This was posted 2 years 4 months 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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TCL Plex 128GB/6GB (Black or White) $249 (Was $499) + Bonus Bluetooth Headphones (Valued at $69) @ JB Hi-Fi


Edit 13/2 6pm: Sold out online, phone your local store as some stock is still around (limited).

TCL Plex 128GB has gone half price, a full $150 less than last months deal.

Click & Collect or $4.99 Delivery

Looks like really good value for this price.

Premium 6.53" HD+ Display
Qualcomm SDM675 Snapdragon 675
128GB storage
Triple Rear Cameras
24MP Selfie Camera
3820mAh Battery & Quickcharge 3.0

Bonus Headphones!
Purchase the TCL Plex 128GB (Obsidian Black) and get a pair of TCL MTRO200BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones valued at $69!

Edit 12/2 1130pm: Stock levels have quick diminished, only a few stores with stock left, however still available for delivery with an expected delivery of 2 weeks or so "Arrives on or before Friday 28th February with tracking if you buy today.".

Edit 13/2 6pm: Sold out online, phone your local store as some stock is still around (limited).

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    Apparently this phone has a better camera then a Samsung S7/ S8 according to one ozbarginer, Anyone else have experience with this phones camera not on Dxomark currently wondering if it's worth the upgrade from an S7.

    Edit: According to Kimovil Rear camera is the Exact same as Xiaomi Mi 9T, just not sure which one is better optimized, not sure about other camera's

    Seriously considering this as an upgrade from Samsung S7.,xiaomi-mi-9t-6gb...

    The specs on this phone is nearly as good as my P30 pro, except I paid $1k for that. :O

    TCL is killing it. Also bought a TCL TV in a recent OzB deal and the quality/features/specs is top notch.

    • +1

      Not comparable at all

      • +2

        What? You make phone calls and both have a calculator. DNA is a 99% match.

  • +1

    Dang, just bought samsung A20 earlier for my dad.

    • +2

      Don't feel too bad, the a20 is fantastic for price, and for 70 bucks cheaper, you don't have to risk having a software from a brand new company, and never find out about it cause your dad couldn't tell if it's functioning normally or not.

      • +4

        Not exactly a new company. They have obviously been around in other areas such as TV's for a while and they also own Alcatel and blackberry. It is really just a new line of phones.

  • So good to see prices at local stores coming down so cheap

  • How many phones do people need?

    • Depending on how many fingers you have.

  • Very tempting

  • +4

    Grabbed one for my mum. She's in dire need of an upgrade. Thanks OP!

  • Tempted to buy for backup phone. Currently my iPhone 7plus is still working well although phone settings message says battery needs to be serviced. I don't find anything wrong but just in case it suddenly fails it good to have a good backup. Will this phone be much of an upgrade?

    Hoping HN will price match as I still have a bunch of gift cards with them.

    • You just described my issues too 😂 I’ve got an iphone 7 too and purchased this one as a backup phone. But rethinking now, I might actually just sell as it arrives. (Mod: Edited private selling).

    • +2

      I think this phone is exclusive to JB for now…

      • Ah okay. Thanks

  • +2

    the details page says 1year manufacturers warranty.

    will it be 1year or jbhifi needs to abide by ACL and provide 2 years ?

    • +2

      Good question.

    • +2

      Pretty standard. A lot of Phones say 1 year warranty..but it's sold in Australia, so it's 100% 2 years.

  • Hi, you guys who purchased it don't mind a 192 gram phone, isn't that heavy? i'd like to gain your perspectives.

    • Also curious how people find the size? Biggest I've ever used is an S7. Not sure if this will feel uncomfortable to use.

    • Ibought this last night. Phone is slightly heavier thanmy s10+ and slightly larger.

  • This or Moto G8 Plus?

    I've currently got a 16GB Moto G5 Plus - while it is a great phone it is time to upgrade not sure if it's worth the extra $200 for the G8 plus looking at the specs of TCL.

  • +2

    I've spent ages searching for a case for this phone on ebay AU, ebay US, AliExpress (I don't like the hard case it comes with) & the internet in general … and I can't find any cases, anywhere. Not even a simple soft tpu case or a plain wallet case (I did find one that required the phone to be stuck down with tape). Has anyone else had any luck tracking down accessories / cases for this phone?

    • I plan to just 3D print one, then cut my own holes for camera and such. TPU is easy to work with.

      There's a few cases on Amazon, especially in Japan.

  • +6

    ANTuTu results:

    Oh my GOD this is amazing.
    I've always used TCL phones.
    A few Alcatel's, followed by a Blackberry KeyOne then a KeyTwoLE; their brands have always been absolutely AMAZING.
    Reliable like no tomorrow.

    I played with this phone IRL on launch day for about an hour and a half (I know, I know….), I was blown away!

