Nvidia RTX 3070, 3080 & 3090 Wait List, Allocation & Pricing Info

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We understand the frustration of not being able to get a shiny new RTX 3080 graphics card on the day of the launch. The frustration only increases when you realise a lot of the stock got bought up by bots/users price scalping and listing on ebay at double the price.

To try and combat this and distribute cards as fairly as possible we have created a wait list.

We will be offering cards to customers on our wait list as new stock becomes available. Cards will be offered to customers on the wait list first before being available to order on our website. This makes it easier for us to fairly distribute cards, easier to prevent multiple purchases from same household, and hopefully also help prevent price scalpers buying them all up. Hopefully it will also prevent our website from crashing due to very high traffic, but that might be wishful thinking πŸ˜‚

Allocation will generally be done on a next in line basis. However depending on feedback we may randomly allocate a few of the units (probably only about 1/4 of units). That way people still have a chance to receive one if they joined the list late. Feel free to let us know if you think that's a good idea (option in form).

Wait list form link: https://forms.gle/uUpHP5F9BdaR1VU89

Info on cards that are arriving soon (description and specs etc.) will be regularly updated and made available here:

Once everyone on our wait list has received a card they will also be made available to purchase on our website at the above link.

All stock is genuine Australian stock intended for Australian market with Australian Warranty. We only get our stock from approved Australian Suppliers, we don't use grey-market stock or stock from overseas.

Regarding pricing: Wherever possible we will aim to have the best possible price comparable to the best prices at other retailers. We will price match (possibly even do better) wherever possible down to our cost price, most likely pricing will start from $1299. Information on pricing will become available as stock arrives from our suppliers.
Most major Nvidia brands will be available (Asus, Gigabyte, EVGA, Galax, MSI, Inno3D)

Founders Edition cards are unlikely to be available from us, it seems like Mwave managed to get an exclusive deal with Nvidia. Also hoping to have Zotac cards available but won't be able to confirm until next week sometime, if we aren't able to get hold of Zotac cards then Scorptec should have them.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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  • Will you be matching the prices from PLE for EVGA cards?

    Seems like there's been a huge backlash against companies jacking prices up above MSRP, and PLE has gotten the lions share of good PR for 'only' selling at normal prices.

    I can see you getting a lot of people cancelling PLE orders for this if you had the same prices with a lower wait time, otherwise I can't really see the point.

    • Will be doing my best. Spoke to the supplier for EVGA and I think I will be getting good prices from them. As long as my cost price is below PLE then I will be able to match.

      I'm not sure if I will have lower wait times, maybe it depends on where people are on the wait list vs. were they are on PLEs list. There is only one supplier for EVGA (some other brands have a few) so we are both getting our cards from the same place.

      However the cool thing about my wait list is it's obligation free and I'm not taking payments up front. So I'd strooooongly recommend people do not cancel their PLE order unless they actually get an email or call from me to say it's in stock. If people manage to get hold of a card before I have ours available again then I don't mind if they just drop off our wait list.



      • Wasn't aware there was only a single EVGA supplier, must be tough on their end.

        Having it be obligation free seems pretty nice though, I just signed up. Seems like a great way to hedge my bets against PLE struggling with stock.

  • Thanks OP. Signed up but no conformation email received? Is that correct? Thanks again

    • We are collecting all information from people who sign up. But will definitely get in touch with people as stock is available and they're next in line. Might be able to send regular updates via email but best place for updates (apart for anyone next in line) probably the best place to get updates is our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TechSwich/

    • At this stage we are not sending out confirmation emails. I would have to manually send a confirmation email (using google forms, don't think that's an option), probably don't have time do it manually though.

  • Thanks for doing this, just put my name on the list, im interested if I can get my card quicker than my PLE order for the same price ($1239) for the EVGA FTW3, also interested in the FTW3 Ultra if that is quicker.

    • This is what I'm interested in also. I ordered not long after midnight.

      • I can't make any promises regarding price & availability time frames yet (still don't have all the information available myself). But as long as our cost price is below PLE's price we will be happy to price match.

        In terms of ETA it might come down to where you are sitting on our wait list vs where you sit on PLE's order list.

        As our waiting list is obligation free and we're not taking payment up front, I would strongly recommend you don't cancel any PLE orders unless we contact you to let you know you're next in line and we have a card available for you.

        • Sounds great, im #14XX so there is a good chance you will be quicker. Will keep my PLE order for now and go with whoever is quicker.

  • Thanks, I've signed up, but do we get some sort of confirmation or its just a database of people signing up?

