Spearfishing Speargun Recommendation for Beginner?

Am new to the sport and hoping to get advice on upgrading my handspear to getting my first gun.
However, have searched on the web and didn't come across any active Australian spearfishing forum for advice..

Not sure if this is the right forum for this type of question, but wondering if anyone here can recommend which of the below is a good option for a beginner?
Main use will be shore based and targeting small/medium species, likely to go for 90-110cm length.

1) Rob Allen Sparid Evo, 2 x 14mm rubber

2) Aimrite Genesis (railgun), 1 x 16mm rubber

3) Aimrite Genesis (rollergun), 1 x 14mm rubber

4) other recommendations?

Pretty clueless at the moment, and not sure if I should go with roller or railgun. Seems like roller has less recoil and more power (for the same length) but may be harder to maintain? Am hoping to get a gun that is easy to use/rig, well-built and low maintenance given lack of experience.

Any thoughts are welcome!

Thanks in advance!


  • What is the reload time on each one? In the movies when you're being chased by the serial killer and all you have is your speargun, that's when you're really going to feel the extra few seconds it takes to reload.

    • Lol my life isn't that exciting!

      Haha your comment somehow reminds me of the "no time to die" trailer. Apparently 007 will be using a riffe speargun in the upcoming movie lol

  • What are you shooting?

    What depth are you shooting?

    How strong are you?

    I've shot big fish with just rails.

      • Post here, there are likely a few of us interested in expanding our skill sets.

    • I'm a beginner using a handspear at the moment, Focusing on safety and hence haven't bought a speargun yet. Diving 5-10m at times, targeting smaller species like drummer, blackfish, flathead, morwong etc. But limited range due to handspear..

      Did some searching on the web and it seems the Rob Allen and aimrite brands are quite reputable. So am looking at their low end/mid range, hoping for ease of use, build quality, easy to maintain etc.

      I'm 183cm and 88kg, haven't gymmed for a while and put on some covid-19 weight :P but in terms of loading the rubber, I think technique will be more an issue at the start.

      Wondering if U have any view on the 3 options I listed? Or any other recommendations?


      • Okay, let's break down the reason for my recommendation - Riffe Euro 90x ($$$) or Beuchat Mundial Comp 90cm ($).

        You're tall, so I won't bother recommending starting with a shorter gun like I would typically do. You won't need much technique to load with your arm span.

        Avoid anything longer until you need it. A 90cm gun is actually closer to 120cm when packing.

        Don't buy anything in the in between price bracket. The cheapie is there as a learner but the RIFFE Euro is a minimalist gun. You can't wreck it and it is good enough for a long term gun as well. Worst case scenario, you wreck the spear but that's replaceable and so is the firing mech.

        Avoid unnecessary complications. The more moving parts or glue assembly, the more likely it will fail on you. We have a few cheapies that are now at end of life. Firing mechanism is sticky, the body is starting to rattle from the handles, and loading is difficult because the release clip moves excessively before it is loaded.

        Roller guns are much harder to load. They're typically built to chase 100lb++ fish. If you miss a shot and hit the rocks, a single shot is sufficient to mangle the spear.

        Finally, don't bother with a reel. A 90cm gun should have at least 5m of effective reach. That's plenty for your terrain, depth and species.

        Recoil is a non-issue at the ranges you'll be shooting at. If you want something that feels very dampened, get a wooden speargun.

        I have not used any of the three guns you listed but I am almost certain those guns are OEM manufactured. They look very generic.

        • Cheers for that, appreciate your detailed breakdown!

          Agree that simple is best, hence I like the idea of railgun, one less thing to break vs roller or pneumatic.

          For the beuchat mundial competition, is there any particular reason you recommended it? Say in terms of ease of use/build quality/maintenance? One reason why I was looking at Rob Allen was because of the lifetime warranty and my local shop does repair for them.

          I really like the look of a wooden gun. Was eyeing the Riffe euro and also the one on Youngbloods.co, but it's out of my budget at the moment. Perhaps will consider it down the track :)

          • @chew_chew: Cheap. It's pretty much a burner. You'll use it until it develops a minor problem. You'll learn to bandaid problems with it until it eventually sucks too badly or it is unusable.

            There is a difference between rail standard barrel guns. Standard guns do not have any moving part apart from the actual spear. Rail guns have a rail with a moving slider mechanism.

            The guns I recommended are not rail guns.

            In our group, we only have one rail gun and it is not a winner. It has jammed or not loadable when it was called upon. It is now a wall ornament.

        • 1 more thing, was just looking into the Riffe Euro. Are you able to share thoughts on why you recommended the 90X (hip loading) as opposed to 90 (chest loading)? Is it just a personal preference thing, or are there more differences between the two?


  • The beginner guns have spears with a suction cup on the end, way safer.

    • I share your concern and agree that safety comes first.

      This is also the reason why I have gone with a handspear to start with, and the spots that we go to are secluded with few/no people around. In addition, if we go to a beach, we enter and exit away from the crowds and swim out away from the swimmers (if any).

  • I thought this was going to be about hacking people. Disappointed.

  • I had an air powered speargun, would recommend this for the quick reloading ability