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TCL Plex 128GB/6GB (Black or White) $249 (Was $499) + Bonus Bluetooth Headphones (Valued at $69) @ JB Hi-Fi


Edit 13/2 6pm: Sold out online, phone your local store as some stock is still around (limited).

TCL Plex 128GB has gone half price, a full $150 less than last months deal.

Click & Collect or $4.99 Delivery

Looks like really good value for this price.

Premium 6.53" HD+ Display
Qualcomm SDM675 Snapdragon 675
128GB storage
Triple Rear Cameras
24MP Selfie Camera
3820mAh Battery & Quickcharge 3.0

Bonus Headphones!
Purchase the TCL Plex 128GB (Obsidian Black) and get a pair of TCL MTRO200BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones valued at $69!

Edit 12/2 1130pm: Stock levels have quick diminished, only a few stores with stock left, however still available for delivery with an expected delivery of 2 weeks or so "Arrives on or before Friday 28th February with tracking if you buy today.".

Edit 13/2 6pm: Sold out online, phone your local store as some stock is still around (limited).

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  • Just purchased one from jb hifi sunny coast for my son and they said no headphones as they had run out, still had the phones, so bought the phone, so are they right in saying their are no headphones etc, or is it a con by the store.

    • they ran out. Also missed out

    • they have to give you one as advertised. you can call their head office maybe and claim one? i wouldnt let it go tbh

      • I think it comes as a bundle and some batch doesn't comes with headphone. Let me know if you get any luck getting the headphone. I also bought one without the headphone.

      • +2

        The promo text on the original listing plainly said while stocks last. There's no promise there

        • While the phone stock lasts. Not the headphones. It is a bundle and has to come together.

          • @behindmyego: You're definitely wrong on this. It's clearly stocks of the headphones, not the phone.

            • @bulldoglikeapproach: Yea but when you look at the advertising on their website, it says bonus headphones. So either you get one with your purchase or you can literally report them for false advertising. That's why they have to give you one trust me :)

    • I was told there are two type one bundled with headphones and one without.

      Keep looking around you may find the bundled one never know your luck.

      Can always return the one you bought if you end up finding one.

    • May be they have seperated the headphone for themselves. Otherwise headphone and mobile both are packed in separate boxes but wrapped in one plastic.

  • Listing expired

  • Hey guys, does anyone know how to remove the TCL watermark that appears in every photo you've taken?

    • +1

      Go into the settings.. Click more then the gear

      • Can't find it. Went to the setting and there is nothing on More then the gear. Can you be more specific?

        • +1

          Top left of more is a gear. Click on it then go watermark.

          • +1

            @tlai: Found it. I thought you mean the phone setting. It was in the camera app setting

  • +1

    I have an online order put on hold (obsidian black) after i called around and found stock at:

    1 X Thomastown, VIC (white) - no headset and on hold for me
    1 X JB Home Preston, VIC (black) - no headset and on on hold for me
    1 X Brunswick, VIC (black) - i got this one

    PM me if anyone wants my online order and happy for someone else to take my hold units as i no longer need them.

    Hope this helps others wanting a unit in VIC…

    • -1

      Hi may I please have one if you still have any left? I'd prefer the white one but others will do too! Thanks

  • 1 black left at Ocean keys WA , as of now

  • +2

    Thanx heaps OP the very nice girl at my local JB is getting one brought in from another store and includes headphones. Would give this deal 10 up-votes if i could!

    Very happy :-)

  • If we don't get headphones and if we ask JB HiFi, do they give us any discount as a goodwill?

  • As of the timing of this post, either the deal is finished, or JB have taken it down, as the product profile on JB's site has been taken down (404). This is also the case for the white one, and the phone is not short-listing when searching for it.

    • +1

      JB's site has been taken down (404)

      Happened not long ago and came back when they have stock back.

  • Anyone not able to connect theirs to WiFi (before and after updating)? Managed to get it to connect to my hotspot and Telstra Air, but doesn't like my home hotspot on either 2.4 or 5GHz (saying "saved"). Have a Telstra Smart Modem 2.

    EDIT: Had to change WiFi settings on my router from WPA2 PSK to WPA+WPA2 PSK as I saw in the Whirlpool thread for this phone here.

