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Apple Watch Series 3 Aluminium GPS 38mm $269, 42mm $319, Series 5 40mm $479, 44mm $529 @ JB Hi-Fi


JB Hi-Fi joins the price beat game on Apple Watch Series 3 & Series 5.


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    Series 5 or SE?

  • You can try price beat at ow for an extra 5%

  • Really good price, I think I still want the SE for noise monitoring, larger screen and 24GB more storage. Bit more future proof if Apple suddenly decides to ditch the series 3 because the screen's too small to work with the next watchOS or something

    • Series 3 will be supported for watch os7 from what I read, but valid just for extra memory alone. If only you could have Spotify offline

  • Has anyone been able to enable the ECG function of Australian stock Apple Warch with the modified iPhone backup hack? Especially curious since New Zealand has ECG enabled and I would think that they have the same stock as Aus.

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      I have. I had created the back up hack using one of the softwares, but to restore it on my phone, it would cost me money.
      But to remove this cost, I just simply moved the backup to the iTunes folder and restored it for free from there

      • Can you provide more detail or point to a tutorial? If I’m not mistaken, you use an IDE like Sublime to edit the PLIST, is that correct?

  • Only “Up to 18 hours……” battery life no matter which model you select….. Was expecting this to be better in Watch 6 or SE, specifically when you pay a premium price. I hope Apple can improve on that.

  • Purchased the apple watch series 5 4 days ago for myself and the wife before the discount. Does anyone know if JB HI FI does price guarantee?

    • They do. I went in store and asked and got $200 back on an iPhone last nov

      • Sweet thanks!

      • Thank you. I got a 3 a couple of weeks ago. Any idea what the timeline and process for refund of the difference is?

        • Not sure what you mean. But I went in exactly 14 days after I made the purchase and they did it in store. As I had done an online order they emailed me to confirm the refund after a few days

  • Can you use the Apple Watch without owning an iPhone?

    • I believe you can now set up an Apple Watch for others in your family from an iPhone. So you don’t need to have one but someone has to.

    • Yes, with watchOS 7… if someone else in the family owns an iPhone.

      Under the new model, a parent could activate and manage an Apple Watch for a child without requiring a second iPhone. This method will also offer parental controls including managing trust contacts and available music.

      You can exploit that loophole.

      • I would see one of the advantages of the watch, for kids, is being able to track where they are going and to be able to message/ring them. Also, as far as I know, the fitness apps are tied to the apps on the phone. I have an iphone 5 and, as annoying as it is, there is, certainly, advantages to having individual iPhone/Watch pairings.

      • You can exploit that loophole.

        But since the iPhone will be someone elses, it is linked to that phone. As far as I know Apple Watch relies on alot of its ability on being connected to the iPhone and so most of the features of the watch basically will be wasted (notifications / syncing activity etc).

        So for people (with a different phone) thinking they can get an Apple Watch and just use their friends iPhone to set it up I think will have less functionality.

    • Family not available yet here in Aus.

  • These are good options for a new watch, especially the series 5. Series 6 not too much of an upgrade IMO

  • Was there a silver aluminium on the site earlier for $529? I thought I saw one but no more

  • Hey Guys
    As new Apple watch SE and 6 now arrived is it still worth to buy one Apple watch 3 ? I have never used one before but just need a taste first time. I have checked and its costing me under $260 Brand new 42mm but on the other hand thinking to buy SE.
    Also how's the battery life & functions? Will that work with OP5 or do.i have to buy new Iphone also?
    What's your Opinion?
    Thank You

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      If you don't have an iPhone, don't buy Apple Watch.

    • Its not so much dont buy the apple watch as it is that it doesnt not work with any other phone.

    • Where can you get series 3 42mm for under 260? My wife wants one but cheapest I've found is 319.

    • I upgraded to a Series 4 after using a 3. The bigger screen makes all the difference in the world! I wouldn't go back to that unless price was the main concern. If you can afford the SE, definitely go for it! It's a much better experience. I cannot attest to watchOS 7 performance on other models, but on my 4 it feels faster!! I think they might've just reduced animation times on it, I'm not sure.

    • I just got a Series 3 as my first Apple Watch for Father’s Day a couple weeks back and I love it so far. I was in a similar position to you and wasn’t sure how much value I’d get out of a watch so went the lower cost option rather than forking out for the Series 5.
      I use it mostly for tracking workouts and soccer games but I’ve found the notifications, weather and being able to access some apps on the watch to be super handy.

