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TCL Plex 128GB/6GB (Black or White) $249 (Was $499) + Bonus Bluetooth Headphones (Valued at $69) @ JB Hi-Fi


Edit 13/2 6pm: Sold out online, phone your local store as some stock is still around (limited).

TCL Plex 128GB has gone half price, a full $150 less than last months deal.

Click & Collect or $4.99 Delivery

Looks like really good value for this price.

Premium 6.53" HD+ Display
Qualcomm SDM675 Snapdragon 675
128GB storage
Triple Rear Cameras
24MP Selfie Camera
3820mAh Battery & Quickcharge 3.0

Bonus Headphones!
Purchase the TCL Plex 128GB (Obsidian Black) and get a pair of TCL MTRO200BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones valued at $69!

Edit 12/2 1130pm: Stock levels have quick diminished, only a few stores with stock left, however still available for delivery with an expected delivery of 2 weeks or so "Arrives on or before Friday 28th February with tracking if you buy today.".

Edit 13/2 6pm: Sold out online, phone your local store as some stock is still around (limited).

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  • +1

    Xiaomi or this?


      • +6

        Or get Xiaomi Android One device.

        • +1

          After using an Android One device, you wouldn't like any other device unless you are savvy enough to play with ROM and make changes yourself.

          • +2

            @virhlpool: Agreed. I went from Nexus 4, 5, 6 then Xiaomi A2 lite and now A2. Can't stand buggy UI overlays.

            • +1

              @netjock: Same here. I am with MiA2 and slowly exploring the next option to move on but ideally Android One only.

              • @virhlpool: Xiaomi A4 looks interesting based on rumours.

                Otherwise I am going to Nokia. 6 or 7 series.

                A2 still have 2 years of updates to go.

                • @netjock: I have a 6.1 which is great. The 7 Plus not so much (charging port only half depth) and the 7.2 is reviewing not so great (random hanging & lock-ups).
                  None have IP ratings. However, got caught in a storm on a motorbike. Phone got saturated in my pocket with nothing protecting the ports. Zero problems & no need for a bag of rice.

              • @virhlpool: The Nokia Android One devices are bloody fantastic.

                • @Cyphar: I think so too. Xiaomi are just better bargains though. Can't believe I am still happy with Xiaomi MiA2 that I bought for just above $250 from one of the popular deals on OzB.

                  • @virhlpool: You paid $50 too much :D

                    A2 will probably carry is over to A5 which is pretty good compared to Samsung et Al that takes 6 months after release for an update and usually promise another update and then drop it saying it is just all too hard.

      • +13

        Are you talking about Chinese ROM? I use international ROM and there's no ads

        • +7

          my mi max 3 is fine with no ads. people that say that don't own one.

          • @mckayver: same mi mix 3 5g all good snapdragon 855 so its way better than this old phone and not much more money

          • @mckayver: Most likely got sold a Chinese version with either a Chinese ROM or a reseller ROM instead of a proper Global version ROM. Happens quite a bit.

        • Interesting, I'm using MIUI global 11.0.2 and I got ads. Where did you get your international rom?

      • +13

        Xiaomi global has adds inside 3 of it's apps (security, file explorer and the apple like draw thing) that can all be turned off in the options. If you see adds outside of that you have a bootleg vendor rom.

        • +3

          Having ads inside free apps is pretty standard. If you don't like them uninstall (or buy/use a different app).

          • +5

            @IHatePeople: We are talking about system apps locked into the rom that are not easy to de-activate/uninstall.

            With Xiaomi Global as mentioned above, can turn adds off in app options/settings pretty quickly.

            • @ozhunter68: Even samsung does it. Every time you open samsung pay, boom, ad at the top of the screen

            • +2

              @ozhunter68: Don't use those system apps then. It's not like there's a shortage of apps on the Google Play store.

    • This

      Camera onboth front/back of phone

    • +27

      Well, fortunately this does have a headphone jack.

  • +15

    Incredible value at this price. Also it is almost stock android as TCL are new to the phone game.

  • Couldnt find info on bands covered by it.. I suffered a lot thanks to MiMax with lot of dark spots around city.. hope it has band 28

  • Is JB's site broken? I cannot proceed to payment after selecting Click and Collect…

    • Checked out as guest in Edge Chromium, finally got it to work…

  • +1

    Thanks OP, anyone know if this a single SIM or dual SIM variant?

    • Yes, good question.
      I doubt SD675 can do dual 4G (if it is a dual sim)

    • +2

      According to this review, it is dual SIM

      • +1

        Thanks, ordered one!

        • +1

          It might be a hybrid dual sim card sharing with memory card.

          • +3

            @spedohero: No worries, 128GB internal storage is plenty for me! Plays don’t mind hot swapping cards in the event I need the second sim or memory card.

  • +2

    Cheers, OP. Been looking to upgrade my dad's S5 and this looks like a good choice.

  • +4

    I was going to wait til the s10 is much cheaper to upgrade my s7. Liked sticking with Galaxy for the seamless transfer of phones.

    But this likes great for the price. Thoughts between waiting to spend $600 on an S10 if my S7 is still fine, versus picking this up? Couldn't find any reviews against flagship phones.

    • Well considering you have a s7 already, this phone would have you losing out from a front facing fingerprint reader, and nfc, as well as a downgrade in screen resolution, and even the battery capacity is similar (3000mah on s7 fair enough, 3500on s7e)

      • +7

        It says here that it has NFC.

        • +6

          It does have NFC and I've had no issues using it.

