PLE RTX 3080 Card Choices

So, looking at the front page deal on PLE and the 4500+ orders (I assume) since 11:30pm last night, I want to get a good idea of what cards everyone ordered, just to get a rough indicator of how much stock they're gonna need for each sku. I've got 6 choices, 5 of which are EVGA (they are definitley gonna be the most popular cards) and just a choice for any other 3080 models. Please feel free to leave your order number/time AND/OR card ordered in comments as well.

Thanks everyone.

EDIT: Thanks to theantipop for reccomending to add the specs for each card in the post.

XC3 Black = Base clock, no backplate.
XC3 = Base clock.
XC3 Ultra = +45Mhz base clock (and tested).
FTW3 = +45Mhz base clock (and tested), Dual Bios, THICC cooler, per-fan temperature sensors, extra 8-pin power port to allow additional power demand.
FTW3 Ultra = +90Mhz base clock (and tested), Dual Bios, THICC cooler, per-fan temperature sensors, extra 8-pin power port to allow additional power demand.

Poll Options

  • 100
    EVGA FTW3 Ultra
  • 16
  • 29
    EVGA XC3 Ultra
  • 20
    EVGA XC3
  • 19
    EVGA XC3 Black
  • 31

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  • EVGA FTW ULTRA 12:27AM :SO-8707XX

    • the numbers may not be in order maybe. 12:37AM and mine is 8713XX FTW3 Non Ultra

      • -1

        That was just the time it went through my PayPal, was sitting on processing for about 15minutes before that 😅

        • -1

          my time is based on the confirmation page with the gif haha..

          or maybe there really is 600 orders in that 10 minutes… which I'll go into a corner and cry now.

    • EVGA FTW3 ULTRA 12.24AM 8708XX

      So 3 minutes before and a later number

      • FTW3 Ultra as well here - 8709xx, guess i was a couple minutes after you as well, unsure of exact time

      • FTW3 Ultra - next morning because i gave up on website. SO-8724xx

        So maybe by Xmas? :D

        • +1

          Id guess 3-4 weeks. As just last night they updated that if you order now you'll be waiting for 6 weeks or more. Considering you ordered in the morning not the night after. I'm sure you are in a reasonable timeframe!
          I ordered an evga model at launch night, was early in the queue but in the morning I looked at the card more and found it ugly, so re ordered for a zotac. Now Im on so-873,19x

          • @DisabledUser143880: Yeah I've ordered the butt ugly FTW3 Ultra but I figure it's apparently a really good card with one of the best base scores so I'll just stay in the queue and not look at it!

  • -1

    SO-8725XX, can wait 2 months then cancel unless I found stock else where

    • +4

      how is it a bad practice? it literally states on the page 'pre order' and 'signficant delays expected'

      • -1

        Taking full price for a product isn't a 'pre-order', its an order. At that point you own the item.
        They can't even guarantee they are getting that stock that they've sold you… take a deposit sure, but full price with no ETA = bad practice.

        • +2

          You can't take partial payment/preorder with PayPal.

          If you payed with credit card it was a 1$ payment check and no draw.

          • @Jofzar: That is not what I am getting told from people who ordered through PLE.
            I am told they are offering refunds if you don't want to wait for a solid ETA.
            Perhaps someone on this thread can confirm that.

            • @dalcoud: I ordered by PayPal so full payment was taken.

  • +1

    SO-8721XX i think im fked.

    • Yours is over 2000 higher than mine… unfortunately that's a big queue in front of you.

      • Yep, just hoping the card I bought wasn't the most popular, maybe then there is a chance.

  • EVGA FTW3 ULTRA 12:52AM: SO-8714XX

  • XC3 Ultra.
    SO-8703xx - Processed at 11.50pm last night

    EDIT: I seem to be the lowest order number so far. I've received no emails or etas yet.

    • I'm 87028x for the ftw ultra so I'm ahead of you, my friend is 87005x for the same.

      He has the lowest yet.

    • SO-87036X, shouldn't be too far behind you.

  • 8706.

