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LEGO Technic 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler - 42114 $129 @ Big W (Excl. VIC)


Just found this at bigw. I think retail elsewhere would be $250+. So get in quick, could be price error. :-)

Mod Note: No delivery in VIC.

Mod 18/9 945am: Back in stock. Available in SA, WA, QLD. NSW may be completely sold out.

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  • -1

    No delivery and my local is 5km+
    Surely pricing error

    • Worked for me just then.. delivery

      • i am in lockdown

        • No delivery in Vic is a bit mean.

          • @crc32: you'd think it would be easier for them to deliver rather than do contactless C&C

  • Wow nice find and may not be pricing error as they did have some sets cheaper before the sale. Got one… hopefully comes.

  • wow thx OP, ordered for pickup in vic got extra $10 off. $119 yeah boy!

    • +1

      if you have zip you may get further $20 off :-)

    • How'd you get the $10 off?

      • click and collect instead of delivery.

      • Can also redeem Everyday Rewards Dollars for further discounts, got mine for $119 with that.

        • +1

          Just picked up from Joonldaup so they seem to be honoring this price.

  • Placed and order, let's see how long it takes to be cancelled. Thanks OP.

    • Well i'll be darned, just got my pickup email. This is almost as good as the time Bunnings had the price error on a drone and gave me a $250 voucher when they cancelled the order.

  • Got to be price error. But why change during the day? Was much higher earlier.
    Still $299 for BigW on Brickhawk.
    Odered for click and collect.
    Will upvote if I get to pick it up. Had bad BigW experience previously with toys.

  • Worked for me too, delivery. I'm doubtful if it will go through though……

  • It might be out of stock for delivery as I can't add to cart

    • try now, i canned my cart as i cant get it

  • good luck with it hope it comes through

  • Ordered for pickup

    • Yippeeee, received pickup email

  • too sweet to be ture, but ordered anyway

  • +1

    Wow. Can't be right. I ordered for pick up in Plumpton. Will see what happens.

    Just saw it says: Price after promotion $169. Something is weird.

    • +1

      i think the information and price came through for this product instead for the concrete truck. oh well fingers crossed.

    • +1

      Catalogue says 299, after promotion 379. They mixed up with concrete truck for sure.

  • Ordered for pickup in Liverpool. Now says out of stock there. Wetherill Park still listed as having stock.

  • +5

    Sweet, $10 pick up discount, $10 rewards rebate, $20 zip cashback and 5% off the remaining $69 egiftcard. Don't even know how much I saved on this!

    Wait… Do I really need this? Who cares anyway :)

    • +1

      well done! i was tempted to do some of these too but learnt the hard way with deals like that, every second counts to lock the deal, i'm happy with $119 :)

      • +1

        I figure it is most likely a price error so not too bothered, the joy of stacking discounts is more than actually getting more bricks flying around in the house.

        The plus side is Zip usually honour their cashbacks even if an order is canceled, so at least we might still get $20 consolation prizes.

  • Bought, why not. If it goes through (highly doubtful), I will return the $300 one I bought from David Jones recently.

  • Fingers crossed….

  • Says available for pickup, then went grey after proceeding to payment. Damn.

    • I had wetherill park available for pick up then it went grey

      then I found top ryde available

      and then I found warringah mall available

      but I still didn't get one.

  • Thank you for placing your order!

  • I'll go 7 km to get one :)
    Definite price error . GL .

  • Thanks. Ordered for local pickup. Cracking price.

    • And now got my SMS saying it's ready for collection.

  • -1

    one of my 4 C&C orders is ready for collection. dont leave it to chances, order as many as you can. cancel later.

    thanks op.

    • Pick em up as fast as you can too .

      • nah not to worry. it will be waiting for me there now.

  • +1

    I'd go NSW to pick it up. But haven't found one. (I'm in VIC)

  • too late no stock

  • probably supposed to be the cement truck, which is now up at $129

  • Thanks OP! Huge pricing error here, fingers crossed orders aren't cancelled.

  • Well i got the confirmation order, hope they honour it 🙏

    Dunno why i even click buy, no room in display to store 😂

    Cheers “pricing error” 😉

    Edit: ready for collection email came through. Hope yall ozbdevils get honoured too 🤞

  • Lol

  • no stock

  • Was in the middle of ordering and then came up as no stock 😞

  • I spent too long linking my rewards card. They ran out of stock at Browns Plains while I farted about.

    • +1

      I was farting about too, deciding whether Mount Ommaney or Browns Plains was closer, and boom, gone

    • +2

      Leave farting for the elevators, never for the bargain.

    • They did you a favour there…

  • Copped one from Wetherill Park, cheers OP!