    They kept the quick launch\convenience key\bixbi? button that you can assign 3 actions to.
    I was REALLY worried about this on my next phone, because I use my flashlight every day, for at least 3 hours total.
    I needed to be able to turn the flashlight on and off without unlocking the phone.
    The spacebar on my E63 & E71 did this, i used Torchie with the alcatels and then I used the convenience key on the blackberries.

    There are a LOT of camera samples on youtube, they're all GREAT, and the stabilization is VERY good; I think you're limited to 1080p 30fps for EIS, but it's still good.

    And the ability to connect to 4 bluetooth speakers simultaneously had me managing to rickroll the JB I was in, from 4 different locations simultaneously.

    This is proper exciting for me.

    The ONLY downside is the Mono speaker being a bit tinny.
    It DID get louder than my blackberry, but not by much, and it missed the depth of the upper mids that the BB manages so well.

    I'mma go buy one!

    • +6

      Up voted for the rick roll

  • +1

    I have the short dated 100 buck voucher from JB from the chrome book deal, I don't often buy stuff from JB, does anyone think that any better deal than this will appear from them by June?

    Or maybe someone has an opinion on what a 100 buck JB voucher would sell for?

    • +1

      They're clearing out what they can, because at the same price point they're about to release the TCL 10 series at MWC2020.

      • +1

        Yeah they releasing 3 model and apparently the cheapest the 10L will be around $500 and the top of the range the 10pro will be around $799, and the 10 5g will be in between those 2 prices , the 2 top one have 5g while the 10L will be 4g

  • +1

    There are now 3 left at Maroochydore Sunshine Plaza Store. 2 white and 1 black.

  • Damn the black has been deleted

    • +4

      You can still walk into store and buy black at the same price. I just did. See my post above.

      • Thanks mate, I called up my local and they had one in black

  • Thanks. Just bought the first one in the last 4 years to replace my iPhone 6s.

    • +1

      You're going to adore it.

    • +2

      It just received Android 10 a few weeks back. It will probably receive the usual security updates, but other than, so what. From the reviews I've read, it's a great phone.
      Bought one for my father as he's using some absolute dog phone right now.

  • Black has been sold out online, Only white left now

  • +1


    can we buy it with the digital vouchers (Via Suncorp)? It will come down to $237.50

    • +1

      Yup, absolutely.

  • +3

    Can any users confirm/deny that when 2 x sim cards are installed, this phone can run 4G on BOTH sim cards at the same time ?

  • Just picked one up from JB Albert St but no headphones included. Store told me to contact JB headquarters.

    • Hmm, good luck with that one. Hopefully you don't get a "while stocks last" response.

      • To be honest i don't really want the headphones but maybe I can pass it onto the wifey. Hopefully they at least give me a giftcard if there are no headphones

        • +2

          Previous comment says they should have been shrink wrapped together. I guess "contact headquarters" is a better chance than them saying no more stock when you picked up.

    • +1

      but no headphones included.

      Mine packed together.

    • +2

      Mate I went to the one at Macarthur next to kfc and they had it shrink wrapped as a bundle

    • +1

      Bro, Walk 2 minutes up the Mall and they have the headphones!… Just return the other one!

      • Lol I already opened it thinking it was possibly inside. It's ok no biggie. I'll see what headquarters have to say first.

        • Bugger! Hopefully they will sort you out!

        • +2

          thinking it was possibly inside

          It is an overhead headphone no way inside XD

  • Shopback or Cashreward or any equivalent cashback for this purchase?

    • No

  • +2

    This post keeps taunting me. I ordered a Galaxy M30s for my dad from Kogan for $340 literally the day before this was posted

  • Great deal for this handset.

  • OOS took too long to decide and missed out

  • +3

    Just went into Brisbane(Queen Street Mall - Store) They have the TCL and Headphone Combo! @12pm QLD time.
    Albert Street store (Selling without the headphone combo)

    • Whereabouts is the Queen St Mall one? Is there one in the myer centre?

      • +2

        Queen Adelaide Building, Tennancy 1B & 1C, 88/112 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
        Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 6PM
        Phone: (07) 3037 6000

        No JBHiFI in the Myer Centre. The Queen St Mall store is right across from it though! Probably call them first to see if they have any left if you are keen!

        • Ohhhh gotcha it's the one just up the road from the maccas there, up the escalator.


  • Thanks. Just got the last one at West Burleigh, Gold Coast to replace my slowly dying Moto Z Play. Bundled BT headphones look like a decent backup pair.

  • just wondering can anyone tell me how many gift cards/e gift cards can be used in one traction on the JB website?

    • Well I used 2 - One $200 and one $50 gift card I bought

  • Has anyone been able to find any stock in Sydney for pick up?

    • Has anyone been able to find any stock in Sydney for pick up?

      There were some back in stock this morning but all gone now and also no more to deliver.

