Panasonic Eneloop AAA BK-4MCCE (4th Gen) 8-Pack $25.13 + Delivery ($0 with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon UK via AU


Great deal on these rechargeable batteries that are normally +$40. All time new low via CCC for this deal! Charge up to 2,100 times, with a 70% self-discharge after 10 years.

Comes in a 8 pack which makes this great bang for buck deal.

Enjoy :)

Edit 28/9: Got mine today.. Can confirm they are made in Japan and not China.

Product details:

  • Eneloop by Panasonic is the next generation of environmentally friendly batteries.
  • Pack of 8 Pre-Charged (Ready to use) AAA Micro 750mAh Ni-MH Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries.
  • Durable in extreme temperatures
  • All Eneloop batteries are pre-loaded with environmentally friendly solar energy and ready for use immediately after purchase.
  • The AAA Batteries from the Standard Eneloop range have a low self-discharge, perfectly designed for multi-use items such as digital cameras, torches, games & toys.

19/9: Now $28.20 from $27.53

Mod Update 12/10: Price has decreased to $25.13

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  • +28 votes

    Ahh eneloops and ozbargain… 👍

    • And we'd still like to think we are adults. But noooo … One eneloop post and we lose our shit

  • what do they normally sell for?

  • how are you getting "$0 delivery with prime"… saying $49 spend for me

  • Anybody know if these are better than Ikea Ladda batteries? $13 for a 4 pack at Ikea.

  • Rechargeable 2100 times… But if I only recharge once a year for remote controls, shouldn't I just get a cheaper alternative?

    • Cheaper alternatives won’t last 2100 charges though

    • Many good reasons to use alkaline or even cheap zinc carbon cells in low overall current devices like remote controls. You want 1.5V cells for these types of devices, not the 1.2V from NiMH.

      • This. I’m finding there’s a limit to how many eneloops you can use as there’s many devices which don’t operate well on 1.2V.

        • Yes, with a lower voltage they also "run out" quicker for two reasons - requiring higher current draw for switching conversions and/or reach terminal voltage quicker - and thereby perpetuate the often false idea that using NIMHs saves even more money.

          Just get good alkaline cells and notice your low current devices run many times longer than with NiMHs.

        • Good point 👍

      • How about mouse, keyboard,..?
        Are there the rechargable versions of those Alkaline/ZincCarbon?

      • Careful, many Logitech devices are rated for 1.2v like Harmony remotes and the G700S mice.

        From what I have read, alkaline batteries start off at 1.5V, then quickly drops to 1.25V then continually drops until its dead, where as NiMH tends to maintain 1.2v until it dies according to this reddit post

        This article seems to confirm the same

        So it seems that using alkaline batteries on frequent drain devices may actually be worse for your device's electronics in the long run. I guess it explains why logitech on some devices caution users not to use alkaline batteries but NiMH.

        • Obviously follow manufacturer's directions - not all gizmos are designed the same and surely the manufacturer will be well qualified to properly spec.

          But "quickly" is inaccurate and the graph in that article is highly misrepresentative. NiMH does have a flatter discharge curve but alkalines in low current apps can maintain above 1.25V for well over half their usable life. For extremely low current devices - like my old fx82 Casio calculator - an alkaline will last it's shelf life; a NiMH in that device will give a faint display from the get go.

        • Thanks for sharing, good info 👍

      • Yeah but, you end up paying more over time and more unnecessary waste hits landfill. Both good reasons to have rechargeable.

      • +1 vote

        Alkalines used to leak on me

    • Wouldn't waste money on rechargeable batteries for remotes.

      • i used eneloop for remotes and never had an issue

        saved money from buying so many disposables and you are not contributing more waste to landfills

  • Anyone got a link to a decent charger for these?

    • I have had a La Crosse Technology BC1000 Alpha Power Battery Charger for a number of years only complaint has been the buttons which aren't the most responsive at times.

