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Click Smart Pan and Tilt Security Camera $39 @ Bunnings


This camera is back, I bought it when it was available last time and has been a good camera.

Last time tommo0468 did a good write up of it - you can view his description here -> https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/542202 (i've done a copy and paste below)

1080p HD video with two-way talk
Infrared night vision and motion detection
Pan/tilt: horizontal (355°), vertical (90°)
Storage: Micro SD card (not included) up to 128GB
Use with Grid App to monitor from anywhere 24/7
This Click SMART Pan and Tilt Security Camera allows you to see and record activity in your home from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere, at anytime.

The app sends you optional instant mobile alerts when motion is detected by the motion sensor. Be protected day and night with full HD 1080p image with crisp night vision for 24/7 protection. You also can communicate with your guest with two-way audio function via the built-in speaker and microphone. A compact and sleek design suits all kinds of homes, on all types of surfaces.

The wide 85° viewing angle covers an incredibly broad area. On top of that, with its motorized ability, you can make the camera pan 355° horizontally and tilt up and down 90° so that you can have a full view of what’s happening by controlling it directly from your phone.

All recordings can be stored locally on a micro SD card (not included) up to 128GB.

This product is compatible with the Grid Connect smart home automation system, built to optimise your everyday living. Simply download the free Grid Connect app on your iOS or Android device and use your home Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection to control, customise and automate your product. It takes only minutes to set up, and there’s a wide range of products available that allow you to customise your system any way you like. Use the app to create the perfect light for every moment of the day, set your product to operate on your ideal schedule, and enjoy peace of mind while you’re away


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  • Isn’t this a normal price?

  • It is. but it has been unavailable for months and last time it sold out at this price.

  • Shame no rtsp judging from the previous post.

  • I picked up 3 last time around and they are amazing except i need to find usb power plugs for them

  • Any suggestions on this one for baby monitor use?

    • Yes, don't subject your baby's delicate developing brain and organs to close range high frequency EMR for hours every day.

      • so other branded baby monitors don't emit any EMR?

      • The wireless signal from this has a range of what, 30m? TV signal has a range of 200km, so I'd expect it is much more powerful and harmful. How do you keep your baby away from that?

        • That's no reason to do further harm that you can prevent.

          It can be argued the TV signal is less dangerous, given the distance from the source and distance reduces the power exponentially, and given the lower frequency, but forget that reason. The main argument against your reasoning is we do the best we can to look after our kids by minimising harm from what IS in our control.

          Do we give up trying to feed our kids some healthy food because the shops also stock unhealthy food? No.

          We can't do anything about tv transmissions but we have a choice whether we put a transmitter in their room or not.

      • So opt for low frequency wireless technologies?

  • +2 votes

    Nice price, too bad its not available in WA

    • That explains my lack of success of acquiring said cameras. :(

    • Not entirely correct as it turns out. I have it from a reliable source that some stores in Perth have them but probably at the service desk, so you need to ask for them. For example Wangara have none at all but Joondalup have about 1/2 a dozen but now maybe less after the weekend. So best to ring first.

      • Weird but great news! I will try my local Bunnings to see if they have any. From the website, only when you change the store to other than WA would the item appear. Did your reliable source confirm that the price is the same $39?

        • Yeah it's very annoying that you can't even see the item when a WA store is selected. No I didn't confirm the price but I'm confident it'll be the same. I'll find out later today when I pick it up. They actually transferred one from Joondalup to my local store for me.

  • Only 85 degree FOV, we have the Kmart one which is 130, but $79.

  • Purchased 2 from Bunnings some months ago. Operates flawlessly. Very easy to install and operate. No negative features for me. Works as internal security inside the house, and also keeps an eye on the very young grandson when having a nap ater lunch.

  • What's the wifi range like?

    • Ask your router?

      • I have a Ubiquiti AC Pro. Some devices have better range to pick up the signal. I have solar panels which I had to use cat 6 cable as it wouldn't pick up the wifi. At the same place my phone gets a reasonable wifi signal. I know you are trying to be funny my question is serious.

    • I guess given that they thought it appropriate to install a fake antenna, perhaps not that great?

  • If I buy this then use my mobile phone via 5g 60hz network, will I get Coronavirus or will the InfraRed tractor beam kill the airborne pathogens before they kill me?

    Asking for a friend.

  • Anyone able to confirm if this is capable of rstp?

  • Bunnings at Crossroads Casula 2170 still got about 3-4 units if anyone is interested.

  • +2 votes

    Bunnings Maddington and Bayswater in WA has quantities in the system but they can't locate the physical stock.

    Bunnings in Malaga has heaps, over 10 units still available. Located at the camera section near the Information desk on the floor.

    Unit feels plastic-ky and cheap but quality of video and wifi range is acceptable.

    • Glad you finally managed to get one. Unfortunately I had to return mine. Although it's a great price and seems to work well for what it can do I had 2 issues that I couldn't overcome. Firstly it's vertical movement range doesn't go down far enough for where I wanted to place it, yet it can move fully upwards to monitor the ceiling as if that's something they think might be necessary. Secondly the video files saved to the SD card can't be viewed on a PC as they're in some stupid propriety format.

      • The proprietary format is a pain. So far I can't find any ways to open the file directly on a PC but you can export it using the app on your smartphone.

  • How far from my router can I put this camera and will it withstand the weather?

    • Guess it depends on the router. I have mine about 30-40m away from my Telstra Smart Gateway with a few walls in between and have no issues. Just be aware, as pointed out by Switchblade88 above, the Wifi antenna is decorative and doesn't function as an antenna.

  • Just beware guys - I just purchased this product and tried to setup. It doesn't send the MAC address to the router so if you have a strict firewall at home without it sending across it's MAC address my firewall won't assign it an IP address - and hence I can't set this device up and allow it to the network. Sadly got to return it..

    • Yes, I noticed the same thing that MAC address is not found from the app but MAC is sent and registered on my router. From my router's page, I can see the camera's MAC listed when I view clients. I am using an Asus RT-AC68U.

      • Ok cool. I use a CheckPoint 600 appliance and having huge issues with the device sending across a MAC address so can't assigned the device an IP address whatsoever.