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20% off Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee Online @ Rubra Coffee


20% OFF Coffee Beans and Grind
✅ 1kg & 250g
✅ Free Shipping over $100
✅ Coffee Blends and Single Origins
✅ Freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door or for pickup at Rubra Warehouse O'Connor + Rubra on the Go Hilton.

Use Code: RUBRA20

Online promotion is only available at www.rubra.com.au
Exclusions + T&Cs:
"Promotion ends 28/9/2020. Must use the code RUBRA20 to receive 20% off coffee beans. Promotion cannot be used in combination with any other offer. Excludes coffee subscriptions, coffee pods, coffee-in-a-bag, Rubra Classics Starter Bundle and all other product besides coffee beans/grind. Valid for purchases online at www.rubra.com.au only. Offer whilst stocks last. Australian orders only."

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  • From $39.10/kg (inc. $8.64 metro delivery)

    • Hello,

      Just for transparency and everyone's info, the price stated in the above comment is inclusive of interstate delivery costs (shipping from Perth). If from the Perth metro area, there are multiple options for pickup, delivery at $6.95


      free freight for all customers, regardless of location, orders over $100.

  • Got to ask. Your previous promotion on here (where you were possibly overwhelmed with Ozbargain demand) yielded a pretty ordinary and very over burnt coffee bean. You gave advise to let it air etc as it was super fresh…but never came good. Basically, what happened there?

    • Hi there,

      Yes, you are correct, we were very overwhelmed with the response from our promotion which forced us to package up super fresh coffee. Sometimes by doing this, it can be too much of a detriment to the coffee that it never recovers from not being 'aired' or letting the gasses release before packaging.

      There are a number of variables that affect coffee beans and some that may affect how 'burnt' the coffee might taste. The reason I explained above is just one of them that adversely affect the taste. Others may influence whether the coffee becomes stale quickly - such as sitting in freight/couriers delivery vans for too long.

      I would also like to mention that we do roast medium to dark coffee. This is very different from the current market of light roasts. In saying this, if you are brewing our coffee in an espresso machine it takes less time for the coffee to saturate and extract than a light roast. This means when using our coffee, you are to get better results (and a better tasting espresso) when running the shot for less time and using less coffee in the portafilter. These variables also affect how burnt the coffee tastes.

      If you'd like to ask me further questions about any of the above, feel free to email me at [email protected]