    • I use the Nitecore D4, seems much more expensive now than it used to be.

    • Recently replaced my LaCrosse BC700 (an old OzBargain favourite) with a Powerex MH-C9000 and am impressed with the latter's quality and non-confounding interface for the number of functions it has (big clear display that sets things out well, though some complain about the number of button presses required for certain things). It's the one I'd go with if your focus is AA/AAAs only, whereas the previous suggestions also cover various lithium battery types.

  • Is the envelope charger the best for these or is there a better alternative charger?

    • Nitecore D4 is generally at the top of the budget list for charging eneloops.
      xtar vc4 could be ok but I think they are better for 18650 batteries (and it only comes with usb plug)

    • I have a La Crosse BC700, a XTAR VC4 and a Liitokala Lii500. If you only have AAs and AAAs, get a BC700. This is a battery analyser - charge, discharge, refresh and test. The BC700 can keep your batteries in good shape. If you have Li ion batteries, get the Lii500. It's one of the best budget li ion battery chargers.

  • Japanese made or?

  • These could be from the Chinese factory which are not as good as the the ones that are sold on AmazonAU which are made in Japan.

    • +1 vote

      True i’ve had leaks with the chinese ones.

    • You'd wonder why that would be. I imagine they are made in an automated process by machines not venerable craftsmen, so why are the Chinese ones inferior. Don't they use the same machines?

      • Probably inferior / thinner materials for seals and encasements.

      • +3 votes

        Older Made in Japan were also "Chinese" in quality. It shouldn't matter today, Chinese can be as good (iPhones are also made in China).
        It all depends for which pricing range they are made. You pay premium for the label.
        Of course Made in China, Vietnam etc would be better value for money if you accept the small risk of occasional variation of quality/materials due to cost-cutting by the same manufacturer. If it's not essential/life threatening I would try. These are consumables. You are not stuck, like having to use the iPhones for 7 years to justify the cost ;)

  • Here is the answer.

    JAPANESE vs CHINESE (Eneloop AA Lite)
    The next comparison is between the eneloop lite cells. The ones that are Made in China claim a total of 5000 cycles, while the Japanese eneloop claim a 3000 cycle life.

    The test below is from AAcycler who has done a lot of cycle tests. He uses his own criteria of testing, and not IEC standards. With his testing he comes to a maximum of 2285 cycles till 64% for the Japanese cells, and max 675 cycles for the Chinese cells.

    • The test results are consistent with my personal experience. The Made in China ones that I got from the Dicksmith days were noticeably less durable.

    • Are they Chinese claims tho, or actual official life claim? Cuz there's a (big) difference.

    • Interesting. would be keen to know more about when the tests were done.

    • Real world usage proves this. I had sanyo ones from 2012 still better than these chinese made ones.

      Therefore these are no good.

  • Eneloop drought has ended!

  • I bought these EBL ones recently when I couldn't find decent priced Eneloops. Currently $19 for 8. They reckon they're 1100mAh and 1200 recharges. Pretty good ratings, but probably doesn't mean much as the feedback would come early.

  • Damn need more but want the Japanese made ones, the wait continues

  • strangeloops loves his eneloops.

  • Got 4 X Energizer rechargables for $18.50 from bunnings last night. I only need the 4. Are these much better or about the same?

  • i wish LADDA batteries were back to their intro price. I should have bought more. :/

  • I don't really use AAA mainly AA. What are people storing their batteries in I need a decent case.

  • These are made in China they ain't very good like the pros…. I would sietccg to ikea ones

  • wow interesting so there is different generations like the ipad, so whats the specs in this one?

    • Best way to find out is goggle: Eneloop Wiki

      The wiki page provides all the info you will need.

  • Anyone in Sydney and would be happy to add a pack for me on their order? I can meet/pick up in Sydney city area when it’s delivered. Don’t have prime and too Ozbargain to pay for shipping…
    Your generosity would be greatly appreciated :)