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Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody $266 Free Express Delivery @ Arcteryx.com.au


Arc’teryx is doing a 30% off sale on some of their items. The very popular and quality Atom LT Hoody and a couple of their other jackets are well priced and free express shipping if you want to prepare for next winter.

Not sure if targeted, first post hopefully no mistakes.

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Arc'teryx Australia
Arc'teryx Australia


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  • Anyone who owns this have any feedback? Is the jacket worth the price? How does it compare with the Patagonia Nano Air — which is cheaper?

    • I have one piece from Arcteryx, it's super nice but I can't justify their price with the amount of use I'm getting out of it. If you can afford it get it over Patagonia pieces.

      I find Patagonia pieces have a better fit and look imo, Arcteryx is lighter and more comfy but look baggy esp with the Atom pieces.

    • I haven’t owned a Patagonia nano air, but the Atom holds up well and is a great everyday jacket for cold weather or outdoor activities. And Arc’teryx’s warranty and customer service has been good to deal with aswell

      • How's the sizing on the Atom, I'm around 180cm tall was wondering which size would you get. The website doesn't have model's height and size he's wearing which is little annoying.

    • I bought one for my partner and I when we did EBC.

      100% worth the price.

      Others were wearing massive, heavy, fluffy jackets to keep warm, and all we had was this jacket and a fleece layer inside, and we felt so comfortable.

      I was skeptical like you at first, but once you're in the appropriate environment, the quality is obvious.

    • I have both and the Atom is warmer and slightly more durable IMO. The Nano Air is more comfy and breathable but the outer fabric pills like crazy (at least my 2018 version did). Sizing is about the same, I'm a medium in both and they fit the same. Definitely worth if you're looking for a good active midlayer that's stylish enough to wear about town.

      • I find Atom LT more breathable. Nano Air more comfy and warmer. The collar on Atom is nicer.

      • with regards to the pilling, it's covered under the ironclad guarantee. I had mine pill so much even tho it was under a year old. Got it replaced with the latest version one. Hopefully it won't pill as much!

    • I own two jackets from Arcteryx, both are rubbish IMO. Well not complete rubbish but for the super premium I paid I expected them to last and was why I went with them. Seams went, stitching fell apart etc. my GF has done some repairs on them and she mentioned the stitching was poor.

    • I have 3 of their jackets. All doing great after years and years of use. They were expensive at first but my oldest jacket is coming up 12 years now and still good.

    • I have one, its my second one - first returned under warranty as it rubbed through the outer fabric material on a backcountry ski tour (using the Atom LT as a midlayer)

      The fabric is pretty lightweight and not super durable if you are hard on your gear. FYI LT is the Lightweight and Technical range, so the fabrics are lighter and potentially less durable.

      I bought it originally for about $190 + 2000 QFF, so it is able to be had for cheaper than this.

  • It's been a while since last time I bought myself some decent clothes due to covid lockdown, so I pulled the trigger.
    Thanks OP.

  • I have just retired my Beta Ar after 10 years. Arc'teryx is basically the gold standard. You do pay far too much but if you want the best it is money well spent. In stating that I bought mine in Canada on special for $400 and can't bring myself to spend the 900Aud to replace it. You will not regret buying once you get over the price. I have not found anything that has come close to their outer shells and climbing gear. Comparing these to Kathmandu ECT is like comparing a Datsun 180b to a Ferrari both have their place

    • I have been preferring Klattermusen for shell jackets. But that's starting to compare Ferrari and some other supercar.

    • I have just retired my Beta Ar after 10 years. Arc'teryx is basically the gold standard. You do pay far too much but if you want the best it is money well spent

      I own two jackets from Arcteryx, both are rubbish IMO. Well not complete rubbish but for the super premium I paid I expected them to last and was why I went with them.
      Seams went, stitching fell apart etc. my GF has done some repairs on them and she mentioned the stitching was poor.

      • I am open to this being true, however I have nothing bad to say about them and have a lot of mates that earn a living from snow based and climbing activities that also rate extremely highly. Right tool right job I suppose, their products will be for everyone but the ones these are designed to cater too have nothing but praise for most of their products. As stated elsewhere in this thread they are also making more consumer level jackets these days, which I don't know much about but its safe to assume they make some compromises to please a wider audience.

  • https://arcteryx.com.au/products/norvan-ld-shoe-womens?varia...

    I think this needs to be a deal of its own… over 70k savings!

    Pity I bought three at full price just last week… think I should bother trying to get some buyer protection out of my latitude card?

  • For those wondering, if you can afford it and will use it for more than just city slicking, arcteryx is heads and shoulders above other brands. Otherwise it probably isn't worth it as it hasn't been well established as a streetwear/fashion brand unlike TNF and patagonia.

    • Actually Arc’teryx has recently become the in style outdoor brand among those you mentioned. Especially with their staple jackets and accessories.

