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Get an Extra $15 Credit When You Purchase a $50 Amazon Gift Card (USD)


Get a $15 Amazon credit when you purchase a $50 Amazon Gift Card. For the US site, in USD.

Looks to be available for most Amazon US accounts. Go check the link to see if you are eligble.

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    I have an Amazon.com (US) account and a default US address. I buy USD Amazon.com eGift Cards all the time and was informed that I was not eligible. It would appear that this deal is targetted… It's been a couple of years since I received a similar deal. Cie la vie

    • What do you use them on ?

      • Gifts to family & friends stateside… transit time is immediate and it beats shipping time & costs from AU to US… also as gift payments to my favourite charities. I also have friends in Somoma CA and send them eGiftCards that they use to create food hampers for wildfire (bushfire) victims.

    • C'est la vie!

      • @ChaseTheSun…
        Thanks… I knew it was incorrectly spelt… my eyesight is difficult due to cataracts in both eyes… a long wait on the NSW Health waiting list due to COVID-19…
        I could no longer edit once an response was posted a few moments later.

        as I said C'est la vie! (corrected)

  • Not eligible either

  • Hi Op, will this work on egift cards?

    Edit: Yes, it worked. "Congratulations, your purchase qualifies you for an Amazon.com credit. A one-time $15 promotional credit will be automatically applied to your account and emailed to you within three (3) days after shipping."

  • "Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this offer.
    A perfect present for any occasion, Amazon.com Gift Cards can be sent via email, text message, share via messaging app, printed at home, or sent through the mail (with Free One-Day Shipping). Amazon.com Gift Cards are redeemable storewide for millions of items and never expire."

  • I note that my gift card bonus has disappeared.., this was a same deal from Aug 2019.

    Tried an order during the week… I wonder if there is a limited life in these ?


    Unfortunately COVID got in the way of buying stuff

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    Worked for my account which was setup before Amazon was in Australia.
    Thanks OP.

  • The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase. No luck.

  • Silly question. This credit stays on US account right? Can't be used through my .com.au account?
    Offer available to me but can't see how if make use of it. Some of the US items I want are more expensive than if I go via Prime Aus.
    I'm missing something obvious right?

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      Not really, might be useful if you had a prime paid US account or had friends in the US you wanted to send presents to. That and if your Kindle account is US and you buy lots of kindle books, and maybe for Prime Video purchases if you have a VPN or whatever you need.

  • Thanks OP. My old account looks to have been targeted.

    Any promotional credit remaining unredeemed after November 16, 2020, 11:59:59 PM (PT) will be forfeited.
    Just under 2 months to use the $15USD credit. The voucher itself doesn't expire, to my knowledge.

  • Before you buy any gift cards for US AMAZON account my experience with the US account credit is only good to buy from non amazon ship and supply items because all Amazon ship and supply items now don’t ship to Australia directly from US site but only through AU site. I had a chat with Amazon US support team they agreed as a gesture of goodwill to convert my US account credit to AU in 1:1 exchange rate.

    • Worked for me :)

      • You both managed to have the gift card and credit exchanged?

    • How is it good if you freshly bought a gift card from this offer and Amazon is only willing to do a 1:1 exchange rate? If I understand correctly, the currency to purchase Amazon US gift card is in USD. So if you bought a USD$50 gift card + $15 credit, they will only give you AUD$50 + AUD$15 worth of credit. USD$50 is roughly AUD$73.

      With some people’s case where they have Amazon US credit sitting in their account that is better than having the credit to waste though.

      • I did participate the Amex offer buy $$$ Amazon gift card gets $$$ statement credit. Only I found out later not long after Amazon AU launched the Amazon US site stopped shipping their own items to Australia. I spent some of the gift card on a 3rd party supply item and left remaining balance in the US account for a long tie couldn’t find anything worth buying from US non Amazon items because everything ships from Amazon US via Amazon AU website is cheaper. Ended up chatting with Amazon AU support team and they agreed to convert my remaining US account credit in USD to AU account in AUD on 1:1 exchange rate.

        • Ah fair enough. I’ve stopped buying from Amazon US since they had stopped shipping to Aus. When Amazon AU was first launched, there weren’t a lot of bargains to be have but now they are very competitive. However, I find some stuff that are sold by Amazon US that they won’t ship to Aus are much more expensive via Amazon AU. For example, Lego, office accessories etc.

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    What deals are there on Amazon US? I can't find much use for the credits.

    • Exactly. If you buy it via Amazon AU website everything is cheaper.

  • Got my credit today. I'm not a first time buyer of GC.

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