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Bose QuietComfort Earbuds $349.95 Pre-Order, Bose Portable Home Speaker $399.95@ Premium Sound Melbourne


Premium Sound has just changed hands and to celebrate we have some opening specials on the latest Bose Products.

Update 24-9-2020 Stock levels fine for us. Stock to be received to customers first week, maybe second week October

Update 27-9-2020 Due to the large volume of pre orders, we have had to end the extra 5% discount.

We also have the Portable Home Speaker for $399.95

Click & Collect, Free or express shipping available. Afterpay available too

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  • Did the Amazon $100 off expire?

    • Link? I may have missed out if so!

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      Yes. But now we've seen $299 it will be difficult to pay more.

    • Yeah, that deal has expired

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        That deal ended up being a pricing mistake that wasn't honored.

        "We recently discovered an error that caused the following item(s) to be displayed at an incorrect price:

        Bose QuietComfort Earbuds - Triple Black.

        In this case, we're unable to offer these items for the incorrectly posted price. Therefore, we've cancelled your order(s) for these items, and you haven't been charged."

        • Turns out that those who are certain 'partner' companies are able to get these for $299 preorder

          • @euk: I am part of a partner company but we only get 20% discount, so $319. I ordered from there instead.

  • I think Bose will need to do some pretty aggressive price reductions post release. With the Sony equivalent streeting at around $250 (or less) this won't be an easy sell to the masses at $400.

  • Has anyone been able to test them (i.e. early releases etc.)? Curious how it compares to airpods, jabra 75t etc. Both are cheaper and this larger design doesn't scream "buy me".

    • And with bulky design, there is Sony WF-1000XM3 for around $250. Can't really justify myself to purchase(pre order) before any reviews.

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    I've I ordered thought the Amazon deal, but got an email moments ago on pricing error and cancellation with a $15 voucher. This is a good deal as an alternative.

  • I'd buy it if it were $299 preorder simply based on brand reputation. There are so many options below this price that are very good, Bose would simply have to be outstanding to be even considered by most of the population. At $399 they will be struggling to move more than a handful imo

  • With the well known issues with the Bose 700's I would be reluctant to pre order these,
    Bose have not had a lot of luck of late with headphones, Sleepbuds anyone??

    I will wait and see how these perform in the real world for others before upgrading my Soundsport Free and QC20's

    • i'm not afraid of their hardware sucking. I'm just worried about their software support. It's pretty nonexistent.

      It would be less of an issue if you could opt out of firmware updates, but Bose doesn't allow that.

  • I have marked as expired, Stock delays are blowing out.

    We will communicate with all buyers with ETA, as early ones will be on time, and others delayed.


    • Stock levels are fine again. Plenty to go around!

  • what's warranty like? Do you have to send it back at your own expense?

    • 30 days change of mind through our store

      • i don't mean change of mind but for warranty repairs. Do we have to post it back at own expense, or you send a prepaid label?

        • You would have to get back to us, and we can take care of warranty procedure from then on

  • Hi everyone. The extra 5% discount has now been finished. We had around 60 orders from Ozbargain alone and thank you all for the support.

    Bose have assured us stock levels are under control, and we will communicate if there are any delays.

    We will be launching another new Bose product this week with a pre release price. Keep an eye out.

    • Will you be launching a good price on the Sport Ear Buds variant ?

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        Message me for a discount code on the sport earbud :)

    • Oh damn :( I was waiting for today as I was waiting for my salary. What a bummer :( was waiting for the discounted price eagerly

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        Messaged! Email me and I’ll arrange :)

  • Pre order end tonight!

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    Hi Everyone. Bose have let us down with stock and we are now a couple weeks away. We emailed all pre orders(half from Ozb) about the delay.

    Soap stone is coming soon, and 1/3 of the black orders next week. On the plus, most of the early orders were from Ozb so will get filled first

    Please see below from our email. We are more than happy to help in any way possible.

    Hi Rob

    We have just received word from Bose that our shipment of allocated stock has experienced a slight delay and are now expected to arrive in the next couple of weeks.

    We were assured stock was available before release so we can imagine this is quite frustrating, but rest assured we are working hard on this to ensure your order arrives to you in a timely manner.

    If you are unable to wait, we understand and are happy to provide a full refund.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    Warmest regards,
    Premium Sound

    • Thanks for the update, has Bose advised how long you'll be waiting for further stock after the first 1/3 of your pre-order black allocation?

      Further to that, I pre-ordered and would be happy to take white or black, whichever becomes available first, is there any time savings or improved availability between options?

      • Hi there. Message me your name or order number and I’ll check it out and see what we can do.

        The news today from Bose is better. Stocks coming in over a few deliveries, hoping to fulfil all within 2-3weeks but can’t promise, just doing the best I can to keep everyone happy.

        Thanks for being understanding :)

        PS: I want a pair myself and have to wait longer than everyone!

        • +2

          It's beyond your control, I'm glad the Amazon preorder fell through so I can support a smaller business!

          Hopefully Bose is ramping production to meet demand, I can't imagine they want supply shortages with the festive season around the corner.

  • Got my postage tracking email today, pretty excited to see how these go.

    • +1

      Every single order fulfilled today. It was a mammoth day!!! Most picked up, and balance going Monday. Over 100 pairs.!!

      Stock came early so pretty happy.

      We had 6 Ozbargainers cancel this week due to the delays… only had to wait. Surprised as the savings were huge… and also surprising how rude people are too. The staff copped terrible abuse over the delays when it was clearly stated not our fault.

      Most were good and we are just happy to fulfill orders :)

      Thanks again everyone

      • Thank you very much for the update!
        Much appreciate for your work.

      • Dang… I should have pulled the trigger on this when the deal was live.

        Let me know if any those cancelled orders are still available at the same price, it's a great saving AND you're in my 5k.

  • Despite the supposed delay from Bose which is beyond the store's control, I was surprised to receive a call on Thursday that my earbuds were ready for collection. I collected the QC Earbuds today from the Premium Sound store in St Kilda and tried them on when I got home.

    I really wanted to like them but unfortunately I didn't get the experience I was hoping for. Weirdly enough the size 1 and 2 ear tips fit in my left ear just fine and was able to stay on my ear after some vigorous headshakes but I could not say the same for my right ear, both the size 1 and 2 ear tips did not fit in at all. It had nothing to do with the wing tips itself but rather has to do with the misfit in the ear canal.

    It also does not have multi-point connection, which is being able to connect to 2 devices simultaneously, which my Jabras Elite 65t have which was also a minus point alongside the fact that Bose removed the volume control functionality at launch which was a shame.

    As for ANC and the sound quality, it was amazing and I am sure you guys will be very satisfied by how the earbuds will perform.However, since I cannot wear them as they don't fit properly in my right ear, I will be returning them back. Hope someone else can enjoy them as the ANC and the sound quality is on another level.

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