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Skate Shoes / Trolley Bag $0.01ea + Shipping @ Cotton On


1 Cent Shoes in Black And White.
Perhaps Price error.
Black: https://cottonon.com/AU/mannequin-axell-skate-shoe/363378-01...

Limited sizing - cause 1 cent shoes

Trolley bag too:


Postage kills $7-10
All the best

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  • +8 votes

    Get 6000 pairs for free delivery 😁

    Standard - $7 or FREE on orders $60+

  • Damn if it weren’t for the minimum $60 spend for free shipping…

  • Only size 43

  • Any filler items for $59.99+ that I can return, to get free shipping?

  • Found a trolley bag too.

  • Did someone buy like 50 trolley bags or something? it sold out fast

  • Can't actually add any shoes to cart. Can add bag but says out of stock.

  • Bought 40 black shoes in size 43 and 44.
    Going to donate to my local salvos.

    • Oh I didn't realise there was a black version, I could have added that to my cart, damn lol.

      • I actually had 20 white too, but told me it was sold out after i checked out with PayPal.
        I dont think they gonna honour it though.

        • Ohh, perhaps if I had spent the extra two minutes adding the black to my cart, I wouldn't have left with the whites.

    • Better to give it to a local charity/nfp than salvos. Salvos throws out a lot of things behind the scenes. But good job man! This inspires me to pick up more bargains and to donate it to others too

      • Really? Thanks for letting me know. There is a sacred heart too. Will that be OK?

        I think a lot of people could use the help now.

      • Volunteered at Lifeline for a short while and I would get so angry at the amount of stuff they threw away (I would even try and take some of the stuff that they were taking to the dump and they would have the cheek to try and charge me for it). The excuse they always gave was they didn't have the storage room for a lot of it, but they could have easily offered a lot of it for free and people would have grabbed it.

  • I bought 20 for $7.20.

    I probably should have done the purchase numerous times, it seems like good value on charity donations.

  • Lol good find OP :D its a shame no c&c

  • Missed out on the trolley bag. Shame. Genuinely would have used one or two

  • Pricing Errors
    The Cotton On Group reserves the right to amend any pricing errors displayed due to human error, computer malfunction or other reason. The Cotton On Group will notify you of any error in pricing and you may elect to not purchase any Good/s where the price has been corrected.

    This should be fun

  • That was fast.
    Anyways, they should be cancelling few orders

  • Damn! So many great deals tonight all of which I've missed

  • Should be an error as the category it was under is Giftcards.

  • Missed out, but didn’t at the same time. Prepare for cancellations

  • I ordered 20 pairs white and 20 pairs black. Received an email today saying they have been shipped.

  • I received 2 pairs today, quality are quite good. Unluckily I placed 2 orders separately so paid postage twice, total cost $14.02.
    Thanks PO.

    • Oh, how come you didn't try and buy a few extras in the same order?

      I do agree that the quality is quite reasonable.

  • I received two boxes today of 20 white shoes.

    I'm still waiting for my next order of 24 black shoes.

    Mum get's quite involved with her church, so hopefully four boxes of shoes will keep her off my back the next time she needs someone to fill in as a peer leader on some camp.

    Thank you Legoncy for the post.

    • Your welcome bro - thanks for the update all the best

      Did anyone actually get the bag delivered?