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[Pre Order] Bose QuietComfort Earbuds $299.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


$100 off RRP seems pretty decent for preorder.

Black also available:

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Pretty decent price wise. Not sure about the sound quality

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      I agree, looks like amazon has a 30 day return policy for change of mind so I'm thinking I'll see how the reviews go before I open.

      • Does it have to be unopened per Amazon return policy? I did not notice such a requirement on contemplating the return of my Oculus Quest 🤔

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          "All item packaging, documentation (boxes, manuals, warranty cards, etc.) and certificates of authenticity, grading, and appraisal must be returned with the returned items. Packaging must be unopened and seals intact (where applicable)."

          I took that to mean it can't be open, but I'm happy to be corrected!

          • @xitrapharlax: I have returned lightly used electronic devices for full refund with minimal headaches

          • +1

            @xitrapharlax: You can open them and use them. I have returned many items in the past and never had any issues with refund. Just be nice with opening the packages/seals, and to keep everything that came in the product box intact. Better to keep the Amazon packaging as well until you make up your mind. Makes it so easy to return in their own box.

  • Tempting. My only concern is the {size}(https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71YgvYB81%2BL.AC_SL1500.jpg)

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      I agree, but I like the stayhear tips so much, I couldn't go to anything else.

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        They are by far my favourite tips. Effortlessly comfortable. I loved them on my QC20's.

        Here is the size I was trying to post!

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          The Bose are pretty chunky:

          Earbuds:3.9 cm H x 2.6 cm W x 2.7 cm D (8.6 g)

          Just measured the WF-1000XM3: approx. 3.3 cm H x 1.8 cm W.

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            @m9: I mean, u can clearly see from the listing photos that these are CHONKY boys compared to the Sony xm3s
            and the xm3s are already big and ugly
            disappointing to see some companies are going backwards :(

            • @rootk1t: Yeah. I just needed the numbers to brace myself for when they arrive.

          • @m9: on the plus side, it means a bigger touch pad for controls. The WF only supports tapping, not swiping.

            EDIT: Just checked the product page. There's no swipe commands on the Bose. You can't skip track or previous track. At least the product page does not say that you can.

            Why aren’t there any buttons on the Bose QuietComfort® Earbuds?

            Instead of buttons, each earbud has a touch interface to access product controls.

            The right bud controls these core functions:

            • Double-tap to pause or play your content and answer or end a call.
            • Press and hold to decline an incoming call or access your voice assistant.

            The left bud controls these functions:

            • Press and hold to access your preset Shortcut (customisation available through the Bose Music app).
            • Double-tap to cycle through your three favourite noise cancelling settings. The default settings are: max noise cancelling, a mix of noise cancelling and situational awareness, and full transparency. To change your favourite settings or to access all options, you can use the Bose Music app. You can also use the Bose Music app to turn on transparency mode. When engaged, removing a bud will simultaneously pause your audio content and place the buds into full transparency so you can hear the world without any distractions. Putting the bud back in your ear will re-engage the prior noise cancelling setting and audio content.
        • ugh.. the QC20 tips had no passive noise isolation whatsoever. It relied entirely on ANC. Passive + active is always going to beat active alone. The wingtips are also proprietary, so you can't replace them with Comply tips either.

      • Preordered these as I believe the new StayHear Max are very similar to the QC30's StayHear+ tips which are super comfortable, way more so than WF-1000XM3 + comply tips.

        • They have actually changed them a bit. They are closer to the sleepbuds tips.

    • +1

      Yeah, Airpod Pro seems to be the best option they are at $366 on Ebay right now and I'm tempted because no one else has done a sleek discreet design with noise cancellation.

  • Great Price!

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    is this the Bose 700 buds?

    As an owner of QC35, Bose 700 (and formerly QC20), I would be careful with Bose. Starting with the 700, they forced the app onto you, and the app does automatic firmware updates. Normally not a big issue if their firmware wasn't irrevocably breaking your headphones. You can't opt out of firmware updates unless you kill the internet connection, but then that means no youtube, no netflix.

    I'm going to wait for reviews for confirmation and ANC + mic tests.

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      The firmware disaster of the QC35 II has put me completely off Bose. I've been looking at buying noise cancelling buds but won't even consider Bose due to those problems they refuse to fix

      • +4

        even worse problems have happened to the 700.

        It introduced stutter, most pronounced if you are connected to multiple devices. And the battery life got tanked from 20 hours down to 15 for some, and as low as 13 hours for some unlucky people.

