few months back and returned it. tried a bunch of different configurations (settings and various firmware) and tested for about a week and couldn't get it to work consistently/stable.

      • Why are you linking to a security camera? That is a completely different product! This router worked great for me, super simple to set up using my phone, gives consistent strong signal around a 4 br house with about 25+ devices. Sounds like user error to me :)

        • the link was in regards to visible antennas.. if you read the comment, it says that the camera's antenna is fake. so it was likely just added for marketing or being users expect wifi antenna to be visible even though there may be 'no proven benefit' as you mention.

          yes, very simple to set up like any other router these days. speed and range was acceptable. interface and app was bit dumb but ok for basic set up. tested with the security features (only available via app) on/off and no major speed difference, however i have absolutely no use for the feature at all. bought it simply because it looked cool and seemed like a bargain at $99.. reviews had it at a crazy price like $500 or something. but now everywhere is selling for the same price.

          may be user error or maybe single defective unit. tried pretty hard to get it working (simply because i couldn't be bothered returning it and finding a new one). i had approximately 25-30 devices as well. it would work well for most of the day then drop for a second or two, forcing reconnects — gave up after a week after it dropping out during a call. checking logs, auto-ssh'ing into server sometimes took over 30s, totally unacceptable.

          went back to using old router before picking up a Nighthawk X6 R8000 for only $50 more. after that experience, i'd treat $99 as standard price and couldn't recommend it.

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    I thought this was a water tank 😕

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    I bought this at HN when it was $98, its a great router despite the reviews. Much better range than my Archer D9 , I use it with FTTC NBN

    • I got one as well. The speed is fine, the range is ok the setup is diabolical but hey, there's a reason this thing is $99…

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        setup for me was easy, no issues. custom DNS, all good

        • yep setup very easy

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    How does this compare with the HG659 that the isp's hand out?

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      This will be considerably better. Bear in mind this model does not do any telephone (VoIP)

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    If I have FTTN NBN, I need to get a modem + router right? So this wouldn't work for me?

    • yes you need a VDSL modem for NBN FTTN, but you could use a cheap modem (or the ISP supplied one) and bridge it over to a router like this

      • So a cheap modem doesn't throttle the speed or anything? Basically is there any difference between an expensive modem and a cheaper one? I have a modem+router device that my ISP supplied.

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          nope, no difference. In an expensive modem router you are paying for the router, not the modem. A cheap modem (as long as its wrking properly) will give the same speed and performance as one in a high end product. Its the strength and speed of the router you are paying for.

  • spewing…bought the huawei router a couple of weeks back, would much prefer this

    • If its the wifi 6 one, then that should be easy better than this.

  • No dd-wrt as covered in a previous deal

  • VPN client capability?

  • I would avoid this router.

    For an extra $10 you'd be much better off buying a MikrotikHap AC2. https://shop.duxtel.com.au/product_info.php?cPath=30_46&prod...

    It's got a Quad-core 716 MHz ARM CPU, 128MB RAM, Dual-Chain 2.4/5Ghz Wireless, USB-Port, POE-IN and POE-OUT. In addition, the firmware on these D-Link's is rubbish. RouterOS on the other hand is the 'swiss army knife' of routers and can do more (OSFP, shaping, hotspots, VPN's, MPLS, Firewalls, etc) than anything else in it's price-range.

    Check out the features of RouterOS here: https://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Manual:RouterOS_features

    • Anyone have real world experience with this hAP AC2? Range is the most important for me.

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        Hi Hazza, I own lots of Mikrotik gear and it works great. FYI HAP AC2 transmit power is 500mw. Most home access points are 50-100mw. It also has good receive sensitivity too maxing out at -100 @ 1Mbps.

  • Dang. Mine is shipping from WA and I’m in VIC. At least it shipped quickly I guess!

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    Pick up one from JB
    label price $499.
    Scan Price $99.

  • Wow. Great service, JB. Ordered Friday and it shipped from WA. Arrived today in VIC! Thought it would take significantly longer with Stage 4 restrictions…

    • Please share your views on the product. Thanks

      • It’s fine for $99. Not amazing, not terrible. Not noticeably better than the standard Telstra router

        • How about the access controls and features?

          • +1

            @irmalik: it looks pretty good for that stuff. worth a punt if that’s your main thing you want it for as it does look quite detailed. or you could just look up a review - there’s a few online

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