Refund of Shipping Fees Where Not All Items Delivered

Just wondering if anyone was familiar with the ACCC rules on the refunding of shipping fees if only partial items are delivered (the non delivered items refunded). I know you are entitled to a refund if the goods are faulty, or not as described, but I can’t figure out if this particular example qualifies.

For example;
Goods ordered: $200
Shipping Fee: $20
Good received: $30
Amount refunded: $170

Paying $20 shipping for $30 of goods is something I would never have done if I had known they would run out of stock. Is this covered under the ACCC or is it at the discretion of the supplier if they want to refund you all/some of the shipping cost?


  • Is this Coles or woolies??

    • Lol neither

      • I'm surprised most posts like this are usually online shopping with these two… so…
        1. Have you talked to the company? What did they say?
        2. If you contacted them by phone try an email instead(and vice versa)
        3. Do they have a social media presence? If so contact/complain on there as clearly and unemotionally as you can(stay with the facts) and post more than once to get them off their ass….
        4. If you are not getting help with these, then maybe post who they are here as this might have happened with others and a solution may have been found.
        5. Fair trading in your state is the contact you want not ACCC(They don't deal with individual complaints….)

        • Cheers mate, I appreciate the detailed response.
          I have heard they are very unresponsive but I am yet to personally reach out, so that is my next step. Just wanted to know where I stood legally before I did that. Also I was curious what the official rules were.

  • If you had only purchased the $30 item would the shipping fee still be $20?

    • Yes it would have been. I just would not have made the purchase in the first place if I had known. (the stock was advertised as available).

      • then it's reasonable to request a refund on some of the shipping fee, as you otherwise would not have entered into a contract of sale with them

  • I believe the T20 deal had a flat $10 Postage. In this case no partial refund. They would just run an average cost for postage. I ordered alot of stuff and currently supposedly being shipped some, but not the hoodies. Also waiting in refund.

    Try asking company, but doubt they will refund unless it is just in good faith. That T20 deal was a botch up. I ordered at 12.30am.

  • It happened to me with bunnings.
    I did paypal claim and got refunded.

  • What is the store?

  • Thanks everyone for your responses. So as I understand, there is no legal recourse except appealing to the good faith of the company/applying for a charge back. Very interesting to know!

    • If it largely impacted your decision to buy, you would expect that at least a partial refund of the shipping fees would be offered. As you say, the "reasonable" person would not have paid that much postage for that amount of goods purchased. Because of this, it would be perfectly acceptable to argue that you would not have purchased the other items. Ideally, you might even offer to return all goods (depending on what they are) for a full refund.

      The specifics are difficult, but it is clear that you went into the agreement to purchase in good faith, and the fact that the majority of the order could not be fulfilled is pretty bad.

  • Kmart

    If more than half the value of your order is unavailable, we'll refund your delivery fee.