        Firmware updates should be opt-in, not forced. And the app itself is really bad. It only supports portrait mode, even on iPad which is supposed to get better tablet apps than android. They introduced Equaliser finally, but that was added to the broken firmware which got pulled.

        Their community managers will acknowledge a problem and say they are looking into it, but then months will go by and no update. They have done nothing. The nerf to QC35 ANC was more than a year ago (almost two years now) and there has not been another firmware update since that one. So I'm very nervous about Bose products. The level of support you get from is appalling.

    • -2

      Find an older version of the firmware, flash, reinstall, disable the app from having internet access.

      • +6

        Why would you take all the trouble when you pay premium price.
        They should fix it or return your money.

        • +2

          Correct. Why would anyone want to pay for trouble?

      • +2

        reverting the firmware did not fix QC35 II or 700. They introduced some change that seems irrevocable. People on the Bose forums are angry and many of them have said they're switching to XM4. The last thing they held out for was dual pairing, and XM4 finally has it.

      • +1

        I just looked at the app permissions of Bose Music app and internet access is not an option you can disable. There's only Storage and Location. So you can't kill internet access to it other than to turn off wifi/data.

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      Isn't the QC20 the 3.5mm Wired one as opposed to the Bose 700?

      Anyway, I've had a QC20, QC35 and QC35II for about 3 years or so. QC20's playing up on the left ear with constant buzzing when ANC is on. QC35 had to replace from Bose because of the Power button defect on this model. They gave me the QC35II as replacement and I have problems with the microphone and calls sound like I'm robotic at the other end.

      Honestly I have zero confidence in any Bose products anymore. I've gone to the Sony wf-1000xm3 for ANC buds and still extremely happy with them.

      • +1

        Isn't the QC20 the 3.5mm Wired one as opposed to the Bose 700?

        The QC20 is wired, yes. Bose was orginally going to call these buds Bose 700 Buds but renamed it to QuietComfort Earbuds to avoid confusion.

        My QC20s had good ANC but I didn't like the design of the flatpack which was too low and too close to the 3.5mm connector, which made it dangle and there was no easy way to wire it around you since you couldn't clip it to your shirt. It was bad for running. If they made it tubular and moved it higher up, you could clip it to your shirt. The ear gels had no passive noise reduction.

        I also don't trust Bose anymore. Their hardware isn't bad, but their support really ignores all the problems. They say they are looking into it but don't do anything. Now I make sure to be offline when I use my 700s because I'm afraid of a forced firmware update.

  • This or the airpods pro? android user going back to iPhone soon'ish (if it matters)

    • I'd say airpods purely for the integration into Mac ecosystem

      • Any experience using Airpods pro with android? Due for a change next year since the Sam is still going.

        • +1

          Linus tech tips have a good video on this - they work like normal Bluetooth Earbuds on Android, you miss out on the clever pairing features and such

    • +2

      Had my AirPods Pro since launch day, been really happy with them.

    • If you are going back to iPhone, definitely go with AirPod Pro. They have the following you won’t get from any other brands which is very convenient:

      1. Spacial Audio - realistic surround sound for movies, its released like 2 days ago and I thought I was gimmick until I tried it. It was amazing. One point in a movie, I wasn’t looking at the screen and the scene changed, I thought there was a guy talking next to me and gave me a fright. I don’t normally frighten easily.

      2. Auto switching - if you have multiple devices like iPhone and iPad (new MacOS is coming), they allow auto switching between devices. Like playing music on iPad and then a call comes in, you answer on iPhone and airpod pro automatically switch to iPhone.

      3. Full Siri integration- I never have to touch the AirPod pro when I am out, tell it to activate ANC or transparency mode, change music, call or text anyone. It’s a convenient that you get for the integration.

      I have Sony WF-1000xM3 and only use it rarely, when I want some good bass in my audio. But most of the time I am on AirPod Pro due to the wear comfort and convenience as well as watching movies.

      • You can change out the WF's tips, to for example Comply tips, which are more comfortable.

        • I already changed to Comply tips, the comfort level still not comparable to Airpod Pro.

  • +3

    These are gigantic. I thought the wf 1000xm3s were big.

    • where else are you going to put battery that lasts 8 hours otherwise?

      • +1

        it's only 6 hours, not 8. Which is similar to Sony but theirs is smaller.

  • is this tax deductable?

    • Depends if you are using it for work related purposes

      • Headphones aren't deductible regardless.

        • They are actually, check with your accountant!

        • They can be considered a communication device for business calls (much like a computers Mic/camera setup. So they can be deductable.

  • +2

    Sony seem so far ahead of Bose now that I'd be surprised if they beat the much older wf-1000xm3s. Surely Sony are releasing a newer version soon to?

