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Reolink RLC-410W Wi-Fi Outdoor Camera $59.95, E1 Zoom Indoor Camera $79.95 + Delivery @ Shopping Square


big fan of these reolink cameras, went to parents home and they asked for some security cameras, therefore i searched online and found these in great prices.

Mod note: OP is associated with the brand / product and has sockpuppeted.

RLC-410W : can work indoor or outdoor, Wifi camera, means easy connect with your wifi through Reolink app and setup in minutes.
some special features:
*Video Quality: 2560 x 1440 (4.0 Megapixels)
*WIFI Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz / 5GHz
*Built-in Micro SD Card Slot
*Day/Night Mode: Auto Switch-over
*Handheld Device Supported: iOS, Android, 3G/4G Smartphones & Tablets
*continues recording ability
*Reolink free monthly could service

review1 , review2

These have optical zooming function which is pretty cool for a small little security camera, has pand and tilt so you can view on your phone in any angel.
other features:
*2560x1920 (5 Megapixels)
*3 x optical zooming
*Two-Way Audio, Listen & Talk
*Audio Recording, E-mail Alerts, Infrared/Night Vision
*WIFI Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz / 5GHz
*pan and tilt: Horizontal: 355°, Vertical:50°
* free Reolink cloud monthly per unit per account

review1 review2

rlc-410w normally goes for $80ish and now some places sells for $75ish, and E1 zoom normally goes for $95ish, so prices here are pretty good. not sure if only a weekend special but enjoy shopping.


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  • Is this an IP Camera, that I could use with Milestone XProtect for example ? TIA

  • +$10 shipping so ends up being $70. not a bad deal i suppose, ordered it cause I've been looking for a security camera this week anyway

  • Great pricing

  • I paid $56 (with coupons) for the RLC-410W from the Reolink Store on AliExpress. It was AU stock and was delivered in 2 weeks. I set it up last week and for a budget cam it's pretty good.


      that's crazy cheap, haven't seen that price for a long time, got all my home security with Reolink, highly recommended.

      • They had sale a few weeks ago when I posted this deal. It was $63 with seller coupon and I stacked it with an AliExpress coupon and paid $56 delivered :)

        • For that price I would snap up few more for sure! Didn't see that price ever but close to $70 is normal when they do sales.

  • RLC-410W;
    Anyone have personal experience on battery life/how often typically needs a charge?
    Also can you stream the content directly off the Camera on a PC/Phone or do you need the NVR?

  • Price is good but not great.

  • Not PoE right?

  • so do you need to get someone to wire it in?

    • Not really, just need a power outlet close by to plug in the power adapter.

  • Need some advise on power connection. How long power cord needed? Usually wouldn’t have a power point outdoor. TIA

    • +2 votes

      You get 4.5m power extension cable with the camera. Also the supplied power adapter has 1m cable.

  • Any good deal on dummy camera?

  • E1 zoom is usually $83 on Amazon with free delivery. It's been going back and forth from $95 to $83. However, managed to score one a few weeks ago for $70 on a lightning sale

  • Too many false alerts without AI for an outdoor camera. I’ll be going back to subscription service unfortunately

  • I'm on the verge of wanting toget new security cameras to replace the excellent but aging annke ones we have. Higher resolution but especially wider angle would be great.

    Would love another 4 or 8 Poe with base. What's the 2020 version of the well regardedannke these days? It's probably an Arlo or something I guess, but pricier than what I'm after.


    /Edit: quick Google shows swan and the eponymous reolink all make something. Down the rabbit home I go I guess.

    • I run blueiris software on a dedicated pc, and recommend it

      I wouldn't touch swan, I like being able to customise

      You can get a refurb PC off eBay to run it on

      Then tp link 8 port Poe


      $300 + $120 + cameras + cabling

      So maybe around $800 if you do it yourself for an A grade system

  • I'm looking for a 960H wireless camera (Analog, TVL)

    Anyone know where I can find it?

  • Not wireless.. Get wyzecam outdoor instead

  • Not specific to this deal but I picked up 2 if the relink argus eco units about 6 weeks ago from amazon they have been excellent. Full smart integration and very easy setup. Have been also very impressed with battery life. First camera is still going after 6 weeks on first charge. Have had no issues with disconnects and motion notification is also very good. Not always instant but generally very good. Image quality is also very good.

    I was able to use one in the roof to identify what rodent we had. Mounted in the ceiling space to catch the little fella in action. Also know now that the poison cubes we fed it have worked as no motion in 3 days. Been very handy.

    The only thing I would suggest with the argus is that the placement of the wireless aerial can limit placement and angle camera can be mounted as it can get in the way if pointed in one specific direction. You can work around it but better placement of the aerial mount point would have resolved it.

    Otherwise excellent cameras for the money.

    • you can get flexible antennas or what i did was sort of break the antenna's plastic bit around the joining point, the internal is a flexible cable running through the white plastic

      • Its more the shorter part that screw onto the camera I tried looking through all my aerials i had lying about and the were all the same length.You can get around it, it just limits placement slightly..

  • Anybody using the onvif on this, and want to share their experiences. I would like to know if its compatible with my dahua nvr

  • Anyone know how thick the wire is? Might be trying to fit it in through some small gaps to have it get outside

  • Any idea if these support onvif?

  • For the outdoor cam, how do we connect power to it practically? Extension cord running inside?

    • yes or install a power point near it

      • Bahaha I never understood that logic. It would be cheaper and easier to run a PoE camera

        • Not for people wants the trouble to install Poe injector or Poe switch period to install the camera , whereas this can be simply installed and plug in the power to work. Pro and cons

          • @Hotpotguy: My comment was to the one above me which said to "install a power point near it" therefore my comment about it being pointless when it would cost less to run a catx cable.

            Plus exactly what trouble is it to plug in a PoE injecter or plug it into a switch. How's that different then plugging into a GPO. You said plugging in what trouble lol

            Running the camera on DC power still suck BTW. Running PoE is easy enough and cheap to do it. DC should only really be used for internal cameras not external because they will be problematic eventually and will require hard resets

            It's all cons in my eyes because if that GPO doesn't exist, wiring will still be needed where you could of had catx instead so a DC WiFi camera is crap. Better off with solar

  • Coming up to $72 for me based on Shipping to my location (VIC).
    Alternative link for anyone else looking at Ebay. Comes to $72.20 with shipping.

  • I have a genbolt cam. Would there be anyway to get these working together / same app?

  • Bit annoyed with the sockpuppeting.

    I bought two of these based on what I thought was a genuine OZBer review and recommendation.

    Would like to take back my up vote.

    Seriously why isn't this a perma ban offence?

    • Yeah luckily didn't pull the plug.

      It was NOT a deal. As I posted above, it was 20 cents cheaper than an Ebay listing (with 10 in stock) with shipping included.

      • Agreed only to find out he is sockpuppeting! Admins - wtf? I dropped a fair amount of coin on this. A temp ban for being deceitful to members of a buying community doesn't seem reasonable to protect us.

  • Although annoyed at being socketpuppetted I am quite happy with this camera as a replacement of an old D-link camera. Delivery was quick too