    • +3

      I bit the bullet. On a S7 Edge here. The value of this deal is too good to pass up imo.

      • How does it compare? Happy with the upgrade?

        • +1

          It's due to be delivered on Monday 😀

          I got my S7 Edge on release so it's had four years of heavy use. Battery doesn't quite make it through a day now. I can't imagine I'll be disappointed with the upgrade but I'll let ya know.

    • +9

      I am also an S7 owner here, the value of this deal is incredible. However i cannot see it as an upgrade from my S7,which is still working very well :(

      • +2

        My S7 works great but think the battery is slowly on the way out (am a heavy user and have owned for 3 years in July). I can't justify upgrading to an S10 just yet and for the price, and with the headphones, it is a tempting option to get by another couple years before getting an S10 or S11.

        • +3

          Just change the battery, I've just done mine for the 2nd time in 4 years on my S7

        • my s7 still cranking aswell. battery a tad old now but still goes alright. i was looking at the S10E but in the same boat as you (cant justify upgrading) even tempted to get a refurb s7 or a new s8. so many options

      • -4

        S7 camera better.

        • -1

          Sorry I mean S7 camera better than this TCL.

          Even this one have higher MP but S7 photo quality is better.

          • +4

            @superforever: Will disagree. I moved from S7 to S8 to this phone and it's been the best images yet. Clear, nice colour, all round better from my experience

            • @phluffed: OK, is this better than Xiaomi Mi 9T with the other deal?

            • +1

              @phluffed: So you upgraded to Plex from an S7 and S8? Do you think the Plex is a good upgrade over those two phones? Any main pros and cons you found?

              • +2

                @djsa: Yes, I went S7>S8>Plex

                Other than some UI changes that took a bit of remembering, I've been happy. Sound is clear and loud, screen is nice and the photos have been a big improvement. My only grip was lack of wireless charging, but the thing goes from 5-100% in the same time my OH's S10 goes from 5-50% when on quick charge.

                • +2

                  @phluffed: How about night photo?

                • @phluffed: Thanks mate, is the size upgrade over s7 a bit of a handful or still comfortable to use? I've liked the size of the s7 in hand and pocket.

  • +1

    How about the camera?

    • +1

      48 mp

      • +33

        48 mp

        MP means nothing to photo quality.

        • +6

          Not sure why you got negged. The best smartphone cameras on the market aren't the ones with the most megapixels.
          You can either go the software route (like Pixel), the hardware route (iPhone 11) or a mix of both (Samsung S10).

          In fact I think all of these phones only have around 12MP cameras?

          • @pennypincher98: with these high MP cameras, it isn't actually 48MP - as it can only shoot 12MP photos due to the sub-pixel matrix.

            Effectively the sensor is designed so that 4 pixels actually make one big pixel, allowing them to be physically larger than those on actual 12MP cameras.

        • Haha so true, but to fair, there's probably not too much more you could get out of a on the surface comparison like this without properly reading a camera review of the phone.

    • +1

      Has the exact same sensor as the Xiaomi 9T according to Kimovil (Talking about the main triple rear camera) as for the other sensors and how they compare not sure, also not sure about the Camera optimization and software.

  • +5

    Thanks just bought one, click and collect notification already rec'd. I wanted to upspec from my Sharp S3 which has been a trojan to an intermediate phone until 5g grows a backbone. B28 incl. according to GSM Arena. Bought with Amex to get the smashed screen insurance.

  • +4

    This or Samsung A30?
    Doesn't seem to be a lot of cases available…

    • I have purchased case on Aliexpress. Not much anywhere else. Unfortunately delivery time is not great.

      • Do you have a link to the case that you bought?
        I've only been able to find generic flip cases.

  • Is there much phone case sold for this model? Can't seem to find much options online.

  • $9.90 delivery for me

  • +4

    Fantastic, thank you!

    I'll be claiming price protection with my Coles Mastercard. I bought this on launch weekend (for $499) when my LG V30+ had to be sent in for repairs (headphone jack). The TCL Plex has some great specs and I love the camera, but I preferred my LG for many reasons, chief among them wireless charge and always-on display/notifications.

    But for $250 the TCL Plex is a steal.

    • +2

      Is it a dual sim slots or hybrid sim slot sharing with memory card?

      • +6

        I only use one SIM card. But I just had a look and took a photo (here:

        It looks like a shared slot - so SIM 2 and SD share one slot, and SIM 1 has its own slot. I haven't tried to see whether you can use both a SIM and SD card at the same time in the slot

        • +3

          Thank you so much for the confirmation.

        • +2

          One can easily have Both Sim and the SD card by applying a SIM extender which is a thin plastic that extend the second sim out side warp around the devices back.
          I apply this to My Xiaomi Devices including the latestest K30/PocoX2. it became a dual sim with SD card device but you must apply a rubber case with a cut out hole to use with out worries.

          it breaks the cosmetic harmony but you can have it all!!!

    • my CC has a time limit on the protection.. I grabbed mine between xmas and NY for $449, so miss out on the protection.
      But am enjoying the phone and while I would love $200 back, I can't really complain!

    • +1

      LG lost trust from many people with their Bootloop issues with G4. Can't think of going back to them.

  • How are the headphones that are included?

    • +3

      Some Reviews here, don't expect too much, they are budget, but seem decent for the price.

      Make sure you are looking at MTRO200BT and not MTRO200 or MTRO200NC when checking out reviews etc.

  • I’ve got an iPhone 8 - worth the purchase or not?

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