    • Just collecting a list of people signing up. Will have regular updates though and will contact you by email (and text message if you supplied a number) once you're next in line.

      • Thanks. Also, with the preferred list card I've signed up for, what can I do if I changed my mind? As in the preference of the card? Can I modify my list and not affect my queue in the line?

  • I'll be interested once I know the price. I've left my order with ple for now given it will be a decent wait to begin with.

    • +3 votes

      No worries will be providing updates including prices as soon as we have more info available. If you wanted to sign up to the wait list we will get in touch directly when you're next in line.
      Obligation free, and were not taking payments for pre-orders up front before we have stock available. So even if you did sign up there's no need to cancel your order with PLE.

  • Any word on Aorus RTX 3080? Ive yet to see it in ANY Australian Store,
    Specificly the Aorus cards only.

    Also signed up the the list a few minutes after you posted, never heard of your or your store before but if you can get people cards and not price gouge like MSY and Centercom and Computer Alliance that would be awesome and appreciated.

  • I put my name down on your website weeks ago for a 3080, how do I check?
    I don't want to put my name down again

    • We only opened the wait list in the last day.

      Did you maybe send us a message on FB? If so could you message us again just in case I missed it, I'll make sure you get added to the list in the correct location in the queue based on the date/time you messaged us.

  • I thought I saw it on the PLE website

  • Hi, in a launch that has had very little transparency it would be nice to see some here and give us a little hope. Are you planning on sending any kind of an update to those in the list to let them know where they are on the wait list?

    • +4 votes

      As I get confirmed allocation from suppliers I will provide updates on our FB page.

      I'm more than happy to let anyone know we're they are on the wait list. They will need to send a private message here or our FB page with the email address used to join the waitlist so we can confirm.

  • So how do I get a ebay bot, can't beat em join em i guess

    • +3 votes

      No idea, you'll have to ask the people who created the bot πŸ˜‚

      Just to avoid any confusion, we aren't scalping our stock from other retailers then adding a massive markup. In fact we will price match wherever possible (but can't price match below our cost price). We only use official Australian suppliers for each brand (the normal distribution channel). I could go on about the constant uphill battle regarding wholesale cost price but that's for another time πŸ˜‚

  • Not sure if it helps anyone, I signed up to the waiting list a few days ago, I was the 300th person in line.


    • Holy shit man, I just signed up for a 3070 then, about 2:00pm Adelaide time…guess I'm outa luck as I can't see them being allocated literally hundreds of new cards :(

      • Yep my thoughts exactly…

        I wonder if anyone has ever ordered from this company before?

        • This page says TechSwitch, their Facebook says TechSwich and so does their site unless it's just me?


          • @pumpkinpieblah: It's a play on Ipswich which is where they're located.

            • @Where's_That_Cake: The "TechSwitch" is incorrect typo on this page. Something to do with mod manually setting up our ozbargain store link, or a random person sharing a deal with a typo in our store name??? Not sure why. I did notice this but haven't bothered to do anything about it yet, I'll try and message a mod or something.

              The correct spelling is TechSwich and yes it's a play on the word Ipswich as mentioned by @Where's_That_Cake

      • +2 votes

        @Grosser611 our list isn't too much longer than when @pumpkinpieblah signed up as interest has died down a bit.

        You're right probably won't be allocated 100s of cards in one go. But can at least confirm from all the suppliers I've spoken to that this is generally the case across the board for all brands and models of cards and I'm in the same boat as other stores.

        Of course we are definitely trying out best.

    • The rate people have signed up has definitely started to slow down at this stage. Probably will pick up again around 3070 launch is my guess.

  • +9 votes

    3080 FAQ massive update

    In the interest of transparency. I've put together a quick FAQ that covers any question I remember receiving. Also will be updated to include ETAs, pricing etc. as soon as they are available and I have time to update.


    Probably shouldn't have provided this much info as I can see it being used against us by competitors, or to our competitors advantage. Ohh well yolo, I've got nothing to loseπŸ˜‚

    I'm also not sure how much of this info I'm technically not supposed to provide, I checked it pretty thoroughly think it's all ok but possibly might have to remove some of the info if requested by Nvidia or suppliers.

  • Nvidia RTX 3090 cards going live tonight on our website at approx 11 pm… If we can get them ready in time, trying to rush last minute updates (didn't receive all the info until late this evening) πŸ˜‚

    At the very least with images and description etc. Hopefully also with prices, if not within a very short time after going up. Also (finally) will have the 3080 prices up at roughly around the same time.