    • we bought evga2070super last month and it's dropped further 200 in last 2 weeks or so :D down down, price claim time

  • +1

    Is there much difference between all of these models other than looks? Slightly different Texture Fill Rate based on the EVGA website is the only quick difference I could see.

    My desktop sits hidden under a desk, so don't care about visuals at all, won't be overclocking and volume from the fans would be my main consideration.

    • +5

      XC3 Black = Base clock, no backplate.
      XC3 = Base clock.
      XC3 Ultra = +45Mhz base clock (and tested).
      FTW3 = +45Mhz base clock (and tested), Dual Bios, THICC cooler, per-fan temperature sensors, extra 8-pin power port to allow additional power demand.
      FTW3 Ultra = +90Mhz base clock (and tested), Dual Bios, THICC cooler, per-fan temperature sensors, extra 8-pin power port to allow additional power demand.

    • Looking at reviews it is currently around +/-3% between the base card, the Founders Edition and the OC cards. Some reviewers are seeing a 5% increase when overclocking high end cards compared to stock FE cards.

  • XC3

    • SO-8709xx, also xc3. 12:28am

  • FTW ultra 1am 871xxx

  • SO-8701XX ~25mins after launch.

    • How did you get in so early?!

      • F5 & dumb luck.

    • Huh, I got in at 11:30 but my number is 870002X

    • i got it 1 hr 15 after launch and am only like 600 behind you lol

  • XC3 Ultra SO-8705XX
    Doesn't seem like I'm as far down the queue as I expected.

  • Ordered this morning 9.28am
    Happy to wait
    XC3 black

  • +1

    Thanks for placing an order for an RTX3080 with PLE Computers – as an Australian owned and operated business, we really appreciate your choice to buy from us.

    Unfortunately you were not successful in acquiring a card in our launch allocation

  • I bought the Zotac Trinity from PLE for $1139 and EVGA xc3 ultra. I contacted Victoria store and the staff representative said I would most likely get the zotac card before the EVGA card so I ended up keeping the zotac and refunding the EVGA card.

    • Personally I would have taken the EVGA over Zotac. Generally better build and proven support.

      • Yeah fair enough, I would have normally bought EVGA as well but I don't really like the design of their card as much as the zotac, plus that red bit on the end. Both cards are well worth it at the prices currently offered!

        • I ordered the evga originally but after looking more and more at it, I find the card ugly. ended up ordering a zotac 3080. but that means im probably pushed back into the queue as well as my evga 3080 was 87090x and my new order is 87319x

    • Im a bit annoyed as I placed 2 orders as I didn’t think first went through (87003x) due to payment screen not appearing to process and placeholder credit card charge Second one was 1500 orders later. They then cancelled the first order this morning as “can’t have 2” but then I get an email saying no luck on second order with no ETA. Why not cancel the second order so I keep my place in que 1500 earlier.

  • Ordered Last Night 11:36PM
    MSI Ventus 3X
    ETA: 5/10/2020

    • +1

      I couldn't justify the extra over the ftw ultra 😥

  • There seems to be a reasonable wait for the founders raffle as well:

    "The ETA for the RTX 3080 Founder's Edition is roughly 12th October 2020. It could arrive earlier but due to COVID and international shipping restrictions, this is the expected date"

  • +1

    8705XX. I can't remember what I even ordered and checked out as a guest so can't confirm lol.

    • Check your payment method, if they took the $$ then that's your order time.

  • +2

    Maybe add Zotac one as well, it was also within MSRP

  • -1

    Add zotac

  • +1

    Picked Zotac as I've had bad experiences with EVGA in the past

  • EVGA FTW3 Ultra 1:35AM: SO-8720XX

  • XC3 Black, 7:18AM, SO-8724xx

  • EVGA FTW3 12:58am - SO-871xx

    Got the email stating I didn't get in the first batch, annoyed as I had an order going through around midnight and even got through payment screen but it never finalised. That hour really could have made the difference in a few weeks of waiting it seems :/

    Ah well this is mostly FOMO, so see how we go.. my 1080 still going strong.