    Plus the sennheiser momentum true wireless 2s could be had on Good Guys Commercial for $319 until recently.

    • +2

      the one area where the WF disappoints is the mic quality. Everything else it does is pretty much best in class. But mic quality might be a big deal for a lot of people.

      I don't care about call quality in over ears because I don't use them for calls. But for buds, it's kinda important because I have them paired to my phone when I go out.

      • +1

        Have you tried updating firmware? They're actually pretty good now! People hear me perfectly

        • when was the last firmware update? I definitely updated them earlier in the year and it wasn't good. I use neckbands now.

          • @lostn: You probably got the news firmware then. The mic is improved but you still can’t take it out to the shopping centres.

            AirPod pro and Jabra earbuds d as re heaps better in that area.

            • +2

              @goraygo: it works fine in a quiet environment, but in a noisy one they won't hear you well.

              I dont use an iphone so it's a waste to get airpods, and Jabra has no ANC.

    • +9

      you're using a different product because these haven't released yet.

  • Red me air dots s are pretty good, noise cancelling, 4 hour battery life, with 12 hour box charging good base, $26

    I lost my last pair 😭

  • Does anyone know how the sound quality of these compare vs the Nuraloops?

    • +1

      no one has them yet. They haven't sent them to reviewers either.

  • For anyone wanting a bit more tried and tested premium buds with ANC and IPX7, have a look at these.
    Had a chance to test them out, and if you like the Galaxy Buds+, these are more or less an upgraded version of it with much more premium feel and sound.

    AKG N400 @ Amazon AU

    • Bluetooth ver : 5.0 / Bluetooth Profile : HFP V1.6, A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.5
    • Sound Driver size : 8.2 mm High-sensitivity driver / Frequency response : 10 Hz-20 kHz
    • Waterproof : yes (IPX7) / ANC : Active noise cancelling, Free Set (Ambient Aware, Talk Thru)
    • Battery Type : Coin Cell Battery (earbuds: 55 mAh / 3.7 V , Case : Polymer Li-ion) / Battery capacity (case) : 220 mAh / 3.7 V / Charging time : 2 hours
    • how's the ANC and mic quality?

      • ANC is great. Mic not so. But to be honest, this was made to play music, and sounds just richer than Buds+.

  • My only concern is if you can only use one side. With the Bose SoundSports Free you always had to use the right ear. You couldn’t use the left ear piece by itself.

  • +1

    Umm interesting comments about Bose products, im owner of a Bose QC 20i which is falling apart cause I use these constantly while sleeping (not sure if designed for that) as wiring at certain points have frayed and the left headphone casing has split in half, saying that sticky tape is doing the job holding everything together, doesn't help also my pair im sure is the original 2014 model as i bought these second hand off eBay (wiring is the greyish color not blue), I certainly agree with someone's post/comment above the design of these like the closeness length of wiring of the 3.5mm jack too the battery casing at what 3cm is a terrible design as one example

    Honestly im not a fan of paying over $100 for a pair of headphones and soon will be the owner of a second hand newer updated model (blue wiring) of the Bose QC 20 (Android version) headphone set for $60, so wondering how these will hold up wearing them constantly while sleeping, might add some upfront protection like shrink wrap for wiring and super glue on headset casings

    These have been my first use of noise canceling technology and I find the experience on these Bose branded awesome, so wondering is it worth too buy these new wireless versions for the same experience or hoping better, certainly wont be wearing them while sleeping for that price ill be afraid ill destroy them,.. lol

    Happy too purchase these new Bose QC wireless headset though if there very very long lasting too justify the high price

    The Sony wf-1000xm3 for ANC buds look interesting to buy, any more opinions about any high end expensive wireless noise canceling headsets out there as good👍

    Silly question about firmware updates, does that apply for the QC 20 series ok its got a USB port and can one downgrade firmware with Bose headset products if there are issues with firmware updates?

    • im owner of a Bose QC 20i which is falling apart cause I use these constantly while sleeping (not sure if designed for that)

      No, they’re not designed for that, but good on you if you can wear them comfortably while sleeping. I don’t even know how that’s possible unless you sleep on your back and never move your head at all.

      wiring at certain points have frayed and the left headphone casing has split in half, saying that sticky tape is doing the job holding everything together, doesn't help also my pair im sure is the original 2014 model

      You’re doing well if your QC20s have lasted this long. I bought mine in 2014 and they’d pretty much fallen apart after 4½ years.