    Here's a link to get you ready.

    Please don't keep refreshing the page as we aren't actually taking pre-orders through our website so there's no need to crash our website haha. Just use the wait list form link instead if you want to put your name down to order: https://forms.gle/uUpHP5F9BdaR1VU89

    • Have sent you a PM re: wait list. Thanks :)

      • Yup seen that, was going to get to it soon. Just been crazy at the moment haha.

        Will actually be working out a way for you to check your place in the queue and post an update once I got that worked out.

        • Haha. All good. Good luck tonight :)

          • @Fatboy74: Going to need it haha 4-2-4… Those are the number of hours I slept last 3 nights πŸ˜‚

            I don't think 3090 interest is going to be quite as crazy as 3080 though lol…. Not looking forward to 3070 πŸ˜‚

            • @JEmms at TechSwich: What do you expect? 3090 is almost 180% more expensive than 3080 with 10% to 15% increased performance in 4k. 3090 is meant for 8k gaming and there isn't much 8k display option out there. Anyway, how is the 3080 going so far? Anymore updates :)

  • +2 votes

    Managed to get the 3090s ready literally a few minutes before launch lol https://www.techswich.com.au/store/components/graphics-video...

    Also pricing finally available for 3080s

  • The price you have on the 3080 strix, will that be your going rate for once they're available?

    I see CPL listing for 1699 and they have a higher margin on the other 3080s in their line-up.

    Also, do you have dates for the strix? I've heard rumours that they're launching on the 28th.

    • One we have showing is the OC edition. (ROG-STRIX-RTX3080-O10G-GAMING vs. ROG-STRIX-RTX3080-10G-GAMING).

      Currently don't have info/pricing/eta on the non-oc strix from any suppliers yet. But will likely be a good bit cheaper.

      Also I have only been able to get pricing on the OC edition from a single supplier, and pretty sure other suppliers will be cheaper once available. I'll be keeping an eye out on this, but likely our price on this one will generally be cheaper than what's currently shown.

      Tomorrow I will be breaking down our prices per shipment from various suppliers. So each page you will be able to see how many different shipments we have backordered and our expected price for each one.

      • Thanks, that sure does bring a sense of relief after seeing the ASUS ROG Strix OC model for that initial price on the store. Eagerly waiting for next week because that's when Asus said they will expect it to launch officially which was the week of 28th of September.

  • +3 votes

    Yo… what's up. Who's still after a 3090? Getting some in, spent all day trying to call people on the wait list but still got 1 (maybe 2) available. I've run out of time, and my voice is too hoarse to keep up with too many phone calls tonight. Plus it's getting pretty late.

    First in best dressed, need to lock them in tonight (and paid for) to get shipped in this batch from supplier, either wise I'll only be shipping 1 or 2 short of the whole order. Sorry to anyone on the wait list who missed out, I did my best effort today, will hear from me soon for next batch.

    INNO3D GeForce RTX 3090 ICHILL X3 24GB (C30903-246XX-1880VA37) - $2859.00

    0432 576 386 will be up late until midnight.

  • Did you get any new stock in this week at all JEmms?

    • +2 votes

      Managed to ship out 4 3080s this week, got 8 RTX 3090s that were due to arrive today but looking at the tracking probably won't come in until next week.
      I have confirmed I will be getting at least 1 more 3080 on Monday and a few more at the end of next week.

      • with a queue depth of 500+ and retailers are shipping out 5 a week… going to be years before all orders are gone O_O

  • Is there better card availability from one partner to another? Example if Asus sends out in 100x per shipment compared to evga 10x per shipment?

    • Yes, currently Colorful are the best. Only started getting them recently and already had more of any other brand combined in first shipment…. Effectively I'm work with another retailer to get them shipped to Aus directly from Colorful as none of the usual suppliers have been getting them in.

  • Any updates techswitch? I've heard eta are pushing November December for some cards. Any truth to it from what you've heard?

    • Not looking good for most brands. Last 3 weeks I only got a total of two 3080s for all brands.

      But yesterday I was able to confirm first shipment of Colorful cards and already exceeded all other brands combined so far… Should be getting in weekly shipments from Colorful from next week.

      Still not much in way of ETAs for most other brands/cards.

  • I noticed that I haven't moved queue position in at least a week. Still at #62, I know cards are going out from your store from comments at Whirlpool, has something changed with this queuing system?

    • Nothing's changed, just been super busy and it's taken me a few days to cross people off the list after they place their order. The wait list isn't linked to our order system so I have to manually look them up on the wait list to remove them.