  • +1

    Got the same email I just cancel the order and just wait for general availability and have more control of what card to get and read some review

  • +1

    I got the MSI Gaming X Trio and my order number is S0- 871xxx at 12:40 AM.
    Got an ETA reply too.
    "Good news though, your order does have an ETA - 30 Oct 2020."
    good enough i think, if i can get a initial launch order of Asus ROG Strix then will cancel this one.

    • +1

      Similar story here.
      Order is slightly ahead of yours and ETA is 15th.

      I'm happy to wait - waiting on the new AMD CPUs so that timeline suits me.

  • XC3 Ultra, 8724xx

  • I ordered at 11:11pm - S0- 8698X - with the ZOTAC - got the email that I missed out. Didn't really understand as I picked the unpopular card earlier than anyone else I've seen. Yet to see someone with a launch card from PLE. I think they had about 10.

    • how close to 8699X were you? Just trying to gauge how many people ordered before me :P 20~30?

      • +1

        Less than 5 away. Went to cancel my order but the site is now saying it's in stock ready to go..

        • hmmm okay not THAT many orders were going in then.. There were about 25 orders between 11:11-11:17

        • Think they might not have been too honest about the stock levels.. When I ordered and re-visited the page it was still in stock too

          • @Kerjifire: Yep, me too, thought for sure I got a launch one.

          • @Kerjifire: What happens when you click the cancel link in email? Mine goes to a page that sells me the card is "In stock" with a green tick. Then it says ETA: All parts in stock…

            • @FreddyMerc: Yeah same. Think it must be the default response or something

  • +2

    Buggary balls! I was counting on all of you guys being cheap so went for the FTW3 Ultra! Looks like I was not alone XD

  • Ordered

    FTW3 Ultra

    Happy to wait.

  • Ordered the FTW3 Ultra at 12:30am, SO-8709xx.

    As long as it gets here before Watch Dogs Legion releases, I'll be happy.

  • +2

    Got my money refund a couple of hours after I cancel the order good stuff PLE

  • 8717xx XC3 Ultra

  • 8707XX

    zotac trinity

  • 8710xx
    probs gonna be waiting a while but eh

  • I ordered the FTW3 Ultra this time for my ITX. Measured the dimensions and it will have a good fit with some room. Man the shroud is fugly.

  • I'm 8720XX and got the EVGA XC3,

    But I'm apparently within the first 100 RTX 3080 orders as they said I qualified for a free gpu sag bracket 🤔

    • Yeah I kinda think that might be an oversight :)

  • FTW3 Ultra
    12:13am email

  • I bought 20 of them, trying to make a little profit by selling them for 20K each on eBay.

    • +1

      thx bought 5 on your ebay page

      • Thank you, now I can send money to the Nigerian prince who assures me millions in return.

  • XC3 Black SO-87272x

  • This time around they all look same to me… I’d prefer cooler cards over slight more performance increase. So xc black

  • Canceled after no ETA and got a PC from Techfast instead. September 3080 here I come.

    • Techfast are showing October for their 3080 builds, since they ran out of GPU's. A friend of mine ordered a system for October 3080 last night.

      September Out of stock

      • +3

        I got one within the first few minutes of the listing going up.

        • +1

          I hope you enjoy waiting as much as the rest of us because Techfast are not uhhh fast at the best of times.

  • Any tips for trying to order the 3090 come thursday?

    • Sacrifice?

    • +1

      I got mine through a smaller retailer. They put pre-orders up at 10:55ish and their website didn't crash like all the other major sites did. ETA for shipping is next week.

      • Can i ask which retailer? Pm me if you dont want to post it.

        • +1

          For clarification this is how I got my 3080 at launch. So I expect it will be the same when they launch 3090. Store was onlinecomputer

          • @jiberz: Thanks again man, your the sole reason i have a 3090 sitting in my case right now.

      • What were the prices like btw? Were they more like Centrecomish prices, PCG prices or PLE prices?

        • Slightly more than PCG/PLE 1500 for gaming trio when PLE/PCG had it for 1469.

          • @jiberz: Oh that's awesome dude, nice catch. Was it a nsw store?