      Silly question about firmware updates, does that apply for the QC 20 series

      No, the QC20 don’t have upgradable firmware.

      • Funny enough they were reasonable condition when I got them through eBay on the 20th Feb 2020, so ive pretty much almost destroyed them in 7 months lolz saying that there still functioning like i said held together with sticky tape

        On this lair I've opened the battery casing too see if I could wire new wiring, though the wiring connections are so small and close to each other so I gave up, just bought another off eBay for $62 minus $20 with a free eBay voucher so the time too fix this pair and the time it will take not worth the time in money,.. but maybe one day

        I actually find them comfortable while I'm sleeping and I sleep on my side, i place my hand under my ear so headset ear piece isn't crambed into my ear

        Like i posted above mine are grey colored wiring (like yours) and they came out in 2014 and the new ones I've bought with blue wiring ive noticed have longer rubber sleeving at joints too example battery casing etc

        Saying above maybe the new set ill either not wear while sleeping or find ways too make them stronger or operate on my current falling apart set

        These Bose QC 20s was my first noise canceling headset and was blown away how much noise they can cancel, could using them with a high end like my Note 9 mobile help make the difference?

        Question how do you quote part of my post???? I can see the Formatting Help below but its short with examples of formats

        • These Bose QC 20s was my first noise canceling headset and was blown away how much noise they can cancel, could using them with a high end like my Note 9 mobile help make the difference?

          No, it won't make any different what phone you use them with. The QC20s are still excellent in terms of their noise cancelling performance.

          Question how do you quote part of my post???? I can see the Formatting Help below but its short with examples of formats

          It's shown in the Formatting Help panel as "Block-quote". I just copy and paste the text I want to quote and put "> " at the start of the line.

          • @ak47wong:

            It's shown in the Formatting Help panel as "Block-quote". I just copy and paste the text I want to quote and put "> " at the start of the line.

            Big thanks as you can guess I've figured it out 👍

    • Try reapiring the frayed wires with liquid electrical tape. YOu can buy from Jaycar. I've repaired mine with it. The plastic wire casing tends to degrade over time and frequent bending. There's also a gadget you can attach to the wires that's like a spring to strengthen the weak points.

      • Thanks for that might do all these recommendations on my next pair I bought through eBay or both 😃👍

  • +5

    I was really hoping that these could replace my ageing Bose QC30s, but the lack of Bluetooth multipoint makes it more of a downgrade. It's a real shame, since I was looking forward to the better microphones and sidetone for improved call quality.

    • but the lack of Bluetooth multipoint

      I'm guessing multipoint feature means you cain bluetooth pair too more then one device?

  • +1

    So disappointed with the size. I got the Sony wf-1000xm3. It doesn't fit probably in my ears. Comes off so easily. I was really excited when Bose announced this. After comparing the size between the two I'll stick to my sony one.

    • +1

      Usually Bose earbud stay in the ears, I have the wf 1000xm3 only way they stay in my ear is if i put Bose ear tips on top of xm3 small ear tips.
      you don't get any audio quality loss. I have tried multiple ear tips from different brands and Bose ear tips are perfect addition for xm3.
      Try it. It will do u wonders.

    • +1

      Buy the Comply tips for the WF-1000XM3. It's memory foam and there's three different sizes which forms to fit your ear.

  • +1

    Amazon Australia just cancelled the order, saying they have displayed it at the incorrect price. What a shame.

    • In this case, we're unable to offer these items for the incorrectly posted price. Therefore, we've cancelled your order(s) for these items, and you haven't been charged.

    • Got the same email but also got a $15 Amazon credit for the troubles….

    • sounded a bit too good to be true. $100 off for an unreleased Bose product. $100 off is a big discount for any Bose product even after release, not counting when ebay pays for the discount.

  • Well that sucks

  • Yep, cancelled! Premium Sound it is!

  • I guess there's no point in sweating the small stuff, but Amazon advertised these earbuds with a "lowest price preorder guarantee", possibly suggesting that they had negotiated a lower price with Bose. It certainly didn't seem to be an error. Anyway, off to Premium Sound it is! Thanks a lot for the $15 coupon Amazon.

  • I was one of those that pre ordered via Amazon and I agree that something's not right. I couldn't even see the product on the website, regular price or otherwise. But I guess with this Premium Sound discount code:


    and the $15 Amazon credit, those that pre ordered via Amazon would only be worse off from the discount by $17.50 with the cancellation. Not the same but not too bad? (I'm in Victoria so gotta stay positive).

  • I reckon Amazon didnt hit their group buy target to get the special pricing with Bose and therefore cancelled all orders.

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