    • Update: my order got cancelled 😢, noo!

  • +1

    Get outta town…

    "Your order XXXX is ready for Pick up"

  • Just picked up from Mt Ommaney (Brisbane).
    Huge set. Very happy.

    Thanks OP.
    I'd been on the BigW site most of the morning trying to get 2300 Woolworths rewards for $115 spend and had just decided not to grab anything!

    • +2

      same to me. I don't really like this set, but at this price, you gotta have it :-)

      • Thanks again.
        I'll have my Christmas shopping all wrapped up well before the shops get busy again!

  • Could have got one from 21km away in Vic but 5km restrictions :(

    • Whereabout? I can’t locate one in Vic…

      • Sunbury

        • I checked Sunbury a moment before your post but there were none. Oh well, it’s now back to normal price.

    • I was just about to ask the same thing 😝

    • Funny that I checked Sunbury this morning but count see any stock. Anyway I think the stock level is Vic is next to none compared to Nsw

      • If I saw it I would order it even if I can’t go there. I’d just wait until we are allowed to travel more than 5km.

  • Only found stock in NSW for Tamworth or Inverel… am 100% sure it's a pricing error.

  • +1

    $299 now, $369 after promotion

  • +3

    What a bargain! Congrats to those who got one ☺️

  • +1

    Gosh! I found some in Mildura. I wonder how much it would cost in petrol to drive up there from metro Melb. Not taking into account the potential fines.

  • Just picked up mine!!!!!! WooooF’INHooooo

  • Just picked mine up. Thanks op. Cracking deal.

  • Still waiting pickup noice. The order Status shows "Picking Complete"

  • Got mine picked up from Campsie! It is a huge set…

  • Do we get 20$ cashback from zip pay immediately or what ?

  • +5

    Cheers OP just picked mine up from Booval (Ipswich) store. Not sure why I bought it but.. ozbargain… buy now, think later.

  • Bought one.

  • must have been price error, back to $299 now

  • +1

    Yup, I scored the last one here in Coffs Harbour. On top of the that the missus found a near complete Car Transporter 42098 at an op-shop for $80. This day is more lucky than Martin Short in Three Amigos.

  • Managed to get 4!!!

    • +1

      well done. now sell 3 which pays off the 4th to keep and still make a profit!

      • Was thinking 1to build, 1 for spares and the other two as bday presents for my two nephews. So stoked to get at this price!

        • -1

          If you decide to sell, happy to buy one at the purchased price.

        • -1

          I’ll buy one for the purchased price plus one dollar. PROFIT!

  • +7

    This is what I get for not checking OZB every few minutes.

    • +2

      More like "This is what I didn't get for not checking OZB every few minutes." XDDDDD

      • I was just looking at this same set this morning, I need a hub and a motor, and I thought gee whiz this truck looks cool, it'd be swell if that was the cheapest powered up set to buy. And then later today it was and I didn't notice.

        • Same here. Just missed out :-(

          • @Logical: There's the Top Gear car, but it's dog ugly and all the bricks that come with it are technic car parts which aren't really good for anything else. It comes with XL, L motors, and hub battery box.

  • +1

    Stoked! I just click and collected my set. I’ve been more focussing on the creator expert modulars and associated similar models to build a lego city but this was too good of a deal to refuse! Normally I miss them all!

  • -3

    Congrats to those who got one for themselves.
    Shame on those who purchase multiple!
    Definitely a pricing error and never to be found at this price point.

    • I think with price errors everyone has free reign for the mins of getting em before they wake up .
      I'd be ashamed of myself if I bought 1 and had the option for more free $$$$$$$$$$$ .

  • Mine has been shipped :) Woot!

    • you were meant to say iWoot?

      iWoot (I want one of those)

      • hahahah

        I have bought from iWoot before (the Liebherr).

        Definitely meant woot!

        • Mine was just delivered (WA)

  • Today has been a crazy day and I've only just jumped onto OzBargain usually I check it every hour or so and I missed out on this awesome deal my son would have loved one of them.

    Mega bummer

  • I really don't think this price is an error.
    It is very likely that it was the price they intend to sell it for based on the cost they purchased them in bulk and yet still make the intended profit.
    But, as we are all familiar with supply/demand, this is fixed very quickly.
    Now, imagine the profit they are making from these sets.

    • +3

      Nope. Was a pricing error.
      Looks like they put the cement truck price on by accident. Even had the would "normal price" at the time.

  • thanks OP got 1…..picked up

  • +2

    OP, if you live in Brisbane I’d like to buy you a beer sometime! Collected tonight and for $129 that is one hell of a deal.

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