    • I updated to V1.0.1.A.C.6 and no issues on both 2.4/5ghz wifi. Not a telstra smart modem 2 device though.

  • Hi, anyone managed to install Android 10 update? According to online searching it's been released but I'm unable to update.

    Currently updated to V1.0.1.A.C.6 (Android 9).


    v2.0.2B.A.G seems to be latest (Android 10).


  • Just started playing with mine. Is there a description somewhere of the bloatware apps and what they are for?
    Why can't I uninstall Netflix?
    Is there any reason why phones have google images/vids/music but the phone also has a gallery, music etc apps? Which do ppl use?
    Many thanks

    • Netflix is probably marked as a system app.

      Even if you cant uninstall it you can probably 'disable' it from the apps menu, which will remove the icon.

      As for music, gallery, etc apps?

      I like "simple mobile tools" simple gallery, simple music, etc.

      Thats a very big question to ask, everyones gonna have their own app preferences.

    • generally, the google supplied apps for photos/music/etc will rely on your google account's cloud storage, whereas the vendor supplied gallery, music etc will store and play directly from the phone storage.

  • Does the call recording function work as the icon is present but you can't click it?

    • No, I think it has been disabled for Australia.

  • Went back to the store to get the headphones, was messed about by the manager saying only the white ones had them bundled.

    In other news, there is still stock in white at Whitfords, WA.

    • got a black one bundled with headphones at ocean keys

      • Could you please post a photo of the bundle for me to use if I need to argue with my store?

      • Do we need to ask them for headphones when we go for pickup or they just give it by default as I forgot to take screenshot of the free headphones before or after buying the phone.

        • It depends on your luck, some doesn't come with the headphone as bundle.

        • Pick mine up this afternoon for my brother. No head phone but i did not care much as this was my 6th store attempt to get the phone

          • @bargainfinder: The store I ordered was out of stock so the customer representative told me she has arranged from another store so I am not sure whether I will get headphones or not but I will try my luck when I go for pickup.

      • I bought black with bundle too…

  • Anyone finding the phone warms up a bit even with normal use?

    • After how long, on what brightness setting, in the plastic case?, Doing what, just browsing or games? Some warmth is normal but dependant on many factors. Not being flippant just interested to know.

      • Auto brightness in the plastic case. Basically just browsing. Maybe need to find a app to see CPU usage or something.

    • getting warm while charging

  • No stock at Broadmeadows VIC 3047.

  • -1

    So these were listed on eBay for $600+ but now there seems to be some for $399. Bringing the market price down and pocketing $250…Nice work whoever you are.

  • Picked one of these up for the oldest teenager here, who seems to be very happy with it so far. Thank you the the deal OP!

  • Has anyone been able to log into the TCL+ APP? I'm having zero luck.

    • pm not working

      • Gumtree listing Perth

        • +2

          Incredible - a decent human selling it for face value.
          As opposed to the 5 other clowns on GT trying to resell them for $350-$400. Good luck with that.

  • Anyone know what's the deal with not being able to skip connecting to the internet (WiFi) in the setup stage on first use (not FRP) with this phone?

    Used only android phones mainly Samsung and always been able to skip this step.

    Setup a few A20's and A30's with Android 9 so can't be an OS requirement.

    Is it common on Chinese android phones? Do Xiaomi etc also have this restriction?

    I've also setup a couple of new Lenovo M10 android 9 tablets before new year as well that let you skip this step and I know Lenovo is a well known Chinese brand.

    Any thoughts?

  • +1

    There's still stock at Moore Park (NSW) apparently. Also showing one at Chatswood Chase. Just picked one up from Hornsby didn't ask if there were still more.

    • Did you get the bonus headphone?

  • +6

    If anyone wants a brand new & sealed Obsidian Black version, I haven't opened mine as I bought a spare.

    You can have it at the same price I paid. Obviously if you need me to deliver I'll charge a nominal fee to cover my time and petrol.

    Sydney Ozbargain users only

    • +6

      Good on you for not marking it up.

    • Is this still available? I want to be scammed by you.

  • I just purchased one for another family member, no bluetooth headphones (but wired earbuds are in the box). I asked for the $237 price (as no BT headphones) at JB HiFi Blacktown, not sure if they have more.

  • Just ported from old phone to the TCL. I have boost mobile and have both VoLTE and VoWiFi, I may have asked boost before and wasn't working on my LG G6 before.