      If I’m being honest though, I’m a bit disappointed with my timing. I did know a new watch was coming and I expected a new high end model but didn’t anticipate the release, specs and price of the SE, nor did I realise they would drop the price of the S3 further.

      Knowing what I do now I probably would’ve held off and spent an extra ~$100 than I spent a few weeks ago and got the SE.

      Unfortunately I bought a 42mm S3 Nike version from the Apple Store just over two weeks ago because they were the only ones with the Nike version in stock (which I wanted for the Nike sports band) so I don’t think there’s much I can do about it now.

      Having said all that, the S3 is still brilliant for my uses, I’m more just bummed that I could’ve either got it cheaper or upgraded for less of a price jump that existed when I bought it.

  • Thanks OP bought some watches and stacked with JB HIFI $50 cash back through CBA rewards.

  • Price beat the S5 44mm @ OW Oxley! Last one though… another young guy also there matching what I think was the last 40mm S5 silver… get in quick! Thanks OP! Receipt attached!

    • That other guys should be a Ozbargainer as well

      • Based on the fact that he asked me “if I was there for the Apple Watch too”… I think you’re probably right ;)

        It’s always nice to have a bit of a chat with another OzB user even if in my fresh out of bed slobwear haha

    • Thanks! I just price beat the S5 44mm @ OW Browns Plains. Two left as of about noon.

      Unfortunately they checked the JB site and saw that there were no pick-ups available at any stores in Brisbane, so I had to pay about $5 more than you…

      • Bugger! I did know that there was no 44mm S5 nearby and was expecting them to include the $4.99 delivery… the assistant was a bit flustered after spending 10-15 minutes physically locating the watch so by the end I think she’d forgotten, and to be honest I had too… lucky I guess!

  • been hoarding QFF points for gift cards as we ain’t travelling anywhere! pulled trigger on S5 Nike..

  • Deciding on the S5, SE of the new Fitbit Sense which is also $500

  • While series 3 is an old watch
    I think it still provide most features for normal users
    Pricewise its just slightly more than fitbit charge 4 and even lower than Fitbit versa 2
    But function wise it is way stronger as it includes Apple pay, answer/receive call etc.
    $269 is a good price IMO

    • In addition
      For those who can get discounted Gift Card (eg. Sunscorp)
      You get extra 5% off
      So eventually you only pay ~$256 for Apple Watch Series 3 38mm

  • For s3 buyers, I would suggest to wait for the Black Friday deal from either eBay or Apple store.

  • Think I’m ready to pull the trigger on an Apple Watch purchase.

    Main thing I want it for is tracking runs using Nike app and also listening to music and podcasts during it.

    Currently do it whilst carrying phone which isn’t ideal.

    From research I’ve seen that can only do it via Apple Music rather than Spotify?

    Have also read that you can store music to the watch for offline listening if you have non cellular version.

    How straight forward is this process?

    Do you think it’s worth paying extra for cellular to be able to stream or do you think it’s best to save money and save songs prior to each run?

    • Sportify is now testing that and will be coming soon I believe


      • Whether I’m using Spotify or Apple Music isn’t really a big deal for me. Happy to use either.

        More questioning the ease of offline listening, like is it a hassle to move playlists to the watch for offline listening or is it a seamless experience that takes a few seconds?

        I guess the other consideration beyond the additional upfront cost is the additional ongoing cost of paying for a sim plan for the watch.

    • I am in the same dilemma. I am thinking the cellular would be handy as there is no need to even bring a phone to runs plus can still make phone calls via airpds/earphones.

      The SE Cellular seems like good value as it is only $70 above the GPS.

      Do most people get use out of the cellular function and is always on display a big deal?

      • I initially ordered S6 but cancelled it and reordered SE with cellular after carefully assessed my own budget. S6 new functions maybe unusable at this state, plus it must be more battery consumption with the new features as well as the always on feature. so I sticked to SE and wait for next 2-3 generation watch with massive battery improvement.

        • I think I will do the same.

          The ECG is not enabled anyway. Blood oxygen overrated. In the presentation they did mention all the sensors are the same.

          So the key difference is always on display and slightly better CPU

        • I went with the SE. got mine on friday.
          Agree with what you’ve mentioned regarding the new features. So far it’s been great. Used it a whole day today battery is down to 77%.

  • Anyone opting for the SE with cellular actually have an affordable second sim option for the watch? I can only see Telstra, Vodafone and Optus plans having the extra sim / number match option and all of their plans that support One number / number share or whatever are ridiculous compared to my boost $135 a year…