QNAP TS-653D NAS US$830 (~A$1140) Delivered and Inclusive of GST @ Amazon US


Wondering to do with all those cheap but huge hard drives you've been Covid impulse buying recently? How about NASing them up!?!

This model was released a few months ago and is most commonly compared to the Synology DS920+ which is currently available for $872 if you have ebay+.



Note that the price above includes US$78.23 in shipping etc. and it MAY be possible to reduce that if you have Amazon US Prime? I don't know and only have AUS Prime so would have to pay shipping. Anyway the price just dropped a bit so I decided to write it up as a deal for people to consider.

The price in title is inclusive of GST and delivery charges. There is no Prime free shipping to Australia with this item.

The $A price will vary a bit depending on how you choose to pay for this but so far as I can tell nothing further will be payable. I just took the latest conversion rate but was too scared to try and check out myself as I have 1 click switched on and already own one of these things.

Cheapest local price is currently around $1200 at Skycomp and mwave, making some typical assumptions about shipping. It way well be worth it for you to get local stock depending on your personal preference. My understanding of the US / Amazon warranty situation is it is extremely similar support to what you get in Aus (2 years), but will inevitably be slower if you need to post anything due to shipping.

The power brick comes in 2 parts so you would need to either source an Australian plugged cable to go into the power brick (it looks very standard to me), or just a standard US / AUS adapter. I haven't done this myself so am not a 100% expert on the topic but it's nothing complicated.

Advantages of QNAP:
2 extra bays! Bays are great.
SSD storage can be used for direct access (Synology can only use SSDs for caching)
2.5 Gbe LAN compared to 1 GBE
HDMI 2.0b output lets you plug into a TV or monitor if you want to, compared to no video output on the Synology.
PCIe x2 expansion slot is more powerful than Synology expansion slot.
RAM is very easy to upgrade. 1 RAM module is soldered in place for Synology.

Advantages of Synology:
More popular so guides and tutorials are easier to find.
Comes with 2 SSD expansion slots built in but again, they only work for caching which is pretty hopeless in my opinion.
Synology OS is simpler and more popular than QNAP, but (arguably) allows less control. The most common analogy is Synology = Apple, QNAP = Windows.

And for anyone reading this who suddenly feels compared to say - "NAS hardware is a ripoff and you can buy all this stuff yourself way cheaper any time you like!"; Yeah, we already know. No need for a reminder thanks.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I have prime usa and the shipping price isn't reduced. Remember you will also be hit with import tax. So thr price will be around $1133aud. To me its not worth thr $70 saving, specially when it comes with warranty claims.

    • Pretty sure you won't be hit with extra import tax here. I've made several orders in the $A900 to $1000 range from Amazon US and UK and never been charged anything above the advertised amount.

      Once you get above around $1000 Amazon start charging extra for duty but that is clearly telegraphed in advance by Amazon.

      To the best of my knowledge you will only pay around $1030 for this NAS.

      • That is only the case if you are purchasing from Amazon.com.au because the tax is already include in the list price. Amazon.com does not have the tax included in the list price, u will get the Gerry Harvey tax added at checkout.

        Here is the total at checkout:
        Items: $671.95
        Shipping & handling: $78.23
        Total before GST: $750.18
        Estimated GST to be collected: $75.02
        Order total: $825.20USD

        $825.20USD = $1132AUD depending on what card you use.

  • Qnap warranty always sucks..my ts 453 pro died all of a sudden and has to ship to Taiwan. Preliminary quote is f $360. Obviously I am just out of warranty.

  • +1 for the writeup.

    Advantages of Synology:

    What do you mean Synology cheaper?

  • I swear it looks like a Microwave, looking for a compact microwave

  • Synology does let you use your SSDs as normal drives if you put them in the bays. They however don't let you do that with the NVM.e slots.

  • No deal

  • I have had the TS-653B with 8GB ram close to 2 years now.
    If you like to tinker and want more flexibility go QNAP over Snynology

    I had this box set up next to my TV with KODI and directly output 4k to my TV.

    Now i use it as a plex server.

    • Plus if you use it for surveillance, QNAP QVR Pro includes 8 camera channels free. Whereas Synology’s Surveillance Station camera software only supports 2 cameras for free and additional camera licenses are $80AUD each.