Similar Replacement for The TCL Plex?


Daughter had the phone slip from a deep pocket, just standing up, and will be forever scarred.

Camera corner and screen F'd.

She loves the phone. Anything out their similar?

Damn. It was the cheap deal w/excellent BT headphones, too.

Thanks for your advice. Appreciated very much!



  • Anything stopping you from just getting another one?

  • We had the same thing happen. The glass on the TCL Plex was way too fragile. Have already replaced ours with a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro from Tobys deals. Will take about 2-3 weeks but worth the wait.

  • Nokia 5.3
    Moto G8 Plus
    Around the $300-$350 ish mark.

    Although you are looking at less storage (64GB vs 128GB), less RAM (4GB vs 6GB) and a slightly lesser processor. Shouldn't be a big deal as long as 64GB storage is enough.

    If you need 128GB storage then Nokia 7.2 for $398

    Keep in mind Nokia has Android One but Motorola doesn't (if that is important). Build quality of Motorola may be slightly better though.

    These will all have a similar performance and feel to the Plex (fairly clean UI and mid range processor) with an okay camera.

    If you want to splurge the Pixel 4A for $599 will give you a superior camera and better processor, you'll also have the same 128GB storage and 6GB RAM that the plex had. Plus Android One, 3 years OS updates etc. However they are still on backorder everywhere so you'd need to wait a few weeks to receive it (I think JB and Google Store are mid October).

    Nokia 5.3
    G8 Plus
    Nokia 7.2
    Pixel 4A