      • Thanks, I really hope they send headphones with delivery as it says until stock lasts on the listing.

      • Still stock at Moore Park, Chatswood Chase and Hornsby

        • Seem stock still coming in from somewhere.

  • For those with JBCommercial access, it is still available for order/purchase for both delivery and in-store pick-up.

  • Anyone can still order? I got error that item is not available for delivery at checkout :(
    This phone is the best for this price with UFS2.1 and 6GB RAM. Does this phone come with dual-SIM?

    • come with dual-SIM?

      Yes but hard to find stock now and not available to deliver.

  • Seems to still be a few in Perth, Malaga Osborne Park, Midland

  • +5

    hi fellas, i just cancelled my click and collect order (wifey not too keen on TCL :o) for the black one at the Mt Druitt store NSW. So there should be atleast one available there in store. Cheers!

    • +2

      It's a shame, It's the best bang for buck phone around at this price. But thanks for the headsup.
      True Ozbargain spirit :)

      • yeah, she'd rather continue using her iphone 7 plus. was really tempted to keep it as a backup phone, but i'd just got a note 9 a year back.

        • Same problem I had with mum, She is on a Iphone 6 Plus and I've tried to get her to switch over knowing it would be an improvment.
          Once some people are on Apple's ecosystem it's almost impossible to make then go over to Android.

          • +1

            @ZackyD: True that. I dread every time she asks me to back up her 80 gig of photos and videos. iphone backups are frustrating. the phone keeps hanging up while doing large transfers to pc. with my note 9, i connect a portable ssd with usbc directly to the phone and takes less than a couple of minutes to back up equivalent amount of data from the phone. am i doing something wrong with the iphone??

        • uhh you should of got it anyway, she would of learned how good it was when using it and her stubbornness for Apple would be gone >_> , if she doesn't like it after idk 2 months you sell it on gumtree

  • I just came across a review that stated this phone is better performing than the Xiaomi Mi 9T

    If you can still get this phone, I'd say jump on it.
    I'm waiting to pick mine up now and made a blind trigger purchase based on the price and reviews.

    I doubt there would be more than $50 profit margin for JB at this price. Def clearing stock out.

    • than the Xiaomi Mi 9T

      It said Mi 9 Lite in the article are they the same?

    • Seriously, Antutu is just a benchmark it doesn't exactly tell you the performance, especially when you take the total score. Mi 9 Lite has older CPU but better GPU, that already tells you that the SD 710 will outperform SD 675 in the TCL Plex in terms of gaming. For instance, the SD 835 which only does around 180k Antutu total score still has much faster GPU than even SD 730 or G90T which boasts 220k+ Antutu score. The GPU in SD 835 is around 50% faster than either 730 or G90T which are both 25% faster than SD 710/712 which again faster than SD 675.

  • +1

    I got one with headphones from Geelong even their website said no stock.

    Very beautiful glass sandwich phone with case and screen protector on.

    Very quick charge and the wired in earphones are very usable for games, too much bass.

    The free and cheap looking plastic bt headphones are ok for music too.

    $250 is a steal

  • Looks like out of stock for delivery Im Not successful to get it delivered only click and collect is available which is about 100 k away from me ☹️.

  • Don't know if 6.5 inch is too big for a phone.

    Wanted to wait till after work to go in and test it out. Sold out now. Should have just click and collect and if I didn't like it, cancel it.

    Lesson for next time I guess.

  • sold out now ,not online anymore

  • Got the last one at Traralgon JB.
    Thank you op

  • Would any new owners of the phone be so kind and check if Polish language is available within the settings? I want to ship this beauty for my grandma.

    I just collected it but I nobody was able to confirm it.

    Thank you!

    • +4

      Polski the same thing ? If yes it's there.

      • +1

        That's the one :-) Thank you so much for confirming this :-) So I can finally have this opened and set it up for my grandma :-)
        How do you find the phone so far?

  • Received a message saying mine is being shipped by Toll (who were the victims of a recent ransomware attach).

    When I try to track the order I get this message: "Unfortunately we weren't able to find anything in our systems. Please check your shipment reference number or try another reference number that may have been provided to you."

    Does anyone know if this will cause delays in it being delivered???

    • +2

      Sometimes when tracking is added recently it may not show up in the system, give it a few hours or a day and if it doesn't appear then maybe contact JB or Toll.

      If your order was one of the later ones i believe those items were going to be available around 27 February?

      • Thanks. I got a message saying it should be delivered by 17 Feb - guess there isn't too much I can do except be patient. If I haven't received it by then I'll follow it up.

    • +2

      "Unfortunately we weren't able to find anything in our systems.

      If just pick up today you may have to wait tomorrow to track it.

  • +1

    No longer available on JB HI Fi page, however item may still be in stock at a few stores, best to call store directly (if possible) or walk in.

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