  • Anyone found how to set number in icon notification? Now only a red dot.

  • Must say, great phone, still impressed coming from an S8

  • +3

    I switched from a brand new A20 to this TCL plex and its so much quicker to use and the clarity of the screen is amazing.
    I don't have to stress when I am using GPS now as the Plex is so much quicker locking onto satallites within 1 to 2 seconds.
    The A20 is so slow in GPS mode and sometimes it will not work at all.

  • Great deal, wife just collected it from the post office, shipped from Melbourne Central for $4.90.

    Headphone was shipped with it but apparently it is super ugly?

    Can't wait to play with it when I get back.

    • +2

      Just received mine too, if you got the white phone like I did then your headphones will be this odd beige grey colour. For me I'll just use them in the office where everyone already knows that I'm serially uncool anyway

  • +2

    There is a Gcam port for the Xiaomi that works on the TCL Plex. It's way better at most photos than the stock camera app. If you go to:
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr633b27qC4 , there is a comparison between the stock camera app and Gcam with a download link.

    • Hmmm, should I trust an APK loaded from a random Youtube video in Spanish?
      How can you check it is legit?

      • +1

        Up to you. I scanned it with AV on the PC before downloading it to the phone, which also has an AV. They are also speaking Portuguese not Spanish.

      • +1

        I have tried it and it does seem to work. Colours are different to the stock app. Yellow orange tones in the stock app vs more blue tones in gcam from my experience. Don't think it can entirely replace the stock app though as it doesn't have all the features i.e. slow mode etc.

        • I've noticed the gcam colours are really washed out, looks like most photos (of people) look like they have some filter to it. However, details are much better than the stock. Hopefully the update will be able to improve the stock camera.

          • @navegante88: Did you try change saturation in gcam?

            • +1

              @superforever: I find that this port of Gcam seems to work best so far on the TCL Plex.


              • @shellshocked: The newest version? MGC_7.3.017_Parrot043-v1.apk (Parrot043, 2020-01-25, beta, changelog)?

              • @shellshocked: MGC_7.3.017_Parrot043-v1.apk (Parrot043, 2020-01-25, beta, changelog) didn't install but

                MGC_7.2.014_Parrot043-v3.apk (Parrot043, 2020-01-17, configs, changelog)

                seems to work ok for me - and it's a newer version the spanish version.

                Edit did some testing and the MGC_7.2.014 seems to get a lot of noise using the portrait mode with the front facing camera for some reason. Don't have the same issue with GC_RN7P_6.2.030_V1FINAL. Will do further testing later.

                What does BW stand for? (nevermind it's black and white).

            • @superforever: how do you change that?

              • @navegante88: The GC_RN7P_6.2.030_V1FINAL version you go into more->settings ->saturation adjustments (under construction) then change the numbers.

                • @tlai: Thanks so much for that! I have yet to test it on portrait mode but hopefully it'll be the difference I was looking for!

    • Thanks for that! Portrait mode is a shocker with the stock app. Gcam seems to have a more artificial look though… I'll keep using both apps.

  • +5

    I have played around with the phone since Thursday and very happy with the results. I came from a Sharp Aquos S2

    Didn't receive headphones and still haven't heard from JB about it.

    • Phone size - Quite a big and heavy phone, with my small hands, unable to comfortably use it with one hand. Case is provided however gets scratched up very easily.

    • Phone performance - For my needs, it is very very quick and snappy.

    • User Interface - Generally a very clean interface however, I feel the notifications don't work very consistently. Sometimes I will be on a whatsapp chat and if I turn off the screen directly from the chat and get a new message, it doesn't notify me at all ( no noise / no notification on the lock screen / no vibration). Vibration is also relatively weak. I usually have a phone on my desk and can't hear or feel the vibration (possibly due to the case?)

    • Picture Quality - I am very happy with the picture quality and have taken really good images (especially during the day). The super night mode has also produces fantastic results. Portrait mode poor and so are indoor low light shots.

    • Video Quality - Very bad image stabilisation. I don't have very steady hands and it really showed in my video (probably because I had also just finished doing some whipper snipping). I do enjoy the slowmo videos and timelapse though.