    • What makes it that much better? I would have thought TNF and especially Patagonia were already at the upper end of construction and material/fabric quality.

      • TNF lines vary widely. Granted, their Gore-tex equipment and more expensive offerings are top notch. However, their cheaper gear don't work well where they should, and are of poor quality and craftsmanship.

        Patagonia make good quality outdoor gear, but not excellent. Thus they don't have a higher price category. Their staples nevertheless work well for everyday use as well as casual hiking.

        I'm not aware Arc'teryx has become an outdoor style brand - surely nowhere near as patagonia has, let alone TNF. But maybe I'm out of fashion haha.

      • Every time I tried TNF I wore it once or twice and sold it on. I just found that construction was subpar in comparison to other brands. The Summit series has good pieces but most of the time someone else makes a better built item. There are some exceptions in the summit series that stand out like high altitude pieces but that's not needed in Aus.

        Arcteryx male items have more fitting style. The material and construction is great.

        Patagonia, I like but I find that they are mostly like wearing a sack in terms of fit (in comparison to Arcteryx anyway).

        • Little late… but yeah… notice the constant price drop for the masses, obvious drop in prices.

          I have NF items from 10 years back that cost me a bundle that still last

          I've been looking at Arcteryx items for a while waiting for a big price drop, never happens. Thats probably why they can maintain quality

    • I saw a lad on the north shore line wearing an Arcteryx shell jacket in the middle of summer, wait 5 years and it will have tnf status.

  • Arcteryx is the best outdoor gear brand. end of story

      • they use the best materials, have the best fit, high build quality and innovative product design. for example with climbing harnesses they were the first to use the ultra thin and light inbuilt webbing. thats what really impresses me anyway

  • How heavy is the Arc’Teryx Atom LT? Could you pack it easily in a backpack when hiking for a few days without the weight becoming an issue?

    • The LT is light and easily packed. product page says 415 grams

      • Thank you - if it gets wet, does it dry out easily? I would use a waterproof layer on top but just checking

        • It has a coating on it when new. I use the Atom and my mid layer and the Alpha as the outer shell.

          I use a technical wash for both every year and reapply the DWR coating. Nikwax branded, get it off amazon.

          • @omguleh: I'll look into it. Basically I was hoping this would be the sort of jacket I could keep for several years, if so the price is worth it. It always gets great reviews.

            • @dinglejerry: My Atom LT I’ve had for 12 years and my Alpha SV for 10 years.

              And for really cold days I have my Camosun.

              The Alpha SV is my fav and in orange lol shame they don’t make the colour anymore.

              • @omguleh: That's good, I've just bought one, only in black though as that was the only colour they had medium in. Great you've had such a good experience.

        • It's synthetic fill, its made to dry out quicker than an equivalent down midlayer.

  • Great, thank you for posting, grabbing an atom! I actually just lost my nano air hoody in the past week so perfect timing. As mentioned previously, pilling is really bad on the nano's however I've heard it has been fixed on the latest models. Very similar jackets otherwise and I'd definitely recommend the hooded version!

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    I would recommend Atom AR for colder days in the south of Aus.

    • My latest buy was the Arcteryx Camosun Parka few years ago. Good for the early Melbourne temps.

      • Camosun is excellent! So many things to like about it. Never needed it in Melbourne but it certainly looks more stylish than Atom AR so better look wearing it with a bigger range of clothing.

  • Sounds good, looks like they don't have many of the mediums in colours other than black!

  • Great price but keep in mind this is for the '19 model, probably making way for the newer Atom models soon.

    New model said to make improvements to the fabric, insulation and durability.

    Real shame that the Proton isn't on sale :(

    • Absolutely, I contacted Arcteryx Aus last month and they said that they were restocking in early September. I guess they meant late September or October.

      This sale only goes til Sunday so fingers crossed there's new stock on Monday!

    • True but the '19 model from what I hear is still a cracker, from a proven jacket over many years.

  • hypebeasts rejoice

  • I got a t-shirt!

    Seriously love my Macpac jacket! treated me well for the past two years and don't have any need to replace it anytime soon!

  • Thanks op. Got a nano already so keen to see how this goes

  • Who came up with this name? Sounds like something I'd set as my IGN. On it now

  • What's their return policy like. Is it like no question ask level of return if it doesn't fit?

  • How often does Arc'teryx Australia website go on sale? I want to get the womens Beta AR but the colours are so ugly or its out of size :'(

  • I got the medium and I'm 188cm and 72kg. The sleeves fit well but given my height it feels a touch short - may have to swap up the large.

    • I’m 168cm and 56kg, got a female M, body length feels slightly short, arms lengths are fine though. Also thinking about whether to swap to a different size or not. Though it’s fine as a mid-layer.

  • Mine arrived yesterday, but it’s a 09/18 model.