    • Screen quality - exceptional screen quality

    What I don't like about the phone:

    • No LED notification light and no "always on"feature on the lock screen, so you have no idea about notifications unless you physically touch the phone
    • Supposedly it doesn't suppport HD movies on Netflix and Disney +, but with such an awesome screen, it doesn't make sense why it can't play better quality videos.
    • Speaker quality isn't the greatest.
    • Notification issues I mentioned above (inconsistent)

    However, for $250, I am super happy and love it.

    • +1

      I came from a aquos s2 as well! Whatsapp front facing camera is especially bad… Hopefully the Android 10 improves things or allows me to disable the beauty feature.

      • Represent! Aquos was a great phone but it was really showing its age especially the camera department. I'll keep it as a backup.

    • +1

      Try installing glimpse notification app, that fixed my issue (on another phone brand)

      • Cheers, I'll have a look

    • I also had S2, 4G RAM is not enough and the eMMC storage is much slower compared to UFS2.1, it's like HDD vs SSD.

  • i ordered it when i first saw the deal on wednesday and am living in sydney metro area. i still havent received the order :/

    and oh, i paid $7.99 for express shipping :/

    • I also ordered straight away on Wednesdsay the 12th, currently order status shows unfullfilled. I contacted them yesterday and was told "through the checkout process you were advised the expected delivery date for your order is on or before 03/03/2020". Can't remember seeing that, but what can you do.

  • +3

    So I've noticed that on the JB Commerical site which I have access to it's gone up to $499

    It's possible that if there are any other stores that still have stock they'll have their price revised to this figure too.

    On a side note, I bought this intially as a backup phone or one to take to festivals or places where I might damage/lose my mobile

    Using a $1199 Oppo Reno 10x Zoom as my daily driver I am utterly shocked at how well this phone performs. Whilst my Reno has a top of the line Snapdragon 855 processor this TCL seems to run very nicely.

    Whilst it's true that my Oppo is a better phone, is it $700 better when compaired to the TCL at its RRP of $499? Not at all.

    I would have been happy at that price.

    But at $249 it's absolutely ridiculous that you can get this level of performance for the price. Deal of 2020 by far and it will be hard to top.

    Also shows that top of the line flagship phones from Samsung, LG, Huawei ect are simply overkill for 90% or mobile phone users.

    Benchmarks will show you results that might not even be relevant to your real world usage. I'm in my early 30's and consider my self a tech head but after reviewing what I use my phone for, I'd be happy to settle for the mid tier phones which this TCL is classified as.

  • I rang jbhifi asking about this as my online order didn't come with one. The person said that they talked to the online team and apparently they are planning to order more headphones and ship to those who didn't get them.

    • Did they take your details down? How will they find out who didn't get them?

      • I'm assuming it applies to online orders only. And I assume they know which ones got sent without the headphones. She said if I don't hear anything back in a week just ring the store again.

  • +1

    crap, JBhifi set the price back to $499 now. I got the phone transferred to the shop but won't get it at this price.

  • Got mine yesterday. Came with headphones as well. If you're an iPhone user, it's not the best phone but other than that it's good. But I can't find the email app on the phone :/

  • I just went and picked up my phone and it didn't come with headphones. The sales guy checked with their manager and she said that the headset deal is like while stock lost and they didn't give me any discount or didnt told me that they will give later. They told me that it will come as a bundle and they won't sell TCL headphones separately to give one.If it doesn't come then they can't do anything apart from refund.

    Hope JB HiFi guys don't take them for themselves and sell only phones to us.

    Does any one used the head phobes and how good is the quality of headphones is?

    • I have used it. It looks and feels very cheap. Very light weight tho. Sound not bad but not loud enough. I also have ausdom m06 that I bought from another deal here. I'd give ausdom m06 9/10 and the TCL one 4/10. So if yours didn't come with the headphones, you're not missing a lot 😃

      • I prefer my SoundPEATS and I won't wear the TCL outside with the big "TCL" on it XD

        So if yours didn't come with the headphones, you're not missing a lot 😃

    • If you really want it, contact head to office. I heard they will deliver to your address when they get stock

      • Will try to call them tomorrow. Is it their standard customer care number or is their any special number to contact head office.

        • Not sure mate, or just email them and see how it goes.

          • +1

            @montorola: I raised a request to JB HiFi customer care and waiting for their reply

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